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     Threads, Plots, and Friendships

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    Codey Ellingston

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    PostSubject: Threads, Plots, and Friendships   Mon Nov 30, 2015 10:48 pm

    Hey guys! I’m Melanie, in case you didn’t know. I have quite a few characters on this site, not all of whom I have decided to keep; I’ve already narrowed down my list to 5. In any case, I am in need of plots for most if not all of them. Just a fair bit of warning, though: I am going to be embarking on a two-year mission trip come next year, although when exactly I am not sure yet. It will either be starting in February or September.

    Either way, once I do start, there will be very minimal wifi and time on my end. So if you do decide to have plots with me, note that I will be disappearing from the site for at least two years IRL time with limited posting, if any at all. Therefore, please don't come up with super elaborate plots that you rely on; I don't want to leave you hanging. I do, however, definitely want to plot and post with you! Smile

    So here goes.

    Brooke Astrid

    Brooke Astrid, formally Walters, is a carefree, cheerful witch of 21 years. She’s more or less a Panglossian, although life has made it such that she’s slightly less of one now. In any case, she loves meeting new people and has heaps of friends. Brooke is currently in her 3rd year at Merlin’s, studying to become an Auror.

    A half-blood metamorphmagus, she’s very comfortable with both muggle things (try telling her to live without her phone or Disney movies!) as well as the wizarding size of life.

    Plot wise, she is very happily married to one Joe Astrid, the love of her life whom she would never even dream of making unhappy. That means any and all ships are completely off the table. She adores her husband and would do anything for him. They have recently had a miscarriage, but Brooke has recovered from the depression that no doubt came with that incident and is now mostly her normal self.

    Her best friend is Cassana Rose, and they’re practically sisters. Therefore, I don’t need any best friends for her, either. Smile

    If you are in need for someone to be a good friend, however, or basically someone overly optimistic and very happy-go-lucky to meet your charrie, Brooke is your girl. She is easily approachable and is very easy to talk to, and, more than that, if she sees someone new or someone she has never met before on campus, she is more than likely to go up to them and say hi. Interactions with her, therefore, would be very easy to start.

    Callum James Lennox

    is my newest addition to my list of characters, and he’s quite the interesting muggleborn. At 23, he’s the kind of person to look at the world and see opportunities for fun and adventure, most of which involves girls and parties. He doesn’t really care for anything other than satisfying what he wants and making sure he is happy. Selfish, to put in another way. He is in his first year as an Auror-in-training, a course he choose not because he wanted to make a difference in the world, but because he thinks it’s ‘cool and adventurous’, as well as the idea of being a hero appeals to him.

    Having said that, Callum is rather charming, and can be very deceiving in terms of his true colours. Indeed, he puts on different faces for different people, simply as a means to an end. He is a very smooth talker and quick on his feet, being both a rather smart person intellectual wise as well as street wise. He enjoys sarcasm and banter, and is in need of some friends.

    Callum, however, is not the easiest person to be a friend to or with. If you don’t agree with him or basically don’t cater to his needs and his whens and hows, he will dump you as a friend and move on. The exception to this is if he respects you (although I don’t quite know yet how one goes about earning this); if he does, then you can openly disagree with him or challenge him and he won’t abandon the friendship.

    Relationship wise, he changes girlfriends and women often, usually dating them for a couple months at the most before dumping them. The one ‘good’ thing is that he’s open from the start that he’s not the best at keeping relationships (an understatement, but it’s what he stands by).

    Currently, Callum is unshipped and more or less friendless; he is very new and hasn’t gotten around yet. I am looking for people (witches only, I’m afraid; he’s heterosexual) he can have flings with (like I said before, commitment issues) as well as friends (both the kind that blindly follow him as well as proper friends). A ship is not really on the table for the time being, but if you have a really good idea for a female character/ship go ahead and run it by me. Smile

    Travis Coleman

    Travis is 20, and an overall sweetheart. An easy going and relaxed muggleborn, he enjoys making friends and meeting new people, although not quite as outgoing as Brooke. He acts as a peacemaker among his friends, and is usually calm and composed in all situations. He enjoys helping people and wishes the best for them, which is apt considering he is a Healer-in-training.

    Music is the language he speaks, and his girlfriend (yes, he’s permanently shipped; sorry ladies!) is Braelynn Reid, is a fellow musician. He plays gigs with her and has a YouTube channel, although he’s not completely famous yet.

    He is in need of some closer friends (male, preferably). He’s quite simple and easy to get along with, so if you need someone nice and uncomplicated to thread with, Travis is your guy. Smile

    Devin Brennham

    Devin is… Interesting. As a Pureblood, he is very dignified and respectful, being a typical heir. He’s not the easiest person to get along with, seeing as he’s not exactly a people person; he talks when it is necessary and never otherwise.

    Married to Cassana Rose, he has recently made the astounding discovery that he is in love with her; as with most Purebloods, theirs was an arranged marriage. He is, therefore, shipped and (usually) happy with his wife.

    Devin tends to be blunt and straightforward with his words. Say what you mean and mean what you say is a statement he takes very seriously, and follows in practically every situation. He can, therefore, come across as rude and tends to hurt people’s feelings, not that he particularly cares. Untolerable of most things that aren’t deemed proper, Devin thinks everyone should be decent and polite in every situation. He is, however, slightly more lenient towards muggleborns and half-bloods that don’t act as such; he knows there are different standards for him as a Pureblood.

    He doesn’t really have friends per se, because it’s not something high on his list of priorities. If you decide to be his friend, that’s something he accepts, but if you leave the friendship suddenly, it won’t really bother him. It takes a lot for him to open up to someone and trust them beyond surface level things; more than that, to have proper conversation with him is a rare occasion, and means he actually likes you.

    I don’t have any ideas for plots, but if you want someone like him in the life of your characters, drop me a message and we can plot. xD Smile

    Codey Ellingston

    Last but not least, I have this guy, Codey. Currently, I am using him to teach and there’s not much for me to say. He’s a dragon trainer by profession and teaches Dragons of the World. He used to be a very hard man and wasn’t easily pleased, but since meeting Aria (yes, Codey, too, is shipped), he’s mellowed a little and is more friendly and approachable.

    As a Professor, he is strict, expecting his students to perform to the best of their abilities and not to slack - he doesn’t expect perfect scores, but rather, for them to try their hardest possible. If they need help, he is not the kind to tell them to find it elsewhere, but rather, gets personally involved with his students. He’s not one to be used, though, and will push each individual to the maximum, and sometimes further than they think they can be pushed.

    He is very knowledgeable on the subject of dragons, and is also a good judge of character - he can read people with some ease, although he much prefers dragons. They’re much more predictable, he claims, and in a way, it’s true.

    Despite being a Pureblood, he doesn’t much care for the title and has a muggleborn girlfriend. He was originally the heir, but has since declined the position, which went to his younger brother. Formally, he was removed from the family, although that was just a showy move made by his parents for the sake of their image; he still has his inheritance and his share of the family fortune, although he does so in a discreet manner.

    If you have students in dragon training and they’re in need of help or a mentor, Codey is available for that. He also is in need of some friends (he’s 35, for your reference).

    If you want to plot with any of my characters, you can either reply this or PM me. I’m open to any and all suggestions, but just a side note that I do not write anything above PG 13 sexual wise (meaning a kiss is the most description I’d do). So, even in the case of Callum, the flings will only be written up to the point of flirting, and maybe a few kisses here and there, and nothing more. Smile

    Thanks for reading, and I hope to hear from you! Very Happy

    This masterpiece was made by the ever-talented Alley! <3

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    Threads, Plots, and Friendships

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