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     Pureblood Index

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    Dorian Ashworth

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    Pureblood Index Empty
    PostSubject: Pureblood Index   Pureblood Index EmptySun Apr 06, 2014 4:46 pm

    Pureblood Families are important within our game. We want to be able to have family names, to be able to form connections and so forth. If you are interested in having a pureblood, you must fill out an application. Remember, purebloods will tend to be of the lesser percentage in this game, since it's been a century since the second wizarding war, marriage, breeding, etc.

    You must complete your character's application, and have it accepted by an admin/mod, before your pureblood history will be accepted.

    Copy the code below and paste it into a reply. You will then either be added to the pureblood index, or an Admin will contact you.

    * We now enforce that you have a connection to one of the families below, if you wish to have a pureblood. It doesn't need to be a close connection. (That shall be discussed between you and the person who already claimed a family)

    Note that Pureblood claims are temporarily CLOSED

    Pureblood Index



















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    Florentina Clarence
    Florentina Clarence
    Aurors In-Training
    Aurors In-Training

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    PostSubject: Re: Pureblood Index   Pureblood Index EmptySat Jul 16, 2016 5:02 am

    Family Name: Clarence
    Members: Julietta, Franco, Pietro, Rosso, Florentina
    Family History: The Clarence family originate from Italy and England, where Thomas Clarence married Carlotta Moretti in order to settle a dispute over land between the two families. It was a Romeo-Juliet except it ended much more successfully. As this occurred somewhere around the 11th century, the specifics of the squabbles aren't quite known, but it's speculated to be something to do with fighting over land.

    Their wealth is old money, kept within the family name where the eldest male child inherits the fortune. Their primary source of income came from leasing land to other Italian wizarding families.

    With the two families joining, they seemed to have settled their differences. The Clarences remained in Italy until very, very recently (18th century), where Julietta and Franco migrated back over to England, simply for a change of scenery. After being there for a while, they decided that they rather enjoyed the UK and eventually decided to move there. The current generation of Clarences keep their Italian heritage alive and well, and still do own the land that they left behind in Italy, and still do generate much income from that, as well as Franco having a prestigious position in the ministry. They're extremely well off and have quite a fortune to hand down.
    Family Connections: Ellingston
    Are you Open to connections? Tentative yes- please contact first
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    Semira Roku
    Semira Roku

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    Pureblood Index Empty
    PostSubject: Roku   Pureblood Index EmptySun Jul 31, 2016 5:20 pm

    Family Name: Roku
    Members: To her knowledge and as of right now, Semira is the only known, living member of the Roku family, however, she was never well acquainted with anyone outside of her extended family, leaving open the possibility that there may be others.
    Family History: Long before the Battle of Hogwarts and Tom Riddle, the Roku name was known as being an old, aristocratic family dedicated to trying to cleanse the world of wrongful magic-doers, which they believed were half-bloods and muggleborns. They did so vehemently and violently, as they believed that when these witches or wizards used magic, it tainted magic as a whole, and thus affected the magic of purebloods.

    In years previous, upon Tom Riddle's rebirth of sorts as Voldemort, the Roku family joined the cause very early on, becoming very reliable and loyal Death Eaters, or servants. The latest patriarch of the family, Semira's grandfather Azariel, had moved the family to Ireland before her father had even been born, and served out any orders he received from his Lord diligently and dutifully. Elion was, the eldest son of Azariel, was to be the next great patriarch of the family, but upon the Battle of Hogwarts and the end of the Second Wizarding War, her father was killed by the honorable Order of the Phoenix as he fought alongside Voldemort, defending what he thought was the right of the purebloods. Faye, Semira's mother and Roku by marriage, was captured and sentenced to spend the rest of her years in Azkaban for her wrongdoings as a Death Eater, along with the rest of the Roku family (her grandparents, any uncles/aunts), except for the two young children of Elion and Faye Roku, whom have tried to cleanse themselves of the reputation their surname brings.

    Possibilities: Uncles and Aunts (Children of Azariel), Cousins, Possible children of Elion or Faye (previous relationship, affair, etc)
    Family Connections: N/A
    Are you Open to connections? Yes, upon request and permission.
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    Pureblood Index Empty
    PostSubject: Re: Pureblood Index   Pureblood Index Empty

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    Pureblood Index

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