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     Home (Devana)

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    Cassana Brennham
    Potioneers In-Training
    Potioneers In-Training

    Posts : 199

    PostSubject: Home (Devana)    Sat Nov 14, 2015 11:17 am

    Cassana and Devin had a system of sorts. It was routine, and she wasn't too used to having it. She was used to life throwing curve balls at her and her rolling with the punches (that was the right idiom right? Eh, sports weren't really her forte). Either way, now that she had a routine, she wasn't too keen on things changing. Except they'd have to since Brooke was finally home. Which was fine! It was wonderful even! She loves Brooke after all, and it would be good to reconnect and retie the knots that had come lose.

    She let out a yawn as she continued to pack the majority of the clothes that she'd be taking back to their 'Crooke' apartment. She planned on leaving half of her clothes here and taking the other half back. She wanted to spend equal parts with Devin and equal parts with Brooke, since Brooke would need to spend more time with Joe now that she was back. Cassie was just shocked at all the clothes that had ended up here. She didn't intend for her whole wardrobe to end up at this place, but it had.

    She'd had a marinated chicken in the oven and mac and cheese on the second shelf. She had twenty minutes before Devin would be home and the chicken would be done in ten, the mac and cheese in fifteen. She used her wand to shrink the last trunks and cases of clothes before heading back into the kitchen. She wore a grey pleated skirt that ended mid-thigh with black tights under and grey cat themed slippers and a grey turtle neck on. Her hair was curled and half-up, half-down.

    Cassie drank a cup of tea and zoned, staring outside the window of their home. She loved the spring that was settling in the world outside. When the timer went off, she came out of her reverie only barely spilling on herself, she let out a small curse and winced. There was a small stain on her turtlenck, which was good, she thought as she pulled the oven mits on; she put the chicken and the mac and cheese on the rack and set up to fixing the table up. She set the table for two, and started moving the food over to the table. Besides the marinated chicken she had gravy, mac and cheese, and steamed broccoli, sliced potatoes with cheese and other seasonings spread about the broccoli.

    She was pouring two glasses of white wine when the door opened, immediately she turned and smiled.

    "Hey welcome home," she started, before biting her lip, "the chicken will be done cooling in ten minutes or so, and well I just wanted to fix up dinner since Brooke's gonna be home soon and y'know she's like my platonic soulmate- like we're almost the same person. So, yeah, you should probably clean up," she paused and smiled brightly, "you stink." She jested for good effect as she placed the wine down where he usually sat.

    "I'll be waiting so you should probably go quick."
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    Devin Brennham
    Potioneers In-Training
    Potioneers In-Training

    Posts : 41

    PostSubject: Re: Home (Devana)    Tue Nov 17, 2015 3:04 am

    Love. It wasn't something he ever believed in, or thought could exist. And yet, somehow, it had snuck up on his and surprised him - and Devin hated surprises. He could never quite figure out how he found himself in this position, for it was not one he expected. Marriage, sure; it was expected of him. Having children? The thought made him frown in dislike, for children were not an age group he particularly took to. But, he would do it, and he would raise them, because it was expected of him.

    And Devin was a Brennham, so he knew the standards to maintain, and what else was 'expected' of him. He was a perfect example of a good Pureblood, doing exactly as he should.

    But the one thing that nobody expected, the very one thing of which he was sure would never happen, happened, and Devin found that he was beginning to have feelings for his wife. They started slow, as something nagging at him from the back of his mind, and grew, slowly and steady, until he woke up one day and realised that they were there and tangible and all-up-in-his-face. Of course, he didn't know what it was at first, and spent ages trying to find a cure for what he deemed to be a sickness of sorts. Nothing helped.

    And then, Cassana moved in.

    It wasn't a big deal, at first, because he knew she was probably lonely, without Brooke. He felt bad for Cassie's best friend; losing someone you cared about couldn't have been easy, but it served as a reminder as to why he didn't care about others, if he could help it. Affection for the sake of the public was one thing; actual, legitimate tender-heartedness was another.

    But then they had lunch together. It wasn't uncommon per se; for the sake of the tabloids, they would have dinner or lunch together in some restaurant, or stroll through the park, or whatever they could think of. They were married, after all, and they had an image to keep up. He had convinced Cassana to do it, not for their parents' sake, but for theirs, because if they weren't seen together, the rumours that circulated could get rather nasty, and he didn't want that happening.

    In any case, this lunch was different, simply because it had been in private. They had nobody watching, and nobody to please, and so they were being themselves completely. She made noddles - somehow managing to ask him in more words than necessary - and, as she cooked, made some conversation about his Quidditch trials while he ate his sandwich.

    He blamed it on a good day at first, but somehow, when she went on another rant about the game, he didn't mind quite as much. In fact, the only thing he got irked about was the fact that she called a bludger a 'blugger' and didn't seem to care.

    It wasn't till she had been shown actual compassion towards him, mentioning something about the cold and riding a broom, that he realised things had changed between them. It confused him, but it also brought an actual smile to his face as he thanked her and bade her goodnight.

    Things only went downhill from there. It was their 8 month anniversary, and he had made reservations at a restaurant and all the works. At first, it had just been routine, something for the press, for their families, that sorta thing. But, as he started planning for it, he realised that he was putting extra effort into it, so that Cassana would actually enjoy the night.

    And, when she walked into the table after changing, he felt a wave of worry in his stomach, despite knowing how often she did things like that. He stopped himself from going over to her, simply because he didn't want to betray what he felt; it was awkward enough, feeling something for one's wife, without her knowing about it.

    He lay awake for ages after that night, staring at the ceiling of his room, before realising that there was nothing he could do by thinking. If he couldn't figure out what it was, then there was no point harping on about it.

    Despite not normally liking routine, he made an exception this once, because it was easier to manage what he felt when he knew what to expect. But when he was told Brooke would be coming back, he couldn't help but feel a tad bit... upset. That meant Cassie would be moving back to the flat she got with Brooke, and that meant he wouldn't see her everyday.

    Pushing these thoughts out from his mind, he opened the door to their apartment and entered, bracing himself for the rush of feelings he knew he would get when he saw her. And, true enough, she smiled at him and he had to bite down his smile so only a little showed.

    "Thank you, Ana," he said, then waited for her no doubt word vomit. It was funny how he now thought that with a slight affectionate tone, and not the disgust that used to be there. He would never admit that to anyone, of course.

    He ignored the insult, figuring it was her attempt at joking around, and did just that. Taking a quick shower and changing into something more decent, Devin stepped back out into the living room and wondered where the urge to go over and kiss his wife on the cheek came from. Ignoring it, he walked over to where she was and sat down at his usual place. "How was your day, Ana?" he asked, honestly wanting to know; it was no longer just something he said.
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    Cassana Brennham
    Potioneers In-Training
    Potioneers In-Training

    Posts : 199

    PostSubject: Re: Home (Devana)    Sun Dec 20, 2015 8:55 pm

    The way Devin made her feel was new and beautiful.

    To Cassie it was like a new color was swirling around. To Cassie it was hearing a song and thinking of green eyes that shined with more emotion than anyone’s she’d ever seen before. To Cassie it was seeing people holding hands and longing to reach out for Seeker fingers, defined by working hard and griping a broom in her hands. To Cassie it was the wind in her hair and remembering what it felt like briefly to have Devin’s arms around her when they went to dinner. To Cassie it was being highly aware of everything he did whenever he was around.

    She adored it truly, abhorred it truly.

    It was beautiful to feel this way again, and it didn’t feel too soon. It had been a whole year since her and Daniel broke up, in someways it had been too long since she’d fallen in love. Gods, the things that could happen in just three years! She smiled at the idea when she heard the door open, she glanced up she saw him there.

    Augh, there it was again, she thought, that awful way her heart just slammed against her ribcage, and she felt dizzy at how darn gorgeous her husband was!

    You were good- no I mean it was good. The day, my day good.” She started to say before she began flushing and instead focused on serving the food. “Like y’know good things happened today. I packed to get to Brooke’s but whatever okay so, you, how was your day? What’d you get up to? Was it fun?
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    PostSubject: Re: Home (Devana)    

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    Home (Devana)

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