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     Sophia Wiltshire.

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    Sophia Wiltshire
    Sophia Wiltshire
    Shop Owners/Workers
    Shop Owners/Workers

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    PostSubject: Sophia Wiltshire.   Sophia Wiltshire. EmptyTue Nov 24, 2015 1:48 pm


    Full name: Sophia Bethany Wiltshire
    Age: 25
    D.O.B: (Day and month) 13th September
    Birthplace: Canterbury, England
    Current location: Canterbury, England
    Blood status: Halfblood
    Occupation: Store Owner


    Sophia Wiltshire. Original

    Hair style: long, blonde, usually wavy or flat-ironed.
    Body type: tall, slender - modelesque.
    Dress sense: lots of bright colours, floral prints, dresses.



    • Flowers; nature has always been an interest point for Sophia. As a child, she would play in the leaves in the Autumn and make crowns of daisies in the Spring. Flowery clothes, floral gardens - she certainly has a weakness for them.
    • Art; although she is far from an artist herself, Sophia can definitely appreciate fine art when she sees it. Paintings, sculptures, theater, music - she adores the arts and wishes she could be as good at them as she is passionate about them.
    • Style; at first, it bothered Sophia as to how feminine she was when it came to her clothes. Her dresses that she wore all the time, the skirts that swayed around her legs. She detested that she was so stereotypically feminine, but after her third year she embraced that side of her. Now a budding designer, Sophia longs to have her own line one day - or at least to work with the big names.


    • Rude People; if someone interrupts another person, or talks over another person, or is in general rude to someone with no real reason, Sophia will call them out. The mere idea that someone believes what they have to say is more important than anything else is horrific to her.
    • Negativity; sometimes, people have bad days. Sophia gets that - she knows that all too well. But pessimism, self deprecation, and people who try to dull her (or others) down are not people that Sophia likes to keep around too much.


    • Nervous Whistler; though anxiety is uncommon for Sophia, she is only human. When she does get nervous - over relationships, over her fears, she starts to whistle and it's a nightmare to get her to stop.
    • Punctuality; more of a compulsion than a quirk. Sophia hates the idea of being late. She always shows up at least ten minutes early - whether or not she really has to be somewhere plays no role; if there is somewhere she needs to be, she needs to be there on time. The thought of anything otherwise is immensely stressful.


    • Untrusting; though she likes a lot of people, and she gets on with almost everyone - trust is a whole different matter for Sophia. Trust is reserved for the few she tells her secrets to, and gaining that bond is not easy. Once she trusts a person, if they abuse that, Sophia is not one to forgive.
    • Intelligence; or, that's how Sophia sees it. She doesn't see herself as a smart person; her grades were average or just below. But, and something that Sophia hadn't known until she was sixteen, she is mildly dyslexic.


    • Level Headed; in the most stressful situations, Sophia keeps herself steady. When everything seems to be going heads-up, the blonde always manages to think things over logically and calmly.
    • Natural Socialite; since she was younger, Sophia has loved people. Being out and about, talking, getting to know - she partied through her Hogwarts years and had a long, long chain of people she knew.
    • Friendly; Sophia has always been a people pleaser. She loves making others happy, above all else - despite not always being the most academically inclined, or athletically talented, her kind heart and positive radiance shines through above all else.


    • Heights; a fear that Sophia isn't sure of the origins. She doesn't know why she's afraid of heights, or flying, or being more than about six feet off the ground, but she really, really doesn't.
    • Gore; blood, guts, open wounds - Sophia doesn't do them. Her childhood aspirations of being a healer were short lived when she broke her leg and fainted at the sight; she wasn't cut out to see herself in pain, let alone others.
    • The Dark; a fear of the dark or rather a fear of the unknown? Sophia can't stand not knowing what's standing in front of her. She can't sleep without the television on a timer, or a lamp on beside her. Sure, it runs up a hell of an electricity bill, but it puts her mind at rest.

    More Information

    Confidence is key.

    A quote to live by. The one painted on her bedroom wall in her mother's cursive writing, and the one she wrote in all her books. The words tattooed onto her right collarbone. Three words that Sophia has carried with her throughout her childhood and into her twenties.

    Born into a normal home, to young parents and a twin sister, Sophia never thought much of her life. She was humble - she had what she had and she was grateful for everything she was given. She said her please's, and her thank you's. She played with the children in her street, came home with bloody knees and bruises she didn't remember getting - Sophia Wiltshire was, by all accounts, a perfectly normal child.

    The magical world was never kept a secret from Sophia and her sister. They grew up with toy broomsticks, with moving photographs; they knew about spells and Quidditch and potions. Their bedtime stories would detail their parents' adventures in the wizarding world and their time at school. Sophia couldn't wait to experience it all for herself.

    When her first train journey came around, the blonde wasted no time with saying goodbye and boarding the Express. She bounced in her seat for the best part of half an hour, gushing to the other young girls in the carriage about her excitement, about the houses - everything her mother had told her over the years. Upon arrival, she was sorted into Gryffindor house, for the first time in years separated from her twin who was placed in Ravenclaw.

    Sophia made fast friends with the girls in her dormitory. The five bright eyed and bushy tailed eleven year olds made an unlikely group. Deanna - a northern girl with wild curls and a voice different to any that Sophia had ever heard. Maisie - the brains of the dormitory, apparently: with sleek black hair and a pale complexion, she had her books stacked neatly at her bedside and she seemed almost scarily organised. Stella - a shy, quiet girl with a crooked smile, but when she started to talk, she got carried away. And then Lizzie. Arguably Sophia's best friend; a dark skinned, confident, bubbly girl already touching 5'4 even at her age.

    Sophia and Lizzie were inseparable. While the five girls became something formidable amongst their peers, the two in particular were the worst. Always in detentions for their talking, their obnoxious laughter in the back of classrooms. Their singing in the corridors landed them a reputation of sorts, despite their hardworking and friendly natures.

    In sixth year, late at night the girls sat out by the lake. They'd snuck food from the kitchens and had set up a picnic of sorts under the moonlight, watching the ripples creep up the banks and retreat back to the body. It was soothing for her, the way the water trickled over her feet, and having her best friend there made it more so.

    Sophia's feelings weren't a new thing. She'd known Lizzie was important to her from a much younger age, but just how much the girl meant was something else entirely. In the previous eighteen months or so, she had come to realise that the way she felt wasn't just platonic. When Lizzie had nightmares, she'd sneak into Sophia's bed and they would cuddle up to each other. In games of truth or dare, the girls had shared a number of kisses, playful lapdances, things that set the young blonde's heart on fire.

    But the kiss they shared that night under the stars meant so much more.

    Sophia's sexuality hadn't been in question since fifth year, when she'd concluded that she was gay and had told her friends. She was met with an overwhelming sense of pride and affection, hugs from the girls she shared her room with and she had never felt so at home. Sure, her parents and her sister were her real family, but she loved the second family she'd developed just as much.

    For two years, Sophia and Lizzie were together. They dated throughout the remainder of their sixth year and straight through their seventh, only splitting when the other girl went on to university. They tried to make it work, but the agreement was mutual and the relationship ended on amazing terms. Uni was never an option for Sophia, though - with her dyslexia, and her grades, she didn't think they'd take her. Staying in education wasn't for Sophia anyway; she'd done her time.

    Following her passion of style and clothing, Sophia got a job in a small clothing shop at the age of 19. The pay was pretty low and she lived with her parents for a little while until she could afford to move out - but the flat she owned after it all was so undeniably hers.
    Flowers on every windowsill and paintings on all the walls, it was a feminine, fun, colourful house that really felt like belonging for Sophia.


    Father: Jackson Wiltshire
    Mother:  Rosemarie Wiltshire (neé Parkyr)
    Siblings: Alicia Wiltshire, sister.

    Other (Optional)

    Wand: Rosewood, 10", unicorn tail hair.
    Pets: A Russian Blue cat called Millie
    School that they went to: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
    House they were in: Gryffindor


    OOC Alias: Jodie / Jess
    Best Way To Contact: PM on here, Email, Kik, Whatsapp -- just ask!
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    Teagan Finn
    Teagan Finn

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    Sophia Wiltshire. Empty
    PostSubject: Re: Sophia Wiltshire.   Sophia Wiltshire. EmptyTue Nov 24, 2015 4:57 pm

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    Sophia Wiltshire.

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