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     Elessia Asturias

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    Elessia Asturias
    Elessia Asturias

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    PostSubject: Elessia Asturias    Elessia Asturias  EmptyFri Jul 31, 2015 8:31 am


    Full name: Elessia Carmona Reyes Asturias
    Age: 25
    D.O.B: (Day and month) November 23
    Birthplace: Potosí, Bolivia
    Current location: Glasgow, Scottland
    Blood status: Half-blood
    Occupation: Professor of Dragon Anatomy also Professor of History & Origin at Merlin’s Academy for Excellence, Part-Time Shopkeeper at Sugarplum’s Sweets Shop


    Elessia Asturias  MV5BMTY5Njk1OTg3Ml5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwMDgzMDk5MjE@._V1_SY1000_CR18,0,630,1000_AL_
    Hair style: Ombre hair, short
    Body type:
    Dress sense:
    Weekdays for Lessons - White or colored button-ups long-sleeved and short shirts, any other collared shirts, pencil skirts or slacks
    Weekends for Work - Dark pants, tee shirt or tank top, sneakers, pretty socks
    or Whatever she likes


    Likes: Bolivian culture, football, her mother's side of the family, cooking, her father, her little half-brother, Quidditch, Care of the Magical Creatures, dragons, the Reyes' family, rain, London culture, teaching, reading, writing,
    Dislikes: Inequality between the social classes, totalitarian societies, unjust economics, people with too much money, people who are against equality so bigots basically, financial instability
    Quirks: Uses her hands when she talks, smiles a lot, defensive when people accused of something, passionate about a cause
    Flaws: Overly kind to some, believes in equal rights for creatures, hybrids, and humans, loud when she gets to talk about a subject she loves
    Strengths: Very studious so she's always willing to update her material at a moment's notice, cares a lot about younger people, cares a lot about people in general, passionate about causes, kind, has volume control, outgoing, wandless magic  
    Weaknesses: Not good at Defense Against the Dark Arts, too passionate about things to the point where she's been arrested a few times, can often say something offensive without meaning too, over protective of the ones she loves, (good but) reckless flier, has no conception of self-preservation otherwise known as throws herself into the way of danger without meaning to, her family

    More Information


    Elessia was born and raised an Asturias in Potosí, Bolivia. Now, her family had a history of the third daughter of every female Asturias to have an illegitimate child; Elessia is that child. Their bloodline runs all the way back to when La Paz and Sucre were made capitols of Bolivia and they had some ties to family; the Asturias are a very huge family. Despite Elessia's mother being unmarried and having a baby, her grandmother Calista refused to let the family treat her any differently than if she had married parents. Calista was a light in the dark to her third daughter, and Elessia has always taken after her.

    When staying with her father and his wife, her step-mother Cecilia at the age of 10 she received a letter about attending a school to help her hone in her magical ability; Hogwarts School for Wizardry and Witchcraft. Once she was there she spent a lot of her time making friends and succeeding in a good handful of her classes. She barely got by in some where she succeeded in others. The ones she did great in included Care of the Magical Creatures, Transfiguration, Charms, and Potions, and ones she struggled with were Defense Against the Dark Arts, Divination, Arithmacy, and Duelling. Nonetheless, for seven years Elessia was extremely happy to be a witch and decided she wanted to go into learning more about creatures and eventually majoring as a Dragon Trainer.

    Now when she was 17, but graduated from Hogwarts, she went home to Bolivia. She spent most of her summers there, but really wanted to attend college in the United Kingdoms. The Asturias were very supportive of this idea, and so they sent her back where she continued to live a happy, blissful carefree life. A lot of her college years revolved around her protesting and fighting for Magical Creature Rights against the Ministry, and was arrested three but didn't have to do any hard time yet she does know what a jail cell feels like.

    From the time that she was 11-19, Elessia spent more time with her father than with her mother and the Asturias'.

    When she was 19, Elessia had a double-whammy death. Dominico died in a car crash and Calista. Unbeknownst to her for the most of her life, her father had a serious gambling addiction and left her step-mother and half-brother in deep debt. Thankful that her Ravenclaw brother was 17, Nico stepped into the job force before Elessia to handle the situation and told her not to worry about it. Communications for the most part were jilted with the Rodriguez family. Now back in Bolivia it was a different story.

    Calista Asturias had a secret bank account that she'd been using to protect her youngest son, Benito or Benny Reyes, from loan sharks for bail bonds. Benny was in a very bad business, and when Calista died there was no way to cut him out of the family so her son's, Elessia's uncles, took to caring for the financial problems. However, Benny was in America and a lot of their big money was barely enough to keep him alive. Finally when she was 21 and graduating, Benny died and left he Asturias in debt.

    Elessia had spent a lot of her life floating by because her father was in the lower income percentage but still upper class and her mother was an upper-middle class woman. However at 21, Elessia devoted her time to helping the Asturias' family more than ever deciding to dedicate herself to teaching so she could make money quicker. She even picked a small apartment to split with a roommate on the outskirts of Glasgow that was cheap so that she could send more money back to the family.

    At 23, her mother got sick with cancer as her uncle Tino got into a car crash. Elessia decided that she would be very job centric and although she's had a few boyfriends she's never really considered settling.

    From ages 19-26, Elessia has really devoted her time to the Asturias' and teaching. She wants to be a memorable teacher in a good way and wants to be able to provide a lot for her family.


    The Asturias' current generations include this - Calista Reyes married Paolo Asturias, when she was 18 and immigrating from the Philippines. They had six children; Tino, Giovanni, Rista and Olivia, Maria, and Benito. Calista was very good at being a mother and passed good morals onto most of her children. Rista and Olivia were twins who married middle-class men in the 90's, Tino opened up his own restaurant in La Paz that his oldest son would eventually take over, Giovanni became a lawyer, and Maria has been working her way up the accountant chain. Paolo died before Maria had Elessia as Elessia is the youngest of her six cousins

    Although Dominico and Maria never married, it isn't to say there weren't some bittersweet feelings for each other. They met when Dominico was on a college tour at the age of 24 visiting Bolivia; he fell for Maria upon seeing her working at a family branch of a restaurant in La Paz. They fell in love and this courtship lasted for two, beautiful and great years. They were very careful with contraceptives, but forgo them one night by drunken mistake.

    Unfortunately, Dominico's parents didn't agree with his choice and threatened to cut him off, so he had to break things up with Maria and married Cecilia quickly. This didn't stop them from having a seven-year long affair while Elessia was growing up. When she was 7 and both Maria and Elessia were visiting Dominico, Elessia showed her first signs of magical ability through levitating over their hotel table. Maria was shocked, but Dominico explained it all in a way that helped her understand it.

    So it couldn't be avoided that Maria tell the Asturias'. Imagine her shock when she found out that Calista had been a witch back in the Philippines but promised not to continue the practice. Whenever her family showed signs, she explained them as being signs from the Devil and turning her children more pious. She said that it was best to do the same for Elessia, but when Maria refused to do that, Calista was relieved. It meant her granddaughter had the chance to do what she never could.

    Still when Elessia was seven, Maria decided it was best that she end her relationship entirely with Dominico so to not give her daughter false hopes that Dominico would leave his other family for them. In the end this worked out better. It meant that Elessia could bond with Nico and Dominico, although Cecilia never opened up to her.


    Father: Dominico Rodriguez
    Mother: Maria Calista Asturias
    - Half-Brother: Nicodemus "Nico" Rodriguez
    - Cousins (basically siblings):
    Violetta Asturias
    Diego Asturias
    Edgardo Asturias
    Rina "Ri" Asturias
    Calista "Cali" Asturias
    Ercila "Cilly" Asturias
    Nina Reyes
    + more
    Spouse: N/A
    Girlfriend/Boyfriend: N/A
    Children: N/A

    Other (Optional)

    Wand: 12" Kingwood, Essence of thestral hair
    Broomstick: Nimbus 1200
    Pets: Pug named Chez
    School that they went to: Hogwarts
    House they were in: Hufflepuff
    Bachelor's Degree for Dragon Training - Merlin's Academy
    Master's Degree for Teaching - Myrisitica Academy


    OOC Alias: Jay
    Best Way To Contact: or PM

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    Codey Ellingston
    Codey Ellingston

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    PostSubject: Re: Elessia Asturias    Elessia Asturias  EmptyFri Jul 31, 2015 8:34 am


    Elessia Asturias  CODEY_zpsf118e1ff
    This masterpiece was made by the ever-talented Alley! <3

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    Elessia Asturias

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