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     Raena Vega Delacroix

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    Raena Delacroix

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    PostSubject: Raena Vega Delacroix   Raena Vega Delacroix EmptySat Jun 06, 2015 1:00 am

    Full name: Raena Vega Delacroix
    Age: 19
    D.O.B: October 19th
    Birthplace: Wiltshire, England
    Current location:
    Blood status: Pureblood
    Occupation: Barista
    Major: Auror
    Year in University: First



    Hair colour: White-Blonde
    Hair style: Long, usually messy.
    Height: 5’10”
    Eye colour: Grey/Green
    Freckles: She has pale freckles splattered across her shoulders
    Body type: Slim
    Dress sense: What Raena wears completely depends on the people she’s around. When she’s around her family she tends to dress cleaner, proper, and important. The latest trends and nothing but the best. However, when she’s alone or around the people she’s most comfortable with – you’re most likely to find her wearing black/grey Capri sweatpants and tucked in tank top.  


    - Winning
    - Tea
    - History
    - Power
    - Candy
    - Television
    - Pulling Pranks
    - Ramen Noodles
    - Cuddling
    - Stuffed Animals
    - Purple
    - Cheetos

    - Liars
    - Losing
    - Snow
    - Small Dogs
    - Thylane {Her Sister}
    - Coffee
    - Bees

    Quirks: Raena is a walking quirk, to be perfectly honest with you. Although, some are more noticeable. She’s extremely Absent Minded. She twirls her want between her fingers. And she crinkles her nose up when she laughs.
    Flaws: She’s extremely erratic and a total smart-ass. She is sarcastic, soft-hearted, self-critical and dubious.
    Strengths: Raena is very creative, zesty, loyal, ambitious and humorous.
    Weaknesses:  Chocolate, she’d probably attempt to walk across a sea for a singular piece of chocolate.
    Family (Not her biological family, her friends), she’d do anything for them.

    More Information
    (TRIGGER WARNING: Physical/Emotional Abuse)
    Raena grew up in Wiltshire, England with her family. Raena had a very… complicated childhood. For the first few years of her life nothing was different between the way she grew up and the way Poppy did. But, after Raena really began to develop her magical abilities and spoke to her father about them he explained the importance of blood purity and Raena just couldn’t wrap her mind around it. She would always say “I don’t think that’s right” and “Muggles really can’t be that bad.”  

    Her father was not proud of her, in fact he was severely disappointed.  He became so frustrated with her that he became violent, whenever she would say something about a muggle, or begin to tell him about her adventures that day he would grow angry, would throw her into things, push her against a wall and cover her mouth and nose with her hand until she couldn’t breathe and let go before she passed out. He was, and is, a very evil man. She never understood why he treated her this way.
    Raena got used to the abuse, the destroyed belongings, the loneliness. Poppy was the only one who was really there to comfort her when she needed it most, and her mother when she could be but when Raena was three, Josephine had another daughter and named her Thylane.

    Poppy and Raena’s relationship is a very confusing one, when Raena was younger Poppy loved doing things with her, they’d play in the park together, play around the estate. They were so close. But, as Raena got older and approached her Hogwarts years, Poppy started distancing herself from her and began to care more for Thylane. Raena didn’t understand this much she accepted it anyways.

    When Raena was alone and had no one else to turn to she would go to a large field about two miles away from the Delacroix Estate. It was a rather large field, with all sorts of wild-flowers. One day, as she sat in her field drawing in her sketchbook, she saw a boy, by the looks of his clothing he was a muggle or a very poor wizard... she couldn’t tell so she decided to speak to him. He was reluctant at first and told her that he didn’t think anyone knew about the place aside from himself, they got to know each other and she quickly learned that they were the same age, he was a muggle and his name was Simon.

    As time went on, and she finished her years at Hogwarts – she decided to attend Merlin’s Academy for Excellence.

    When first meeting Raena you’re likely to think she dislikes you, but I promise that isn’t the case. She’s just.. shy. She doesn’t trust easily, but once she warms up to you, you’re going to wish you stayed away. She’s an absolute nutcase, a complete goofball. She says the most idiotic things at the most inappropriate times.  But they’re always oddly convenient, it’s as if she knew exactly what to say when to say it. She may be a prankster and jokester but she’s extremely intelligent. She can make you feel like fecal matter in a moment’s notice, and she will if you insult any of her friends.

    Rae is also quite reserved, she knows exactly when to bite her tongue and spends most of her time twirling her wand around in her fingers and staring blankly into a surface, lost deep in her own thoughts. Only she knows what she’s thinking about, and half the time she wishes she had a pensive so she could remember all the brilliant things she’d thought up while in one of her deep thinking sessions.

    (TRIGGER WARNING: Physical/Emotional Abuse)
    Father: Mason Lyall Delacroix - Mason Delacroix is a very cold man. He absolutely despises his middle child, Raena. He thinks that she’s an absolute let down. He was astounded to find out that she could do wandless magic and that was the only time in her life that he was proud of her. Growing up, Mason would grab Raena by the hair after a particularly long day, and throw her against something as if she were a house-elf who didn’t listen to its masters orders. He had no reason to do this, not really. He would find something muggle-esque in her bedroom and go ballistic. Smash her belongings, curse at her, call her blood traitor. Poppy once tried to stop this, but he gave her a warning glance and slapped her across the face and she never said anything about it since.  His wife, Josephine, couldn’t bear to watch these acts. But never spoke a word around Raena about them. However, one night whilst sneaking out of her house to meet Simon (see friendships), she overheard her mother speaking to her father about them. “It isn’t right, Mason.” she said, “She is our daughter after all, and it isn’t like the old times. The Dark Lord is dead, Mason. He is never going to come back and I don’t care how many times you say he can’t have died, it’s undeniable. Absolutely undeniable. And she’s a pureblood wizard like each of us in this household and I want you to treat her like one.” He never listened to his wife, although after that night, He stopped physically abusing her and turned to emotional abuse. He would pick on her physical features, her eyebrows, her smile, her clothing choice. He would pick on her speech and all other sorts of things. Needless to say, Raena and Mason’s relationship is everything but beautiful.

    Mother: Josephine Saroyan Delacroix (neé Cardwell)
    Josephine is a gorgeous woman. She has long blonde hair very similar to all three of her daughters, her eyes are silvery-grey. She’s a kind-hearted woman. Her relationship with Raena is surprisingly well for how badly Raena detests her family. When Raena was younger and having a bad day, her mother would cradle her and tell her wonderful stories and sing her songs so sooth her mood. It hasn’t been that way in quite some time. It isn’t either of their faults, really. Josephine is attempting to change her husband's ways, but she’s very unsure if she can or not. In doing so, she needs to gain his trust completely.  

    >Poppy Joan Delacroix - Poppy Joan Delacroix is a boisterous, loud and friendly girl, but don’t let that fool you she’s extremely two-faced. She will not hesitate to get what she wants under any circumstances. She will use any means to achieve her ends. Her looks are very similar to Rae’s although she keeps her eyebrows more groomed and her features are softer. Raena and Poppy don’t tend to get along. When Poppy attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry she was made prefect in her fifth year and decided to make Raena’s third year a living hell. Raena constantly got detentions and was humiliated continuously, and she didn’t even do much wrong. Sure, she was out past curfew multiple times but half of the things she made Raena do were ridiculous. In her seventh year she was announced as Head Girl and that made things even worse. Though, out of the two sisters that Raena has, Poppy is her favourite.

    > Thylane Xan Delacroix - Thylane is a very cold person, she’s reserved and brooding. She always has been. She isn’t very talkative and tends to keep herself occupied in a book or writing letters. However, she’s seemingly friendly with the few acquaintances she does have.  But in reality, she’s only using them as pawns. To get closer to her goal. Her relationship with Raena is practically nonexistent.


    Other (Optional)

    -Length: 12 ¼ inches
    -Wood: Larch
    -Core: Unicorn
    -Appearance: The wand fits perfectly in her hand, completely white, with a snake embellished into the handle.
    Broomstick: Nimbus 2001
    Pets: Oedipus the Screech owl.
    School that they went to: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry
    House they were in: Slytherin
    Why you chose your major: Raena is a very ambitious girl, and she wants to make sure that the world is a great place. She wants to make sure that the world is in a safe and she would love to have a part in that.


    OOC Alias: Andromeda or Andy/Andro
    Best Way To Contact:Skype or Kik.
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    Codey Ellingston
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    Raena Vega Delacroix CODEY_zpsf118e1ff
    This masterpiece was made by the ever-talented Alley! <3

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    Raena Vega Delacroix

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