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     A Woman of Much Importance (One-Shot)

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    Maitland Ritter

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    PostSubject: A Woman of Much Importance (One-Shot)    Fri Dec 18, 2015 5:31 pm

    WARNING(S): Implied/referenced coitus with both males and females, substance abuse, explicit language



    "When a man is old enough to do wrong he should be old enough to do right also."
    - Oscar Wilde, A Woman of No Importance


    JULY 2016

    10:00PM, 2200

    "Congratulations again, Zay," Maitland murmured patting his brother on the back. Isaiah gave his older brother a broad grin, his face just the slightest flushed. He rolled his eyes as he watched Maitland light a cigarette.

    "Don't let Kimmy catch you, she'll blow a gasket and we'll both be in deep shite." Isaiah commented, just as quickly as it was lit, Maitland stumped it out in the ashtray. He gave a small sigh irately.

    "If she doesn't smoke and you don't; who's ashtray is this?" He asked with a quirk of his brow.

    "Her father's," Isaiah answered, he took a seat at the glass patio table and ran a hand through his shaggy blond hair. Maitland took the seat opposite him and just stared at his brother with soft eyes.

    It was so strange to think that just a few years ago, his brother was struggling for life. He was pallid, wearing beanies knitted by visiting children to cover the patches of hair growing in random spaces, eyes with heavy bags, weak smiles. Now he was all lightly tanned skin, bright blue eyes full of a hesitant excitement always, long blond hair. He would always be scrawny, but he'd matured and grown. Something Maitland did not think possible; Isaiah had grown. He was living. 

    "Something wrong?" Isaiah asked with furrowed brows.

    "Nothin', just can't believe you finally grew from that wuss you used to be." Maitland snarked, looking out the balcony where Isaiah had been staring too.
    "Wuss?" Isaiah laughed. "If anything you're the wuss," he smirked. "Not married, not in a relationship; what're you waiting for, Maiter?" He rolled his eyes.



    They shared a laugh at that when Kimberly emerged with a small smile on her face. Kim was beautiful, Maitland thought appraisingly; tan skin, deep brown eyes, darker hair, pink, plump lips. She was glowing from pregnancy, the five months showing now from beneath her pullover grey sweater. They knew it was to be a beautiful little boy, and looked forward to it; they had picked a name already too. Marquis Gerard Cotts-Ritter had a nice ring too it, Maitland thought smiling at Kim and giving her a small nod. She gave him a broad smile; he could barely believe she was two years older than him. 

    "I'm gonna head to bed, but you're welcome to stay up and peruse town." She said, Isaiah stood then and approached the doorway she stood in. 

    "Nah, if I don't sleep now all I'm gonna have to sleep to is your loud, bear-like snoring." She gaped at him and threw a punch at his shoulder. He winced but smirked and leaned down to press a kiss to her lips. She smiled against his lips and Maitland made a gagging noise before they pulled apart and gave him a look that said: "Really?" He just shrugged and stood too. 

    "I'll look around town if you don't mind." He informed them.

    "Go ahead." Kim called over her shoulder as she waddled to their bedroom. 

    "Just don't get into too much trouble." Isaiah said giving him a solid hug. Maitland smiled.

    "I'll try not too."


    JULY 2016
    At a Club on the Outskirts of Town

    Maitland was beginning to remember why he didn't go out dancing. He gave a heavy sigh as he tapped a finger against his lips. He was sitting at a bar full of muggles, all with bodies too wrapped in one another to remember how their youth was fast ending. He sat at the bar, the bartender trying to catch his eye. The bartender was handsome, he supposed, eyes more cyan than blue and teeth that shone a white too shiny. But he wasn't in the mood for that kind of company.

    "Hi." He heard a voice scream in his ear. He turned to see a gorgeous brunet man with dark eyes and a scruffy beard. "Wanna come out to the back with me? You look like you need to relax," Maitland smiled. His mood was changing quick.

    "Sure." The handsome brunet took his hand firmly and lead him through the crowd with an assured confidence. Maitland took the time to admire the man's backside and assess his character; he was of a low-position at his job, hiding his sexuality from his coworkers and family most likely, and far too handsome to be a muggle. He felt the tingling of magic in the club; just didn't bother to address it.

    Once they were outside and the cool, summer night air hit Maitland's face, he felt himself being pushed against the brick wall. The alleyway was dimly lit, the street was emptied of all people save for the few drunk stragglers rushing buy. The wall felt hard and sturdy against his back and before he knew it, soft, warm lips were also pushing against his; forcefully, and he was helpless to reply with the same fervency before lifting his hands to grasp at the stranger's hair.

    Time was lost in a fumbling of clothing; the sound of hushed groans, whimpers, and skin sliding against each other.

    "Greg." He said his name was as he rebuckled himself. Maitland were slumped against the wall now. Greg smiled and from his suit pocket lifted out a blunt, lit it, and took in a deep drag. He raised his brow and held it out to Maitland, and dizzy from desire being sated, Maitland took the blunt.

    And just like that all thoughts in Maitland's head just disappeared.


    JULY 2016
    11:00PM, 2300

    From years of doing it, his system seemed to still drain it out as quickly as it usually did. Greg had drifted off, told him to call him, which Maitland was definitely not doing and left like it was routine. So Maitland went back into the club, everything slow and like a dream; he took a shot offered to him by the brunette lady with blue eyes. She was buxom, beautiful. She looked like an angel with the curves she presented to him. Her lips were curved into a seductive smile.

    After six more shots, she leaned in, a hand on his thigh to steady himself and whispered in his ear:

    "Let me take you to Neverland, Peter."

    He was quick to smash their lips together, and drowsily followed her to the back where the bathrooms were.

    He left the bathroom, the beautiful woman in the stall still panting and trying to regain composure, with rumpled clothes, lipstick on his neck, ruffled hair, and a sense of shame mixed with guilt building in his gut. He felt like vomiting. Instead he went back to the bar, gave the bartender a wan smile and quick look up and down.

    The bartender gave him a hopeful grin, a beer, and a napkin with the words:

    "I get off in fifteen, come back to my place?"

    To which Maitland seated himself at the bar again and drank his beer steadily.


    JULY 2016
    3:00AM, 0300

    The bartender looked different in the light of a nightstand table. His name was Max or Ethan or Sam, something like that. Either way, Maitland didn't know and didn't care much. All he knew was that he was starving and exhausted. He gave a yawn and did a bit of stretching. He was still a little buzzed, but it felt good. Total sobriety would probably make him retch all over the bartender's bedroom. He got dressed quickly, cleaned off the lipstick stains from the girl and ignored the stinging in his hips and back. There were bound to be scratches and bruises in the morning, but that was the cost of a few meaningless hook-ups.

    He stumbled out of the apartment, and looked around, his eyes squinty as he looked around for a deli or sandwich shop of some kind. His eyes settled on a diner a few blocks away. The streets were mostly empty, save for a few quick cars passing through. He made into the diner, feeling more sober than when he left the apartment. He could already feel his conscience screaming at him for giving in to the temptation of loveless intimacy. He wondered what Isabella would think of him; were she and Paloma even thinking of him up in the pearly Nirvana they belonged? Gods, he couldn't imagine their faces now.

    He didn't want to.

    He ate a burger and had some coke, and sat there in the booth just contemplating the night that had just occurred.

    "Hey," he heard a voice say. He turned his head to see a woman with a little longer than shoulder length hair the color of chocolate and eyes the same color. She was cute; adorable, sweet-faced. She looked soft and warm, like a tender breeze when the heat was too strong. "Can I sit with you?"

    "Yeah." He answered immediately and gestured for the seat across from him in the booth. "What're you doing here and awake?" She gave him a gentle smile.

    "Studying, my name's Edenlia, but call me Eden."

    "Like the garden?"

    "Indeed, and what can I call you besides Hot Angsty Booth Guy?" He laughed at that, so blatant and charming.

    "Maitland. What're you studying?" He asked with a tweak of his brow. She bit her lower lip, and showed him the cover of her book. It was 13th Edition textbook of Dragon Anatomy. He gave her a small smile. "What made you think you could trust me?"

    "I can see auras," she said with a gentle tweak of her lip. "I felt your magic, especially since we're the only ones in this diner. But you didn't feel mine, so the question is; what's on your mind?"

    He bit his lower lip.

    He could go home, tell her that the night he had already was too chaotic; too messy too reminiscent of youthful idiotic days. But as he stared into her brown eyes, so earthy and reminding him to stay grounded he remembered reading once somewhere something that applied to him in the worst and best times. Once a fool, always a fool.

    "I'm tired of being lonely, I'm glad you took the empty seat." He offered her his hand upturned, she took it without hesitance, but amusement and curiosity in her eyes. "Keep me company tonight?"

    "I think you mean this morning," she retorted with a small smile, but there was a flash of desire in her eyes. "But how could I say no?" He squeezed her hand and kissed her knuckle, liking that he could feel and remember this moment and face. Edenlia. Something told him she was going to be something very important to him someday.

    "Take me home."

    "Isn't that my line?"

    He laughed, but she tugged him out of the diner, his hand in hers and her books in the other arm.


    JULY 2016
    9:00AM, 0900

    When Maitland woke up, the sunlight was bright and painful reminder that drinking was an activity made by the devil. As he turned on his side, he noted the beautiful, sweet-faced, gentle figure in the bed beside him. She looked so holy, so good, so wholesome; so complete, so put-together, so un-broken. He gulped back the vile feelings of shame, of disgust, of utter self-hatred and rose from the bed. He deserved the headache, and the slight limp as he dressed and left Edenlia's apartment. As he left the apartment, there was a hollowness in his chest.

    He wanted to stay.

    But staying would only taint the innocence of a life so youthful before him.

    He sat in a cab, and when he entered Isaiah's apartment, there was eggs, toast, bacon, sausage Advil and orange juice on the table. Kim was on the couch. She gave him a gentle smile and wave.

    "You must've had some night."

    He collapsed into the chair and gave a sad chuckle.

    "You wouldn't believe it."

    There was silence in the house before he heard the chair beside him scrape against the linoleum floor. She gave him a fond smile and squeezed his shoulder. "I've got a high tolerance for the unbelievable. And hours to kill while on maternity leave. So, as your sweet sister not through blood, tell me everything."

    And he did.


    AUGUST 2016

    Dear Maitland,

    Do you remember two weeks ago when you came to stay with us, you told me about Edenlia? The girl with the angel face and sweetness too pure for you? Well...

    She's pregnant.

    Come as soon as you can.


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    A Woman of Much Importance (One-Shot)

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