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     Lesson One: Introductions (All-Years)

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    Vincent Trason
    Vincent Trason

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    Lesson One: Introductions (All-Years) Empty
    PostSubject: Lesson One: Introductions (All-Years)   Lesson One: Introductions (All-Years) EmptySat Dec 19, 2015 12:27 am

    Letter Sent to Each Auror Student:

    "Be good for Lina, today okay Lucca?" Vince told his son, his blond little head nodding obediently. Today was his first technical day of teaching, which was to say the least nerve-wracking. All he wanted to do was spend more days basking in the joy that came with being Lucca's father. Lucca was so smart already; so bright and so happy. This was what Vincent wanted in life, a happy son. However he didn't like living off his trust fund or his parent's charity, and he did like teaching. Therefore this job would have to be good for him. With that in mind, he kissed his son on the forehead, handed him off to Lina, and headed for the floo in his office.

    Once he arrived on campus, he let out a shaky sigh before walking confidently into his office. He still had an hour before classes officially started, but he wanted to stretch out and get ready. This first lesson, as it was his first with them, needed to be an informative one, a syllabus based lesson too. He ran a hand through his hair before heading out to the combat training area.

    "Good morning, students," he said with a small nod and a grin, "my name is Professor Trason, and I'll be teaching you combat and training. Before I begin explaining about what this class is and what we'll be doing, does anyone have any medical issues they need to share with me? Issues such as asthma, history with chronic physically disabling diseases, or even mental illnesses I should be aware of? If you would like to inform me after class, please do; it is important your health is your top priority."
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    Arthur Silverstone
    Arthur Silverstone
    Aurors In-Training
    Aurors In-Training

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    Lesson One: Introductions (All-Years) Empty
    PostSubject: Re: Lesson One: Introductions (All-Years)   Lesson One: Introductions (All-Years) EmptySat Jan 02, 2016 9:36 pm

    Arthur read over the note. He put on a pair of track pants and a sweat shirt. Personally he thought that he could handle the fall weather just fine in a T-shirt but he wasn't one to get in trouble over going against simple instructions. He tied up his sneakers and made his way to class.

    The walk over was nice. He loved how cold Fall air felt and he might have taken the time to step on some piles of crunchy leaves.

    "Morning," Arthur greeted when he got there. He listened to the professor list off illnesses. He didn't have any but he thought that it was nice that the professor cared so much. Many didn't even consider mental illnesses a real concern.
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    Lesson One: Introductions (All-Years)

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