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     DC Universe Advert

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    Sithis Nonomyth

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    PostSubject: DC Universe Advert   Tue May 12, 2015 10:07 am

    Name of Site: (or image) DC Universe

    Summary: (what it consists of aka plot)

    Starling City Plot
    Thea Queen has gone missing and the Arrow is on the hunt. He doesn't like the fact that someone who is close to him can't be found. Will you help him find her or led him on another track. Meanwhile Thea has come to a cold hard fact her brother is not who she thought he was though his true identity is still out of her reach. She is wanting to learn more and how to fight. She has been training and her mentor would be one no one would expect.

    Gotham Plot

    Meanwhile in Gotham all of the citizens have seemed to disappear over night. Though some are turning up the majority still seem to be missing including Batman. What has happened to these citizens and shockingly Arkham Asylum has not been affected at all and a few of the inmates have escaped. Where have the citizens gone and what happened to cause them to disappear? Who is in charge? These questions seem to be laying heavily on everyone's mind.

    Link to our site being promoted on yours:
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    DC Universe Advert

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