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     Hogwarts' Own Breakfast Club (Invite Only)

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    Cassana Brennham
    Potioneers In-Training
    Potioneers In-Training

    Posts : 199

    PostSubject: Hogwarts' Own Breakfast Club (Invite Only)    Wed Jul 29, 2015 11:38 pm

    Cassana Rose was no newcomer to detention.

    Ever since being sorted into Ravenclaw at the age of 11, she was deemed a bit of a troublemaker. Some found this hilarious because she was a Ravenclaw. She wasn’t supposed to be outgoing and courageous or passionate about things. In her second year she had released about a hundred guinea pigs that the Fifth Years had been practicing with the Gemino Curse because she said it was wrong to do that poor Criss the guinea pig. That landed her a good two months and a stern talking to. Now her first year wasn’t at all like that.

    At 11 she was outgoing and good at making friends and being out and about hanging out with said friends. This didn’t mean her grades would drop; she just did all her reading and studying in practice. However it seemed that the more she hung out and about the school the more people would comment about her behavior.

    ”Oh you and Ella look so alike, except her eyes are like emeralds, I can totally see the resemblance. So cute!” From some girls.

    ”Another Rose? Shouldn’t you be in Slytherin like your twa-“ Another few girls who then proceeded to say a lot of derogatory words.

    ”Cassana Rose? Like Gabriella Rose?” A majority if not all of the professors.

    You see, Cassie had an older sister. She was… tame and intelligent almost too kind to be in Slytherin by the professor’s standards. By the student’s standards who really knew her she was kind, sweet, but when you got too close you got bit. Ella had a tight group of friends who were older and overprotective of her because of her last name and who she was to marry (a handsome Bulgarian with a pretty influential last name) so she didn’t mind hurting others who came in her path. Now that they went to school together, Ella took a small glee in being seen with Cassie and that was obvious. Even at 13 and 11, it was clear that although the Rose’s were purebloods they were so much more vivacious in nature. For Ella it was always a ploy though. She made them think that they were good friends and then went behind their backs and destroyed their reputation with a shrug, smile, and flip of her hair.

    Anyway to escape this sort of pressure, she made a light for herself.

    She was known as the ‘Crazy Cassie’. When she saw something wrong being done she made it no secret to show the way she felt. A good amount of people questioned where she should have been sorted (wouldn’t Gryffindor fit her better?), but when it came to school no matter the detention hours she spent for freeing animals and talking back to bully teachers, her grades rose above what one would expect.

    Back to the current situation at hand, however.

    She was back in detention.

    This time with an ‘accomplice’.

    Hey,” she whispered loudly as she glanced over at her ‘accomplice, “look I really am sorry about what happened y’know? I didn’t mean to get you into trouble, I swear. It was- you don’t - please don’t be mad at me? I can’t like tell you how to feel or anything but like can you try to not hate me? Can you like sort of look past this? Detention’s not so bad really! Professor Hollands is a little lazy on keeping an eye on her students cos she has soooo many papers to grade and she doesn’t want to be away from her office so detention isn’t in the Forbidden Forest on Sunday’s; it’s in this empty classroom in the dungeon. There’s this girl Brooke you’ll ador-“

    Shh, stop talking.” The Professor snapped. “At least try to pretend that you don’t know the way things work around here, Cass,” Professor Hollands scolded looking at the talkative Rose and then the Holmes heiress. The Professor gave an exasperated sigh and ushered them into where the Sunday Detention Session, explained the rules and how she was to be across the hallway and left them to seat themselves amongst the other two students there.

    Cassie gave a little wave to her best friend before gesturing towards the empty tables near the back.
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    Tess Holmes
    Healer In-Training
    Healer In-Training

    Posts : 304

    PostSubject: Re: Hogwarts' Own Breakfast Club (Invite Only)    Thu Jul 30, 2015 12:03 am

    Perfection was on the top qualities that Tess strove for whenever in public. From her first year onwards, she had big shoes to fill, two pairs worth. First was Sherringford, the one that made a big shadow over the Holmes siblings. He was smart, successful and excelled at DADA beautifully. Mycroft had been the second one to take on Hogwarts and he managed to make the shadow even bigger if that was possible. Where Sherringford succeeded in DADA and proved himself to be the best duellest of the school, in turn Mycroft was more in the intellectual level. While both were intelligent it was clear that Mycroft was a prodigy. His work in potions was considered a work of art, and he became more of an individual by avoiding the athletics and instead took his pride in working under the Potions Master to excel in experimental potions.

    Tess was thankful for a few things; one being that as soon as she entered her first year of Hogwarts, Mycroft was leaving. As much as she loved her brother the idea of having him there would make the shadow feel even bigger than it already was. The moment the hat landed on her head she wanted anything but Slytherin. As much as she loved the house based on the stories the idea of landing in Slytherin seemed like she was carrying the weight of her family. The Sorting hat had told her that it was where she would succeed in Slytherin and no matter how much she pleaded the hat screamed Slytherin.

    Her best friend became a Gryffindor named Rhian. On the very first day they clicked and she found herself feeling like she could be herself if she so wished to. From then on they worked together if they had the same class and they held true sisterhood. She encouraged Tess to try out for Quidditch and she succeeded making first string Chaser. She was small and light enough to move quickly during matches. Next she found herself excelling in what her brothers excelled in, making her less unique than she wanted to be.

    It was her fifth year that she found someone that told her to screw being original. His name was Dominic and he seemed somewhat interested. And she was smitten, with the most popular Slytherin of their year. Despite his sarcastic demeanor, and almost bullying attitude, he cared for her. She wasn't that popular, instead called the Ice Queen, but people were intrigued as to why that boy talked to her.

    But her reputation was destroyed because she'd agreed to work with Cassana Rose. The girl was nice...for a Ravenclaw. Talkative, yet good at listening. Kind...yet had a sass about her that gave her an edge. But that mouth that usually got her in trouble isn't what got them both this time around. Instead her trouble had caused them to fail and get them both in detention. Tess was horrified. Her grades suffered and she couldn't help but worry how her grades would be.

    look I really am sorry about what happened y’know? I didn’t mean to get you into trouble, I swear. It was- you don’t - please don’t be mad at me? I can’t like tell you how to feel or anything but like can you try to not hate me? Can you like sort of look past this? Detention’s not so bad really! Professor Hollands is a little lazy on keeping an eye on her students cos she has soooo many papers to grade and she doesn’t want to be away from her office so detention isn’t in the Forbidden Forest on Sunday’s; it’s in this empty classroom in the dungeon. There’s this girl Brooke you’ll ador-

    The interruption couldn't come sooner as Tess found herself turning redder and redder in embarrassment and anger. She didn't want to scream; Holmes didn't scream. But she didn't belong her. As the rules were told she listened intently making sure not to get in trouble again. Perhaps she'd get a way to make up her grade after this. Extra credit was necessary.

    As Cassana moved to her friend that was already there, Tess stood unsure of where to sit. She wasn't a follower; this is what she told herself as she sat at the first table she found and wondered how she could spend her Sunday. So much for the "maybe" date with Dominic. Sighing, she laid her head on the table and hoped the time would pass by. 


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    Brooke Astrid

    Posts : 147

    PostSubject: Re: Hogwarts' Own Breakfast Club (Invite Only)    Thu Jul 30, 2015 12:18 am

    Brooke loved Hogwarts. Of course she grew up knowing about magic, and, being a metamorphmagus, had more than a lot of experience with it before she started school, but there was just something about learning about different spells and the like was just amazing. Being in Gryffindor, like her father, was also a plus. Five years of school had gone by and she still loved it as much as when she first began.

    She also really, really, loved playing pranks. It wasn't too hard, what with her abilities. It was all too easy to turn into a Professor, walk into a class, and start giving out random work until the real one walked in and she was sent to detention.

    It was also really easy to pretend to be a new student and ask all sorts of ridiculous questions until someone figured out it was her and she once again found herself in detention.

    Still, she studied hard and was apparently gifted in magic, for she excelled at the practical aspect of things, and with some reading, did well for written as well. There was only one class she hated and could never get good marks in: potions. There was just something about needing to be accurate and measure out things accurately that caused her to always fumble.

    Unfortunately, with her history of playing pranks, every time her cauldron exploded, or she accidentally made a potion that made everyone sprout tiny little tentacles, or the fumes of her gone-wrong potion made everyone erupt into random songs for the next two hours, she was sent to detention, on the presumption that it was intentional. Brooke never bothered correcting them, simply because detention was when and where she usually met up with her best friend, Cassana Rose.

    They were very similar, but also different in a few aspects: where Brooke sucked at potions, Cassie did really well. While Brooke was looking to be an auror, her best friend was going to be a Potioneer. Both, however, were 'detention buddies', always ending up there often.

    Today was no exception. Brooke had, in a fit of rage, punched an idiot who had dared to mock her almost-boyfriend, Joe (a really adorable Hufflepuff with whom she had discussed a relationship; they were waiting till they were slightly older before making such a commitment) and been caught by a Professor sitting atop said bully, yelling for him to apologize, wand pointed in his face.

    This time, however, she was alone, with some random boy she did not know, and as the door opened, she was surprised to see Cassie enter with some random Slytherin. A Pureblood, she realised a few moments later, and raised an eyebrow, but kept facing straight until she heard the door close, indicating Professor Hollands had left, and then she turned to look properly at Cassie, getting up and moving to sit behind her.

    "Hey! What are you doing? Did you find another detention buddy?" she greeted, teasingly, not bothering to keep her tone down, knowing that the Professor would not be able to hear them.

    Auror in-training (3rd year) ~ 23 ~ Metamorphmagus
    This masterpiece has been made by the ever-talented Alley! <3
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    Parker Emery
    Healer In-Training
    Healer In-Training

    Posts : 266

    PostSubject: Re: Hogwarts' Own Breakfast Club (Invite Only)    Thu Jul 30, 2015 10:56 am

    This was shite.

    Parker’s frequency of detention had been steadily climbing in the last few months, and he had an idea for who could have been behind it. It’s not as if he was new to causing trouble, oh no, not after having been friends with the “bad-kids” of his house. Those 6th and 7th years that drank and smoked, crashed dorm parties, got caught up in fights and ghost adventures, and ended up in all the places they had no business being. It was wild, it was free, it was everything Parker had been excluded from for so many years and finally had within his grasp. Well, until he’d broken it off with Darrien and had that nasty falling out with the whole group. Since then, Parker was absolutely convinced they were out to get him.

    Usually it was just a matter of being in the wrong place at the wrong time, others it involved being out-right ratted on (how they always seemed to know where he was, was beyond him). It didn’t really seem to stop him from anything though, he still went to the parties they weren’t at, still managed to sneak alcohol from Hogsmeade (to which he adamantly refused to believe he had a problem with regards to drinking), and still managed to find his way into restricted areas so he could just get away from it all. He wasn’t well, he knew that, but he didn’t have any clue how to pull himself out of it - especially since he’d pushed away all his old friends.

    Even the headmistress was getting sick of his antics. Where before, she’d reached out to him during his 3rd year, she now seemed to want nothing to do with him. He figured there was really no need for her to invest the energy and time into him when he was unwilling to help himself. He wasn’t worth the trouble anymore.

    In all honesty though, this most recent trip into detention was at his own fault. He’d arrived to one of his early morning classes still drunk from the night before and the professor was far less than pleased with that. So there he was, head down on the desk with the worst hangover he could ever remember having.

    It wasn’t so bad with just that one other girl in the room, but when he started to hear the babbling right outside the doors he felt his irritation spike drastically. Great, more people were coming and they were going to make all of this so much less bearable than it already was. The doors opened and the others walked in, immediately sparking conversation from the previously silent girl. Parker could feel his head pound and whole body tense.

    This was shite.

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    PostSubject: Re: Hogwarts' Own Breakfast Club (Invite Only)    

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    Hogwarts' Own Breakfast Club (Invite Only)

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