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     Logan M. Bennett

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    Logan Bennett

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    PostSubject: Logan M. Bennett   Logan M. Bennett EmptyFri Jul 31, 2015 3:31 am


    Full name: Logan M. Bennett
    Age: 19
    D.O.B: 14 May 1997
    Birthplace: Unsure, but most likely London; he was raised in Scotland, and then Ireland when he was 3, only to go back to Scotland at 11, to be with his adopted family.
    Current location: Merlin’s during the term, Scotland during the holidays
    Blood status: Halfblood
    Occupation: Student.
    Major: Auror
    Year in University: First year


    Logan M. Bennett 2722d38e5517cbcd677b5fe94228b44d

    Hair colour: Light brown at the sides, leading to a darker brown patch at the top.

    Hair style: Always messy; he uses his hand as a comb every morning, and tussles it often without realising.

    Height: 6' 1"
    Eye colour: Deep set ocean blue.
    Freckles: None.
    Beauty spot: None.

    Body type: Very, very fit but not overly skinny; he works out often, although surprisingly, he doesn't watch what he eats.

    Dress sense: Depending on the occasion. If he's going out to the bar or a pub, he'll wear casual formal clothes. He has a couple of suits for more formal use, although these aren't used often. Otherwise, he's more than happy to wear jeans, a t-shirt, and a hoodie or a jacket.


    - Women
    - Parties
    - Drinking
    - Popularity
    - Quidditch (duh) and some muggle sports
    - Working out
    - Himself

    - Clingy women
    - Relationships (commitment)
    - Boring studies
    - Musicals
    - Classical music
    - Small talk

    - He likes to ruffle his hair often, whether or not on purpose. He does this when excited, nervous, worries, confident, and basically everything else; it's not a tell of his.

    - He loves getting into arguments and debates about a lot of issues,just to see their reaction when he picks an unpopular side or viewpoint. Usually, he doesn't actually believe it himself, and his friends know this. He only really does it when he meets obnoxious people.

    - Hypocritical, as shown above. He tends to be rather obnoxious himself, and yet can't stand it in others.

    - Playboy; he loves him some women, and often has a new catch every weekend, going to pubs and bars to pick up a new one-night stand. He hardly ever calls them back. However, he is usually quite honest with them from the beginning, telling them before anything serious that he does not want a relationship.

    - Self-absorbed and big headed; he thinks a lot of himself, and, being fit, good at sports and (certain) academics, he is one of those irritating people who actually are all rounders and actually have a reason to be so.

    - Selfish; he cares mostly for himself, but if you're his friend, he will give out favours, expecting to be paid back. Only his two best friends can ask him for help without needing to pay him back. If you aren't his friend, you could be dying and he wouldn't so much as blink.

    - Sports (Quidditch, but he's also played Muggle soccer and football before and while not the best, is pretty good at it).
    - Maths; surprisingly, he is good with numbers.
    - Charms and defensive spells.
    - He is charming, able to sweet talk his way into places and out of situations with relative ease.
    - Energy/fitness; he is very fit and very energetic, able to maintain stamina for a long time thanks to his constant exercising.

    - Women
    - (this is a secret but) puppies
    - Potions
    - offensive spells

    More Information

    Logan was born to whom he refers to as ‘Mr and Mrs Davis’ and never mother or father, except when first explaining who they are; he also never tells anyone their names. His exactly birthplace is unknown, but he knows that, a few days after his registered birthday, his parents bought a place in Scotland, where he was raised for three years. He doesn’t remember much about this, for when he was three, his parents moved to Ireland, where they bought a large piece of land and settled down there.

    His parents had always been rich, but absent, so while he got everything he ever needed or wanted at a mere request, he never really got quality time with his dad or his mum. This never really bothered Logan, who had an amazing nanny, hired by his parents, who would take him to meet neighbourhood children and her own house at times to play.

    When he turned eleven, Aurors showed up in the middle of the night, much to the confusion of the boy. It didn’t really affect him much, having never really having had a relationship with them to begin with, when the Aurors announced that for the smuggling of muggles to be sold as slaves to other muggles, they were being placed under arrest. Human trafficking, he would learn later, was extremely profitable, and the reason the muggle cops had been having so much trouble tracking down the ring leader of a massive operation was due to the fact that it was run by two magical folks - his parents.

    A kindly Auror asked if he had any relatives he could stay with, and, still in disbelief, he named the one person he could think of - Natalie Bennett, his nanny. She came at once, and without hesitation took Logan in. It took a year for the adoption process to get sent through the proper channels, what with the trial of his parents taking place at the same time, so Logan started Hogwarts a year later than planned. His parents never contacted him since that night.

    Some may consider it surprising to find that this did not really affect Logan as much as it should have. Logan had never considered his parents as anything more than the people who brought him into the world, with Natalie being the only real mother figure he’d ever had. Her husband, Frederick, was older than her by a couple of years, and a strong, loyal man. They were a loving couple from the get go, and took care of Logan as if he had been theirs from the start. It was from neither of them, therefore, that he got his playboy tendencies.

    Nat and Fred had a small, three-bedroom flat in Scotland, and after some renovations to the guest room, Logan moved in with them, adjusting remarkably quickly to the space differences. Where he had a large farm yard on which to run, he now had to make do with trips to a local park, and his previous bedroom was the size of his new living room. Nevertheless, he never once complained, and it was through here that Nat and Fred learnt that their adopted son was not very fussy about where he stayed.

    He was, however, rather particular about his clothes and what he wore. This was a slight problem, as the Bennett's were not the richest wizarding folk in existence. Still, they bought him what they could, as if material items could make up for what his parents had done and who they were. In all honesty, it was not something that affected Logan in the least, but if it got him things he wanted, he didn't see a need to correct them.

    Natalie was an elderly woman of fifty when she adopted Logan, having never been successful in having children of her own. Due to this, she and her husband allowed Logan to do as he pleased, whether or not they approved, although sometimes they expressed their concerns when he did things like skip homework or, when he was older, come home drunk. They loved him unconditionally - a little too 'unconditional', if truth be told, for they never really told him off for any wrongdoings.

    Love was not closing one's eyes to misdeeds, but Nat and Fred did not know this, and as such, Logan grew up selfish, doing whatever pleased him without learning that sometimes there were consequences. When he was 15, he was taught this the hard way, by a particularly harsh head boy, and a near expelling. Since then, Logan has been more careful, not truly caring for others, but knowing that there were things he'd have to deal with for everything he did. Still, all this did was teach him to be cautious, and not actually changed him for the better.

    At the age of 12, his parents were sentenced to the Dementor's kiss for their actions against muggles, and, as their only living child, he came to inherit all their money and property, which was placed in a trust fund. His adoptive parents did not touch it, respecting what was his, until he turned 17. At first, Logan wanted nothing to do with his parent's money, but he came to realise that, no matter where it came from, money was still money, and accepted it all. Nat and Fred did not want to move to a bigger place, despite his offers, and he, too, was quite satisfied, instead selling the land and increasing the amount he got.

    As soon as he was of age, he also changed his name, shortening his hatred middle name to simply an 'M.' and switching his last name to reflect his true parents: the Bennetts. As far as anyone is concerned, they are his parents, and while he does talk about his biological ones, he obviously doesn't care much about them or what happened. They had never been 'family', and he therefore cared about them as much as he cared for a stranger he passed by in a crowded mall. There were no bitter feelings or resentments, nor were there pity or forgiveness; they were, quite honesty, dead to him, and he never so much as gave them a second thought, unless specifically asked about his biological parents.

    Logan has only ever had one ambition in life - to have fun. Surprisingly, he chose one of the least selfish jobs out there, and decided to become an auror. Passing school with high grades - for, if he wanted to be, Logan could be very smart - he was surprised to receive an invitation to a prestigious university, and readily accepted.


    Father: Frederick Bennett
    Mother: Natalie Bennett
    Biological Father: [unknown] Davis
    Biological Mother: [unknown] Davis
    Siblings: None.
    Spouse: None.
    Girlfriend/Boyfriend: He just laughs. (Never)
    Children: None (he's always very careful)

    Other (Optional)

    Wand: Hazel, dragon heartstring, 10 and 1/4 inches.
    Broomstick: The latest, always.
    Pets: An owl.
    School that they went to: Hogwarts
    House they were in: Gryffindor
    Why you chose your major: Aurors seem to have a cool job. They get to chase evildoers around the world, and are looked upon as protectors. I think it would be really fun and amazing to be able to do so, and then be paid to do so. Plus, it would be great chick magnet!


    OOC Alias: Melanie
    Best Way To Contact: PM, please!

    Please note that, as stated in my OOC notice as Codey, I am away from August 4 to October 26 on a mission trip, serving aboard the Logos Hope. Logan, therefore,will NOT be active until AFTER I come back (i.e. after October 26).

    However, I would love to plot with you guys, and so, if you’re interested in having plots with Logan (not a proper relationship, though; he’s a playboy for a reason, and I doubt he’d have any ‘exceptions’) please do PM me on his account! When there’s wifi (IF there’s wifi) and I have time, I’ll read/reply. If not, when I get back we can plot. Very Happy
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    Codey Ellingston
    Codey Ellingston

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    PostSubject: Re: Logan M. Bennett   Logan M. Bennett EmptyFri Jul 31, 2015 3:32 am


    Logan M. Bennett CODEY_zpsf118e1ff
    This masterpiece was made by the ever-talented Alley! <3

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    Logan Bennett

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    PostSubject: Re: Logan M. Bennett   Logan M. Bennett EmptySun Aug 02, 2015 9:30 pm

    Logan's Analysis of Handshakes

    The first type was the flirtatious one, with lingering touches, and light, gentle touches, accompanied with a batter of eyelashes or a seductive smile. They were normally slow shakes, or a simple squeeze. Either way, it meant they were interested, and this was the kind he received most often, if he picked carefully enough.

    The second, was polite, friendly types, of people that either didn't know he was flirting (yet) or were ignoring it. Either way, they weren't too fast, but they weren't drawn out like the previous type, instead being firm and warm. This type would require further pushing and prodding to figure out if they were interested, but could be fun nevertheless.

    The last kind was the socially awkward group. It was quick - with contact lasting barely a couple of seconds - and usually meant that the person was uncomfortable with strangers, or human touch. He usually never got lucky with this type, which was why he had come to recognise it in the first place.
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    Logan M. Bennett

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