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     Experimental Potions - Lesson 1

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    Rose LeFevre

    Posts : 3

    PostSubject: Experimental Potions - Lesson 1   Sun Dec 06, 2015 2:15 am

    Gritting her teeth, Rose reigned in her anger as she folded the letter once again, sliding it into the small envelope. Why couldn't he simply understand? Sure, maybe teaching wasn't what she wanted to be doing right now, but it was better than wallowing at home, left with nothing but her thoughts and the physical memories of a dying dream. At least here she could focus on something, help someone, do good.

    Tucking away the letter into a desk drawer, she took a look at the roster once more. It was odd, being back in the castle. She'd attended a Welcome Ball, here and there, just to keep in touch with old friends, but other than that, she never imagined she'd have need to return. Dorian was more than kind in helping her to acclimate as a new professor. For want of another option, she'd taken up residence in the dorms provided. They were a bit cramped, but she didn't mind.

    Before the students could arrive, she took a few minutes to do a last minute check of the room. While some of them may have taken the class last year, with the previous professor, Rose decided that an introductory course couldn't hurt. It would allow for a base understanding, as well as time to get to know the students. And for them to get to know her.

    Her small heels clicked softly on the stone floor as she walked down the the center aisle, between the row of work benches, her knee length a-line skirt brushing against her softly. Each bench had the standard cauldron, mortar, and empty phials on top, ready for any brewing to be done. While there was a full store room a few doors down from her class, Rose decided to bring in a small ingredients cupboard, for whatever they may need in each lesson. Less time wasted, she figured. Other than those things, and a few posters on the walls, the room was quite free of clutter.

    As she returned to her desk, she could feel a bit of anxiety, like a lump moving up her throat. Breathing calmly, she forced herself to relax. Treat it like a performance. You'll be just fine. By the time the first student arrived, she was the epitome of calm and collected.
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    Melody Lovegood
    Melody Lovegood
    Potioneers In-Training
    Potioneers In-Training

    Posts : 135
    Location : Australia

    PostSubject: Re: Experimental Potions - Lesson 1   Mon Dec 14, 2015 5:38 am

    Melody made her way to the classroom at a swift pace but didn't run. She didn't think she was going to be late but didn't want to chance it, especially not on her first lesson. When she entered the classroom she saw that the other students hadn't come yet.

    "Hello professor," she said before taking a seat. Melody smiled and tried to look welcoming, although Professor LeFevre didn't look nervous Melody knew that the first day somewhere new could be tough. She wondered what she should expect from the new professor, getting to know her teaching style would be insteresting.
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    Aurelia Garro

    Posts : 10

    PostSubject: Re: Experimental Potions - Lesson 1   Thu Dec 17, 2015 8:05 pm

    Running down the halls, like a bloody first year, Aurelia tried to keep a hold on all her books. The messenger bag she'd had for nearly a decade had finally given out on her, the bottom tearing clean out. At this rate, she was certain to be late. And to the first class of the year, no less. Not the best way to start out.

    With a stray quill tucked behind one ear, and her sneakers treading softly on the stone floor of the castle, she rounded the bend into the Potions wing. It would be her first class as a Potioneer student, and she'd be lying if she said she wasn't nervous at all. While Prof. Holmes had kind of been her inspiration for the major change over the summer, she was glad to be attending a new class this morning. With a new Professor, at least they wouldn't have any preconceived notions about her having been a Healing student.

    The door was still open, so that was a good sign, at least. As she entered, it struck her that only one student was seated. Her brow furrowing a bit, she wondered where all the others were. Shrugging inwardly, she took a seat toward the front, not wanting to miss anything. She nodded a quick greeting to the other girl, as she looked a bit familiar from last year, though they'd never talked.

    Finally taking a moment to breathe, Aurelia took in her surroundings as she placed her stack of books at the edge of her desk. Gonna have to get a new bag tonight, she told herself. The room wasn't much to look at, as it seemed this professor was taking her time in making the space her own. It wasn't uncommon, but Aurelia really looked forward to seeing what it would grow into over the year. When the Professor looked her way, the red head smiled easily at the woman. "Good morning."
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    Isaac Crenshaw

    Posts : 31

    PostSubject: Re: Experimental Potions - Lesson 1   Thu Dec 17, 2015 8:22 pm

    Isaac was really excited for a class that he was really interested in to begin. Potions was a subject that he had an interest in, and he was actually fairly good at it. A lot of the subjects at Hogwarts he didn't feel comfortable in, probably because some of them involved working in groups which was something he had always felt awkward about. However, Herbology and Potions were the two classes he thought he'd understood and done well in, and in some ways they kind of worked together as ingredients often came from different magical plants. If he understood what the properties of different plants were, it made understanding how the potions worked a little easier. Experimental potions was something that he thought would be really cool, and part of him hoped that he might learn how to go about experimenting with potions safely himself. He wanted to be healer one day, and if he could learn to make a potion that could help with a specific disease or something he thought that might be really cool.

    Those thoughts were whirling through his head as he walked through the halls of Merlin's Academy. Eventually he focused himself back on the present when he saw the entrance to the potions wing in the dungeons. Searching for the classroom that looked like it might have people in it, he spotted one and walked in. There were two students there, one he recognized, the other he didn't, and someone he assumed was the professor who was waiting quietly. Taking a seat next to the girl he'd met at the shop, Aurelia, he gave a tiny wave before setting his things down in the seat next to her. "Good morning, Professor." he eventually said, feeling like it was almost too quiet. He was also a little surprised that only two students had arrived. Was nobody else interested in experimental potions? It seemed like a fascinating idea for a course option to him.
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    Ariel Wilde
    Ariel Wilde
    Potioneers In-Training
    Potioneers In-Training

    Posts : 87
    Location : Drumnadrochit/MAE

    PostSubject: Re: Experimental Potions - Lesson 1   Tue Dec 29, 2015 9:30 am

    Ariel was very excited to get back to classes; she hadn't seen many of the students around and it would be interesting to see the new ones and the old ones. She'd taken her time in packing her bag, knowing exactly how much time she had on her hands; Ariel was pretty good at being on time, and the few times she wasn't, there was usually a proper excuse for it. But she wouldn't be late now. As she trudged out of her shared room and dormitory, she wondered briefly what kind of a potion they would be learning about today. She did hope it was something new, something she hadn't heard of, but she doubted it. And not because she knew every potion in the world, but because she'd worked at the apothecary in Diagon Alley for two years, (five, if you counted the summers) and the few potions she didn't know, were usually very foreign or very very secret. Like, on a international scale.

    Knowing this would be her third year made her feel all giddy; maybe that meant the potions would be illegal or top secret? But then she remembered; the class was shared over the years, from what she'd gathered. Not that she cared, it didn't much matter; she knew the people entering the academy could be equally as good as her, even if she'd learnt a lot over the two years. She entered the classroom, and her eyes took in the professor first. She gave a smile and a nod to her and then went to sit down somewhere in the middle of the classroom. She'd seen some of them around, but she didn't really know them, so she simply settled on a smile as greeting before taking out her books and preparing for the lesson.
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    PostSubject: Re: Experimental Potions - Lesson 1   

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    Experimental Potions - Lesson 1

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