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     Alcyone Malfoy

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    Alcyone Malfoy
    Alcyone Malfoy
    Potioneers In-Training
    Potioneers In-Training

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    PostSubject: Alcyone Malfoy   Alcyone Malfoy EmptyThu Nov 19, 2015 10:07 pm


    Full name: Alcyone Delphinus Malfoy
    Age: 18
    D.O.B: (Day and month) 18th of July
    Birthplace: London, England
    Current location: Avalon Housing Community, England
    Blood status: Pureblood
    Occupation: Student
    Major: Potions
    Year in University: First


    Alcyone Malfoy Emma-Watson-Wonderland-Magazine-6-400x242
    Hair style: Loose, parted to the right, often accessorized with something dainty and sparkly.
    Body type: An obsession with being considered attractive prompts Alcyone to always be at her best - with an hourglass figure, and standing at 5'4", Alcyone's body type could easily be considered athletic, flexible, and curvaceous.  
    Dress sense:  Adores wearing casual dresses that are adorned with pockets and the likes, and end above her knee preferably.  She also likes to wear lots of layers - a tank top with a loose-fitting crop-top over it, a skirt with leggings or jeans underneath, and likes to wear a mixture of earthy colours or shades of grey, with highlights and accents of much brighter colours.  Is nearly always wearing knee-high boots.


    The finer things in life
    Light, airy dresses
    Potion-making and potions in general
    History of magic
    Theories behind how magic came to exist, how it works, etc
    Being complimented
    Extravagant balls/parties
    The peace of solitude
    Helping people

    Loss (of any kind, no matter how minor)
    Having to rely upon others
    Pureblood elitism
    Any kind of elitism somewhat hypocritical of her
    Not having money
    Dirty, wrinkled clothing (the horror!)

    Will often shout out random words when startled or pulled out of her own bubble
    Mutters to self under breath
    Her eye twitches a lot when she's ticked off

    Is known to be very vain at times, despite her best attempts not to be
    Will often judge a book by it's cover
    Can be childish when either of the above flaws are pointed out

    Understanding of potions, ingredients, and everything surrounding those things
    Widely knowledgeable on history of magic
    Adapts to situations easily
    Learns quickly
    Highly compassionate
    Always tries to overcome her own weaknesses

    Focused on beauty and perfection
    Can be short-sighted
    Her brother

    More Information

    Her parent's teachings never really had much of an effect on her.  From quite a youthful age, Alcyone was rebellious and refused to acknowledge anything that they attempted to force upon her - but instead, went out and learned it herself. She never required training in being polite, in social etiquette, or in fashion sense, she knew it all from the beginning. Though it did not bring her mother or father any pleasure to have a daughter who seemed to go out of her way to be her own person and refused to accept assistance from them with most things in her life, they were at least grateful that she was not rebellious in the sense that she went against their beliefs, wishes, and desires. Only occasionally would she do anything drastic, and she would promptly be punished for it with things taken away from her, or - if she was particularly bad - she would be smacked. That was a rare thing, however.

    Despite this attitude towards mother and father, Alcyone did and still does love them. She knows them, understands who they are and what they believe in, and though she disagrees with elitism in every way, shape and form, she tries her best not to be to harsh to her parents who only ever want the best for her and their son. Even so, for Caelum, Alcyone knows that life at home is much harder.

    The hardest thing that she ever had to deal with was losing Capella. The perfect daughter, and the sweetest soul, Capella was the equivalent of Beth from Little Women and thus had the heart of Alcyone from the very beginning. Alcyone spent most of Capella's youth by the fragile Malfoy's side, guiding her through the first things in life and showing her parents the maturity that allowed them to offer their resistant daughter freedom in her later life, though they would still try to dictate her movements at times. Capella's death was a blow to her heart, but like most things in Alcyone's life that heart, she took it all in her stride and became more vocal about her desire to help others than ever. Grades were never an issue for Alcyone, who scarcely seemed to study most of the time and still achieved high results. She did not let pressure touch her, nor did she acknowledge her parent's pushing's for her to achieve great things, but instead did as she pleased.

    Alcyone has always, at her core, been the type to do as she pleases, which was of course why she decided to befriend one of the more invisible students at Hogwarts. In Jaycie, she saw someone beautiful and soft like her sister, and it was this aspect of her that drew Alcyone in. That, and her hair seemed to spun from the sun's rays itself, making her beautiful enough that Alcyone quite vainly decided to adopt Jay as her best friend. Fortunately, Jay's personality is just as lovely as her appearance.


    Father: Armand Malfoy II
    Mother:  Genevieve Malfoy (neé Selwyn
    Siblings: Caelum Malfoy, [s]Capella Malfoy[/s]

    Other (Optional)

    Wand: 11 1/2 inches, English oak & Phoenix feather
    Broomstick: --
    Pets: Scarcely seen without her sparrow, Flick, on her shoulder, and has a pet hippogriff at home named Lanai
    School that they went to: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
    House they were in: Gryffindor
    Why you chose your major: Alcyone loves and is passionate about potion-making.


    OOC Alias: Molly
    Best Way To Contact: PM, skype (contact for details)
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    Codey Ellingston
    Codey Ellingston

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    PostSubject: Re: Alcyone Malfoy   Alcyone Malfoy EmptyThu Nov 19, 2015 10:21 pm


    Alcyone Malfoy CODEY_zpsf118e1ff
    This masterpiece was made by the ever-talented Alley! <3

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    Alcyone Malfoy

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