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     Lesson One: Baneberry Brewing (All-Years)

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    Maitland Ritter
    Maitland Ritter

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    PostSubject: Lesson One: Baneberry Brewing (All-Years)   Fri Dec 18, 2015 3:24 pm

    Maitland looked down at the letter in his hands and sighed. In July of this summer, whilst visiting his brother and pregnant wife, he'd an incident born of careless planning. At a pub in town, while intoxicated and under the influence of other narcotics he'd met a woman. Her name was Edenlia Kosowiki; beautiful and witty, smart and studying to be a Dragon Healer. One thing led to another and they woke up together entangled and confused. Two weeks later she was at his brother's doorstep, with pregnancy results from the local clinic. It was the beginning of her sabbatical and the town his brother lived in was the first stop of many, but she wasn't the type to abandon an infant in progression. So in retribution, since he did feel guilty considering if he wasn't under the influence of any type he would have been more cautious, he offered her his home and access to his bank accounts for her pregnancy.

    She said marriage was off the table and in the next nine-months, after birth and rejuvenation, she was leaving to return to her studies back in Nova Scotia, Canada. He didn't find any fault in her plans. The letter she'd just written was to inform him that they now knew the sex of the baby, asking if he wanted to know. He penned a quick, yes, before settling into the chair behind the desk with a weary sigh.

    "Morning," he greeted his students once class began, he snapped his fingers and using his abilities in non-verbal magic, the list of ingredients and steps to completing the potion were posted on the board, "brew this, ask me questions if you need help." With that he begun to look at the list in his baby blue pocketbook; it was his 'baby book' where everything that had to do with the baby was written such as it's needs and costs.


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    Melody Lovegood
    Melody Lovegood
    Potioneers In-Training
    Potioneers In-Training

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    Location : Australia

    PostSubject: Re: Lesson One: Baneberry Brewing (All-Years)   Fri Dec 25, 2015 12:29 am

    Melody entered the classroom and looked around. The only other one there was the professor. After greeting her he snapped his fingers and made a list of ingredients and a list of instructions appear. Then he got out a blue book. The blue book reminded her of an accounting book someone she knew had used. Whatever the book was for she wondered why he was using it in class but then she supposed that it was usually quiet enough here.

    "Morning," Melody greeted. She put her knapsack under one of the desks and then went to get the ingredients. The cauldron and other supplies she would need to prepare the potion were already on her desk. She poured three cups of water into her cauldron and set it on high. After the cauldron started to bubble she started to crush her lizard's leg and two pufferfish eyes. She enjoyed the squishy sound the eyes made as she crushed them and ignored the smell.

    Soon a gooey dark green texture was achieved and then she noticed something. "Err, professor the ingredients list mentions three Ashwinder eggs but the instructions only use two."
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    Ariel Wilde
    Ariel Wilde
    Potioneers In-Training
    Potioneers In-Training

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    PostSubject: Re: Lesson One: Baneberry Brewing (All-Years)   Tue Dec 29, 2015 5:40 pm

    Ariel had enjoyed this subject a great deal last year, so she hoped it'd continue to live up to her expectations. She found that the professor was interesting, and very on point. She liked that. She preferred walking into a classroom, get instructions and just brew the potion, instead of listening to all kinds of gibberish about why the potion was useful. Of course, that was interesting as well, but a potioneer would understand why it was useful based on the ingredients used in the potion and the blend. The properties of the ingredients on their own was important, but also the way they mixed with other ingredients, and unless people knew this, Ariel didn't see why they'd even take this course. Of course, with the potion subject that was obligatory for all the students with professor Holmes, she completely understood why it was explained, as not all of the students majored in potioneering.

    She entered the classroom, seeing one more student and sat down, waiting for the class to fill up, skimming through her new books on different potions that she really enjoyed; she'd never really thought she'd enjoyed reading about potions the way she loved reading about good ideas for pranks and the like, but the more she studied, the more she loved the fine art that was potionbrewing. She looked up when professor Ritter started speaking with a small smile and listened to his instructions, happy to realize he was just as effective as always, even if he had seemed somewhat distracted.

    The water had just started boiling, and she was crushing the leg and eyes together when one of her fellow students spoke up, and she realized surprised that she'd missed that part with the miscount. She looked to the professor and, receiving the right amount, she continued on and boiled the eggs for five minutes, casting a spell on them that she'd learned at the apothecary that would tell her if they were perfectly hardboiled without at all contaminating their effects. She lowered the temperature and put in the three sprigs of peppermint before peeling the eggs. It was about that point that she realized she'd been humming. Ariel blinked, looked around, and then shook her head with a small smile; her boss always told her she'd hum when she was focused.

    She continued by putting the shells in the mix before cutting the eggs into 8 equal pieces each, putting the first 8 in with a sprig of peppermint, and then repeating that. She turned up the heat to medium and took the mortar mix and put it into the cauldron with the last sprig of peppermint. She smiled a bit to herself, happy that she'd managed to brew this potion without any missteps and stirred counter-clockwise, taking cautious note of when she'd started and just when the five minutes were up. On the dot, she stopped stirring, knowing exactly how precise potions needed to be; it had turned out really bad sometimes in the apothecary's backroom. She put the lid on and timed her watch so it would ring when 40 minutes passed. She looked up at the teacher. "Professor, is there anything we should do while we're letting the potion boil?" she asked softly, not wanting to disturb anyone who were still brewing, and not leaving her cauldron, because she wasn't sure if this was the kind of potion that needed constant surveillance. In some cases, it was very important to keep a close eye.
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    PostSubject: Re: Lesson One: Baneberry Brewing (All-Years)   

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    Lesson One: Baneberry Brewing (All-Years)

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