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     Tabitha Mercer

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    Tabitha Mercer

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    PostSubject: Tabitha Mercer   Tabitha Mercer EmptySun Apr 26, 2015 2:39 pm


    Full name: Tabitha Anne Mercer
    Age: 19
    D.O.B: (Day and month) March 16
    Birthplace: France
    Current location: Avalon
    Blood status: Halfblood
    Occupation: Student
    Major: Dragon Training


    Tabitha Mercer 907411-660bf530-ac3b-11e3-bf6a-6ec13e402258
    Hair style: She keeps it short and often styles it with a bit of gel or mouse
    Body type: Athletic
    Dress sense: "Punk". Tank tops, leather jackets, skinny jeans, band shirts. She likes wearing rings (at least three on each hand, most days).
    Hair colour: It changes, but it's usually either black or white
    Height: 5' 7"
    Eye colour: Light, icy blue


    Likes: Tattoos, Dark colors, Quidditch, Climbing trees, Singing
    Dislikes: Judgmental people, Overly arrogant people, Prissy girls, Anyone who puts down her mother
    Quirks: She's genderfluid, so while she generally prefers gender-neutral pronouns, she doesn't mind people using the feminine ones. She often substitutes various words for swear words (i.e. pizza sh*t=piece of sh*t)
    Flaws: Defensive when confronted about her sexual and gender identity.
    Strengths: Open minded, Humble, Defensive magic, Transfiguration, Resourceful
    Weaknesses: Puppies, Dragons, Sunny days

    More Information

    Agatha Mercer rarely speaks about Tabitha's father, and when she does, it's usually something negative. From what Tabby gathers, she was basically the result of a drunken one-night-stand. She doesn't mind, really; Agatha's been both mother and father for all of Tabitha's life and she loves her mother dearly. Her mother works as a waitress, having dropped out of uni when she became pregnant, and barely makes enough to support herself despite the hours she works.

    Agatha's parents were barely in the picture for her. Her mother was a "struggling businesswoman" and her father was a gambling drunk who often came home angry and destructive. He never actually hit either of them, thankfully. Neither parent much cared what their daughter did, and she turned to drink and drugs at a young age in a desperate plea for attention. When she was barely 20, she woke up with a pounding hangover and no recollection of the previous night. A week later, when she discovered she was pregnant, she vowed to turn her life around for the sake of her unborn child. She was determined to be better than her own parents. Nine months later, Tabitha entered the world to a sober mother. She's been sober ever since.

    Tabitha grew up with little in the way of luxury items; any spare money was put towards either school or general repairs of their ramshackle house. Despite her obvious lack of monetary fortune, she was incredibly happy. Hogwarts became Tabitha's second home, and she was always eager to return in the fall, much as she loved her mother. From the moment she sat on a broom, she knew she loved flying, and as soon as she was able, she tried out for the Quidditch team. She played as a Beater, and loved every second of it. DADA and Transfiguration were her favorite classes, and she excelled at both. When she learned of Dragons, she was immediately fascinated. Such large, beautiful creatures. She jumped at the chance to attend MAE, almost crying in her joy. Her hope is to become the best dragon trainer there is, and to provide enough for her mother to live comfortably the rest of her life.


    Father: Unknown
    Mother: Agatha Mercer, 40, Halfblood
    Siblings: N/A
    Spouse: N/A
    Girlfriend/Boyfriend: N/A
    Children: N/A

    Other (Optional)

    Wand: Ash, Dragon Heartstring, 14 inches
    Broomstick: Nimbus 2000
    Pets: Jasper, her snowy owl
    School that they went to: Hogwarts
    House they were in: Gryffindor
    Why you chose your major: She's an adrenaline junkie, and loves dragons.


    OOC Alias: Bekah
    Best Way To Contact: PM
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    PostSubject: Re: Tabitha Mercer   Tabitha Mercer EmptySun Apr 26, 2015 6:03 pm

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    Tabitha Mercer

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