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     (Not) Just Another Ball (Seth)

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    Serafina Richardson
    Aurors In-Training
    Aurors In-Training

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    PostSubject: (Not) Just Another Ball (Seth)   Wed Dec 09, 2015 5:38 am

    It had been about two weeks since term had started and Serafina had not forgotten her encounter with Seth. He was taking his time, not approaching her, but it wasn't as though she cared. She could wait as long as it took and if he never got up the guts to make a move, she would - that is to say, she'd move on. Games were just that to her: a game and nothing more. Win or lose as long as it ended on her terms, she was happy. And the thing with Serafina was that she never lost, not openly in any case.

    Checking herself in the mirror of her bedroom, she turned a few times and smiled. The dress was perfect and this time, she had actually put effort into choosing it as well as putting on make up and the like. After all, a Pureblood function was good reason to at least put some effort into it. It wasn't her best but then again, she only reserved that for when she knew someone worthwhile would be there. And so far, nobody worthwhile had ever showed up.

    Apparating to the Brennham estate, she met her parents outside and walked in beside them, always the pretty face they showed off. Her siblings weren't there, for this was an adult only party, a celebration of Devin accepting his new position as head of the family. He wasn't it yet, of course, but there was to be a celebration nevertheless. All the high standing Pureblood families had been invited and as extended family she had to do her duties.

    Stepping into the Brennham estate, she smiled a perfect smile, greeting everyone she saw with semi-curtsies and how-do-you-dos. Almost laughing at the sight of Devin - the man of honour - and how uncomfortable he looked, Serafina made his way over to him and offered him the usual congratulations. They exchanged pleasantries, never having been particularly close, and then continued on her way.

    And then, suddenly, her mother was at her side murmuring that she was needed. So Serafina followed, as any good daughter would, walking slowly and elegantly, already feeling the eyes of eligible males following her. Yes, the dress had been a good choice, and she was already beginning to enjoy the reward of her somewhat controversial choice. A bit too translucent, she knew, but nobody would dare complain.

    "My daughter, Serafina," she heard her mother say and turned her attention onto the male before her. She raised her eyebrows for a split second, and then controlled it almost immediately. A light smirk touched her features, but she bit it back a little, so that it seemed like a shy smile. But the male before her would recognise it for what it was.

    "Oh my!" she exclaimed, feigning happy surprise and interrupting her mother's introduction of Seth to her. "How wonderful to see you again."

    "You have already met Seth?" her mother inquired, and Serafina merely waved away the question with a quick, "Yes."

    "I'll leave you two alone," her mother continued, and Serafina waited for her to turn away before rolling her eyes secretly at Seth, a bold move that went against every training she ever received.

    "My apologies, Mr. Corbett," she commented, dryly. "My mother seems to think that because we know each other you have a chance." With a tinkling laugh, Serafina added, "I'm thirsty. If you want me, I'll be over there." Without waiting for a response or waiting any longer, she turned and walked straight to the refreshment table and allowed a nearby male to pour her a goblet and accepted it, smiling and fluttering her eyelashes at the male. She was done with Seth; he would have to make the next move.
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    Seth Corbett
    Dragon Trainers In-Training
    Dragon Trainers In-Training

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    PostSubject: Re: (Not) Just Another Ball (Seth)   Wed Dec 09, 2015 7:06 am

    Seth stared at his reflection in the mirror. He'd decided on a three piece suit. The outermost layer and the vest was a deep navy blue - almost black - with matching slacks and the long sleeved shirt underneath was had an almost silvery tone but without any shimmer. The house elf brought his polished black shoes.

    "Thank you," he said with a nod. The house elf smiled shyly and backed away. He slipped the shoes on, ran a hand through his hair then apparated to the entrance of the Brenham home where his family was waiting for him.

    "Decided to show up, eh?" eighteen year old Maryanne teased with a wink. His sisters knew all too well his tendency to play truant.

    "Took you long enough, Seth. I was beginning to think you wouldn’t show,” his mother said then turned to Maryanne. “Don't wink, dear. It's unladylike," Annalise chided but was conveniently ignored.

    Seth grinned. He'd taught his sisters well. Although they were much more obedient than he was, the three of them grew up quite close and were witnesses to his occasional rebellion. They adored their older brother and sometimes followed in his footsteps albeit much more subtle and rude. But he was proud of them.

    David offered an arm to Annalise and they walked into the house. The three siblings followed and the girls split of to chat with their peers, leaving Seth alone. He made his way around, stopping to talk to those he knew . He'd just finished congratulating Devin and wishing him the best when a figure caught his eye. Serafina Kaylee Isabelle Richardson. But she wasn't alone. Her mother - Isabelle if he wasn't mistaken - was with her.

    The pair approached him and he put on a dazzling smile for the mother. They exchanged greetings and Seth didn't once even glance at Serafina. In his peripheral vision though, he saw she hadn't yet noticed him and smirked when her attention finally came around. He didn't miss the raise of her eyebrow, quick as it was, or the smirk the she hid as a smile.

    "Yes, it certainly is," he replied, not meaning a whit of what he said but having to be polite in front of Isabelle. Serafina, though very interesting, was too...what was the word...aggressive?...bold?...mouthy?...for his liking.

    He grinned at her eye-roll. Perhaps he wasn't the only one with a strained relationship with his mother. He listened to her speak but before he could respond, she was gone. What an impetuous chit! But that wasn't the end of it. His mother came up to him.

    "Go after her! She's a Richardson."

    He frowned. "No, mother. We made a deal, remember? I choose who I want to marry."

    "If you don't go after her, I will forbid your sisters from visiting you."

    "They'll visit me regardless," Seth retorted, keeping his voice low so no one could overhear their spat. His mother tried to pull him put she was no match for his muscle. And then he caught his father's warning eyes across the room. His father had threatened to revoke him as the heir and Seth knew he was a man of his word. He sighed and followed Annalise.

    "Miss Richardson!" Annalise began, using that sickly sweet voice of hers. "So good to see you here. This is my son, Seth - "

    "We've met before, mother," he interrupted then shoo-ed her off. "Parents don't know when to stop," he muttered to the air, not acknowledging her presence. If she wanted to shun him then so be it. He wasn't about to get on his knees for her.

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    (Not) Just Another Ball (Seth)

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