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     Lesson One: Regional Impacts (All-Years)

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    Elessia Asturias
    Elessia Asturias

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    Lesson One: Regional Impacts (All-Years) Empty
    PostSubject: Lesson One: Regional Impacts (All-Years)   Lesson One: Regional Impacts (All-Years) EmptyFri Dec 18, 2015 2:54 pm

    Elessia hummed a sweet, pretty tune she'd heard on the magical radio when she woke up. She tried to pull her short hair into a small ponytail, but to no avail as ninety-percent of it just fell out of the elastic. She blew a raspberry at her reflection before moving back into her room where she dressed professionally as she usually did. She buttoned-up her short-sleep collared shirt, tucked the collar over a grey sweater and black slacks. She pulled on a pair of grey flats and grabbed her little brief/suit-case thingy that looked super adult-ish and less like a fresh out of college kid. Lettie suggested it, and really who was she to argue with someone as beautiful and well-put together as her cousin?

    She may be put together, Elessia thought as she started to pack her lunch, but gods does she have awful taste in men. This much was quite true seeing as prior to her marriage to Tad (a man with a very dark and foreboding presence), she'd dated not one or two, but three ex-convicts and even two future convicts. She shook her head fondly as she thought of misguided Violetta Asturias.

    Once she got to her classroom she wrote the title on the board: "Regional Impacts".

    "Good morning everyone, hope break was good for all of you, let's get down to business shall we?" In her head that song from Mulan was playing as she tapped the board to reveal the image. "Can someone tell me what this image means in reference to the title of the lesson on the board?"

    Image on the Chalkboard:
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    William Fairoway
    William Fairoway
    Dragon Trainers In-Training
    Dragon Trainers In-Training

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    Lesson One: Regional Impacts (All-Years) Empty
    PostSubject: Re: Lesson One: Regional Impacts (All-Years)   Lesson One: Regional Impacts (All-Years) EmptySun Dec 20, 2015 3:38 pm

    William was a punctual person, it was in his nature. Teresa liked to wake him up at the wake of dawn when he was a child, to get him on a good sleeping schedule. Therefore at Hogwarts he was usually awake quite a bit earlier than his housemates, especially on weekends. That was when he would go for a morning run by the lake. He loved running by the lake.

    It was by the lake that he could feel a deep tug in the bottom of his chest. Like strings of a guitar, there was a melody that sifted through his whole being and he knew it was the sultry call of the sea that was beckoning him. He felt it all the time around natural masses of water. It was a bittersweet feeling leaving the water masses, but eventually he got over it and took to running by water everyday even if it meant waking up in total darkness.

    "Good morning, Miss Asturias," he said in greeting with a nod.
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    Lesson One: Regional Impacts (All-Years)

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