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     Cools Me Without Words ( O P E N )

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    Sophia Wiltshire
    Shop Owners/Workers
    Shop Owners/Workers

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    PostSubject: Cools Me Without Words ( O P E N )   Fri Nov 27, 2015 8:16 am

    Sophia held the lollipop between her lips, legs crossed over one another as she flipped through her magazine. Her eyes were more on the pictures than the words - despite being twenty five and long since out of education, the words still jumbled themselves up in her mind. She could look at the photos, though - the dresses and the makeup, styles she always told herself she'd try out.

    Rarely did she ever actually do so.

    The blonde's first real job had been an assistant in this place. Sorting the racks, organising the clothes, putting on a smile for the customers who wandered in off the streets. But the old lady who had run the store before her had retired, handing over her ownership to the witch with the promise of support should she ever need it. So far, Sophia had done well for herself, and she made enough to live in her own little flat. At first it had terrified the girl. Living alone, working for herself, owning the store - and while it was still a challenge, it wasn't nearly as bad as she thought it would be.

    The treat left her lips with a satisfying pop as she stood, smoothing out her skirt with her usual flourish. She must have rearranged the place at least five times, already, but she was always stuck for things to do on the slow days like these.
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    Adrienne Kang
    Aurors In-Training
    Aurors In-Training

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    PostSubject: Re: Cools Me Without Words ( O P E N )   Fri Nov 27, 2015 6:57 pm

    A new school year was right around the corner following a long and arduous summer of interning at the ministry and looking after her ailing mother - harassing politicians and doctors respectively. Between those responsibilities and trying her hardest to stay in contact with friends and not fall behind in some summer studying, she'd not had much time to take care of herself.

    And self-care was something she was usually fairly good at, made easier with her rather well-off father being introduced into her life. He didn't have a great grasp on how how, exactly, to be a father... or how to show his affections for her, so that usually resulted in him handing her money to treat herself with.

    With a bit of that extra gold lying around, Adrienne decided while her mother was occupied with her books that afternoon, she would visit Avalon to grab a drink with some friends that decided to stay at Merlin's for the summer and afterward stop by the clothing shops that were there. After all, a part of her really wanted to be known for having some semblance of fashion after seeing how drab everything - and everyone - seemed to be throughout her first year at Merlin's.

    So Adrienne walked in through the shop's glass-decorated doors in a simple outfit coupled with a small parasol, mood lifted from catching up with friends just before. Though it was fairly warm out, Adrienne's outfit covered her more than seemed comfortable in order to protect her from the sun. She assumed the older woman that she knew owned the store must have slipped off to the back room as she wasn't behind the counter to greet her as per usual.

    She found herself eyeing the small table of accessories, unlike her since she wasn't usually one to actually wear accessories.
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    Cools Me Without Words ( O P E N )

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