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     Bumpers (Aurelia)

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    Andrew Doholov
    Healer In-Training
    Healer In-Training

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    PostSubject: Bumpers (Aurelia)   Sat Nov 28, 2015 10:49 am

    Being the heir to a well-established and well-known publishing company had it’s perks. It meant that he was to inherit a job that he was fond of; inherit a job where he’d be reading and going through texts. If Andrew wasn’t of free mind, and thought with his wallet rather his heart, he would follow his father’s instructions and comply with whatever his father wanted from him. However, Andrew wasn’t his father nor was he a brainless prawn to be used by his father or monopolized by anyway so instead he was going into the magical medicine field. He wanted desperately to be a good Healer; he only wished to help as many people as he possibly could. School was the first step to becoming a Healer. He planned on becoming a well-established, but low-key Healer in England for St. Mungo’s too.


    With the passing of his Grand Uncle Piotr and returning home, he did not realize how he cam to underestimate the bond between his father and Grand Uncle. Piotr was his babushka’s brother, and a stand-in father to Andrey, Andrew’s father. The Behuzkov’s had one male heir and he chose to become a writer and never legitimize the bastard son he had. In that way Piotr was a bad example of Behuzkov-Doholov familial obligations, but also a great example that life existed out of magic. It was Piotr that inspired Andrey to go into publishing; to sell his uncle’s brilliant writing on a mass-scale was his father’s reasoning most likely. When Piotr died, Andrew’s father had been in such grief… It was impossible to deny him anything he wanted.

    Now he was standing in Flourish & Blott’s, combing a hand through his hair and searching through the bookshelves aimlessly. He wanted to find a good book that was synonymous to losing a parent for Andrey; to help him learn to deal with this death gracefully. He finished editing the pieces that Andrey tasked him to finish and was searching, when he bumped into a figure. A very female figure. He blinked in surprise as his arms shot out to steady her by the shoulders.

    Shite, are you alright?” He asked searching her face, a pretty face he subconsciously noted. “I’m terribly sorry.
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    Aurelia Garro

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    PostSubject: Re: Bumpers (Aurelia)   Tue Dec 01, 2015 7:29 pm

    Stretching her arms over her head, Aurelia yawned into the warm, quiet air of the bookshop. She had the day off at the quill shop, so she'd decided to spend it out and about in Diagon Alley. Since she'd grown up in the states, and went to Salem, she didn't have all the nostalgia about the little shopping district that many witches and wizards did. To her, it was still all new and exciting, now that she was an adult and able to do her own thing. Her first time had been last summer, before first year, and she'd about died of excitement.

    As it was, she'd already hit the Magical Menagerie, for owl treats for Sammy, the Quidditch shop, for some new handle polish, and grabbed an ice cream in between. Last summer, she'd fallen in love with this sort of "Death by Chocolate" thing with every sort of lovely, rich thing you could imagine; fudge, brownie bits, dark chocolate. Aurelia licked her lips, noticing a lingering taste at the corners of her mouth from the treat.

    Her feet swung back an forth in the air, as her legs were hooked over one arm of a large lounge chair in the corner of the store. She was tucked back in the quietest corner of the building, the Muggle Section.

    A soft thud sounded as her flats fell to the floor as the witch mused. She found these sections of wizarding stores to be rather fascinating. It wasn't so much that she needed to come here for these books, as her parents lived in the muggle world back home. But Aurelia liked seeing what the owners found to be worthy muggle literature, to include it in their inventory.

    Humming softly to herself, she popped up from the chair to return her current book to the shelf. She liked to skim through them a bit first, before committing to buy them. While she normally liked fantasy adventure stories, one at sea just wasn't catching her today. Walking past the books, her finger tracing the bindings, she rounded the corner and ran into something rather quite solid.

    "Oh!" Aurelia almost fell flat on her rear, if it wasn't for the figure reaching out to help steady her. A small giggle escaped her at his words. She still found it amusing, hearing British people swear, though his lilt sounded a bit different.

    "That's okay, was my fault. I don't tend to watch where I'm going sometimes." In truth, when she wasn't actively focusing, the witch was a bit clumsy in general. "I've actually got shops back home that have asked me not to come back," she grinned.
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    Andrew Doholov
    Healer In-Training
    Healer In-Training

    Posts : 39

    PostSubject: Re: Bumpers (Aurelia)   Fri Dec 18, 2015 9:59 pm

    If there was something that Andrew was definitely lacking in his life it was interesting people. Most days people tended to become a blur in his head; a polite and cordial girl, a flirty but shy handsome boy, a flirty and polite girl, etc. the list just went on. They all become some surreal blur of faces with smiles that didn't reach their eyes and truths in their words they were too fearful to speak. He became selective in who he decided to interact with from then on out; deciding that perhaps it was best he only interact with interesting people. When he made any kind of interaction with a person as dull as a board he'd feign a reason to leave and then never interact with them again.

    The thing about being selective as so, meant he needed to finely tune the seeing glass that allowed him to gauge how interesting a person was or could be. However, he wasn't worried. He had been subconsciously weeding out interesting and boring people since he was younger therefore he didn't stress out about making acquaintances who would eventually turn friends and dull him to death.

    Now another thing about Andrew was he was usually the pinnacle of sophistication; his parents raised him to be that way. So for him to run into someone was quite the shock. As the short-haired red head in his arms began to speak he found himself grinning; he could feel her energy vibrating through her and the shaking the air around her.

    "No, I can't let you accept the blame for bumping into me, I usually pay better attention to my surroundings," he shook his head, and smiled a bit, "but that's boring; what's interesting is you being denied access to stores for what? For falling?" He quirked an eyebrow. "And back home?" He thought for a moment, she did have an accent that was out of place, but besides Russia, Paris, and Britain, he did not travel that much and all those places were comfort zones. "If I may, where are you from?"
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    PostSubject: Re: Bumpers (Aurelia)   

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    Bumpers (Aurelia)

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