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     Team (Devana)

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    Cassana Brennham
    Potioneers In-Training
    Potioneers In-Training

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    PostSubject: Team (Devana)    Sun Apr 26, 2015 5:54 pm

    "You sure?" Brooke asked carefully searching her best friend's face for any hesitance of her actions. Cassana nodded smiling placidly at her best friend before pressing kisses to her tired children's faces.

    "Mom we wanna stay," Phillip murmured tiredly into his stuffed dragon's neck. Ellie nodded in agreement even as her small fists rubbed circles into her eyes. Caelan was already fast asleep in Brooke's arms.

    "Auntie Brooke will take care of you and I'll be home before you know it, no worries little ducklings, everything's going to be just fine." Cassie said softly as she caressed her children's cheeks. Phil's mouth opened to protest, but she cut him off efficiently. "You can't stay because you guys have classes tomorrow and they'll only let one adult stay with daddy, and that has to be mommy okay?" There was reluctance in their eyes as if they knew that there was more to it, but the four years olds bid their mother good by cautiously by hugging her legs. Brooke gave her a look that could only be translated as: "Call me."

    Cassie simply smiled and waved.

    Once they were out of St. Mungo's private suite rooms, Cassie let her shoulders sag, her body deflate and her eyes grow weary. She stepped closer to the bed, her fingers gripping the rail tightly. Everything in the 30 year olds body seemed terse, tense, and uptight as if any moment she was to come undone. She felt like that too.

    Seven days.

    Devin Brennham had been in comatose for seven days. He'd been asleep for 168 hours, 10,080 minutes, and countless seconds. However to Cassana Brennham it felt like he'd been asleep for eons. She shakily reached forward for his hand, engulfing it in hers and sitting in the chair swathed in blankets specifically for her. She stared at him. For a 32 year old he looked fitter than most 20 year olds, he had a peaceful face despite the worry he had for Cassie, the worry he had for his kids, and any other deep feeling he felt. She wished that she could have been a more talented Legimins, gotten inside his noggin a bit and understood him. She wished she could feel warmth radiating from his body as it usually did. She wished he'd open his eyes and smile. She would be washed away by the green in his eyes, by the pink of his lips and the memory of how soft they were on here, and by the unabashed adoration she could see in them.

    Oh how she wished.

    The room was quiet as she squeezed his hand, willing him to squeeze back.

    "I miss you terribly." Cassie began to speak as tentatively as she could. "I miss you more than I'd miss chocolate pancakes or Earl Grey tea. I miss you more than I'd miss Sunday morning runs with you before the kids. I miss you more than I'd miss rain in a desert. I miss everything I about you. I miss your smile and your frown, I even miss your sneer. I especially miss your sneer.

    "The kids know what's going on and they're worried, but other than that they're good; they've got faith and childhood hope to keep them pumping. But I- no one tells someone- you-  I don't know what to do in this situation." Her hand squeezed his tighter.

    "Everyone tells me you'll be okay, the doctors say you'll wake up, the Healers too, even Tess and Parker are  reassuring me that you'll be okay." She let her tear stricken face fall onto where she'd intertwined their fingers. "But it's so hard, Dev, this is - parenting, marriage, the life we have now together- we're a team. Don't you know there's no I in team? There's no one person who carries a team; we carry each other and we lighten the load the world gives us. You make me feel lighter."


    "I know it sounds silly that I'm saying all this to you while you're in a coma for Merlin's sake but I don't- I can't- there's just never going to be a better time in this moment. This singular moment that I have with you for me to tell you everything I've ever felt about you. I, naturally didn't like you at first, actually could not stand you. Because we were so different and all the traits I associated with you were the exact opposites of me. I don't think you liked me very much either." Her laugh was muffled.

    "That's okay. Because I fell in love with you truly, effortlessly, and doubtlessly. I love you when you come back sweaty from Quidditch, when you lay your head in my lap and quietly profess you're worried our kids are mad they're being punished for something, I love you when you tell me I'm being irrational because maybe I am. I love you when you speak your mind to me, I even love you when you lie. Yeah I know you're the one that hid the waffle iron not Phil, good kid though to lie to his own mother." She lifted her head and kissed his knuckles tenderly. Her eyes were filled with fierce sincerity.

    "I love you, Devin, for all faults and for all perfections; I love you even if you don't or if the world doesn't. I don't think I'll ever stop because you never stop loving the One and I know you're my One and I'm pretty sure I'm your One because we built something together." She smiled with watery eyes at his still sleeping, still complacent face. Subconsciously she let one of her hands trail down to her stomach, a habit she'd created these past few days. "We built a team together."

    A second.

    Then a minute.

    Then five went by.


    There was no reply.

    "Please wake up," she whispered now, a bit hoarsely, "this is a team of five and I'm missing my co-captain." She squeezed his hands and feeling nothing instead rubbed her cheek against the palm and folded her arms around his arm, closing her eyes and drifting to sleep.

    Phillip & Caelan Brennham
    Ellie Brennham

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    Devin Brennham
    Potioneers In-Training
    Potioneers In-Training

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    PostSubject: Re: Team (Devana)    Sun Apr 26, 2015 8:15 pm

    7 DAYS AGO

    It had not been a serious match per se. It wasn't even finals or anything like that, but rather, it was a friendly between two teams, so the only thing on the line was bragging rights. Of course, this meant it was taken as seriously as any other match would be, and Devin knew the stakes. While most of them were friends off the pitch, when it came to Quidditch, during a game, it was each team for themselves. As seeker, some of the pressure was on him to deliver - catching the snitch did not always guarantee a win, but they had developed a means of telling Dev when he should and should not catch. His only focus would the the snitch and not the scores.

    The game started and everything was going perfect two hours in. The International England Team were down by 20 points, and Devin was closing in on the snitch to secure them a win. It was spinning towards the ground, and he was following after it, diving head first as the green pitch came closer and closer, but he pulled up just before he would have crashed, moving to the right, close behind the snitch. Just as he was reaching out to grab it, the golden object dipped under him and he did an abrupt 360 spin, leaning forward on his broom and nudging it upwards.

    A cheer went up from the crowd, and his eyes darted to the passing team member, nodding once at the crossed fingers shown his way. He was not to catch the snitch just yet. Devin did not question it, trusting that their captain knew what he was doing; they had not lost a game in the past year. Instead, he pretended to chase after the snitch, leading the opposing member's seeker - who was trailing him - away from where the snitch had actually been heading towards.

    Dipping and diving, Devin acted his part with perfection, chasing something that wasn't there, until the signal came from another passing team member that he was to catch the snitch if he could. It took him a few moments to find it, but when he did, he closed in on it quickly. Reaching out, he was inches from grabbing it when he felt something slam into the back of his head. He wobbled a little, his broom pointing towards the ground, and the last thing he remembered was falling, a loud screaming coming from somewhere around him, and the thick, gooey feeling of blood dripping down his neck.

    After that, there was nothing but darkness as his eyes closed.


    There was a dull ache at the back of his mind that did not go away as much as he wished it too. He felt odd, like he was in that in between stage of falling asleep and being awake. Everything was hazy, and his eyes were too heavy to open, and he couldn't move anything, just lie there. How long he lay there for he wasn't sure, but it felt like forever. Around him, he could hear people moving and talking and all sorts of other random noises, but he couldn't respond to them, and besides, they were fuzzy, almost as though the reception was bad.

    Once in a while a few sentences came through, but he couldn't respond, unable to form any comprehensive thoughts, let alone verbal sentences. Nothing hurt, not really, but there was a numb sensation throughout his entire body, and something heavy on his chest. It was hard to breathe, but he never once thought about it. Indeed, he didn't really think of anything, even though he was pretty sure that his mind was still working.

    Something touched his hand, and through the haze of his brain, he recognized it. Ana he thought, managing for the first time to crack open his eyes to glance at the figure by his side. For a split second, he could make out the shape of his wife, and his heart rate increased slightly as he saw her. I love you, he thought, struggling to keep things coherent, but then everything was going blurry again, and there was darkness once more.

    He didn't know how long passed before he was able to recognize himself once more, but he could still feel the weight of Ana's hand on top of his. The weight on his chest had eased very slightly, and it was so slight that it was almost impossible to tell anything had sifted at all. But it was noticeable to him, and, with immense concentration and strength, he willed his finger to move. He felt skin grazing his own, and his mouth twitched in an attempt at a smile, but he was spent, and fell back into nothingness moments later.
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    Team (Devana)

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