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     Muggle Pastimes

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    Airen Sparrowhawk

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    PostSubject: Muggle Pastimes   Sat May 17, 2014 10:56 pm

    Airen Sparrowhawk, thought by many to be a pureblood, was in truth a half-blood. Born and raised in the muggle world before coming to the wizarding world, he had grown to appreciate aspects of both worlds. The magic and wonder of Hogwarts and the more diverse muggle community shaped Airen into what he was today. But enough about my history, Airen thought to himself as he silently made his way to the Room of Requirement.

    Airen had discovered the Room of Requirement sometime in his fourth year and had been a frequent visitor ever since. Now a seventh year, he made his way to the special place from memory. Hidden in his pocket, was the object that had been accompanying him on these visits.

    I need a place to enjoy myself, thought the quiet Gryffindor as he paced in front of where the door would appear. Soon, a simple wooden door materialized from the wall. Smiling, Airen gripped the gripped the handle and pushed the door open, silently shutting it once he was clear.

    Quickly, he transfigured his clothes back to what their true form was. His old fashioned shoes transformed into modern Converse that encased his ankles. A pair of blue jeans replaced the trousers. A zip-up hoodie and jean vest covered his torso. Pulling a swath of cloth from his pocket, he turned it back into the maroon beanie that warmed his head during the London Christmas season.

    Reaching into his pocket, Airen set a tiny object on the floor. He enlarged it back to its original size. The object was a skateboard. A simple one with the standard black grip tape, a board with a few doodles on it that Airen had made himself, and wheels that had seen enough use for a casual skater. For indeed, that's what Airen was here for.

    The Room had seen much use by him, and thus, he grew to not have to list what he wanted to do in the peacefulness of the area. A few small ramps dotted the room's space, but most of it was open. Airen smiled to himself, pulled out a muggle iPhone that his mother got him during the summer. He plugged in the earbuds that were also hidden in his pockets. He pressed play and began to show the walls of Hogwarts his true self: a quiet, but kind young man who lived in both worlds but was only passing through.
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    Muggle Pastimes

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