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     Braelynn Abigail Reid

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    Braelynn Reid
    Braelynn Reid

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    PostSubject: Braelynn Abigail Reid   Braelynn Abigail Reid EmptyMon Mar 30, 2015 2:40 am


    Full name: Braelynn Abigail Reid
    Age: 18
    D.O.B: (Day and month) 15th May
    Birthplace: Derbyshire, England
    Current location: Merlin’s Academy
    Blood status: Muggleborn
    Occupation: Student, waitress at Eureka
    Major: Healing
    Year in University: First year


    Hair colour: Dark brown
    Hair style: Long with waves
    Height: 5’ 5”
    Eye colour: Greyish blue
    Freckles: None
    Beauty spot: None
    Body type: Slim and fit
    Dress sense: Casual, sometimes quirky but when she dresses up she prefers going for sweet or elegant looks.


    -The smell of rain
    -Anything to do with singing and music
    -Writing and composing songs
    -Helping people
    -Sports and outdoor activities
    -Teaching her parrot new phrases
    -Window shopping

    -Cumbersome clothes
    -Arrogant people who think they are better than everyone else
    -Being put between a rock and a hard place
    -Hurting people whether physically, mentally or emotionally
    -Being interrupted when she’s composing
    -Smoke and anyone smoking
    -Being in the same room with people arguing

    -Can be really friendly but quiet at times
    -Nibbles her bottom lip when making a tough decision
    -Can be so caught up with composing or daydreaming she loses touch with the real world

    -Too optimistic at times
    -Sometimes takes criticism too personally but doesn’t really mind constructive criticism
    -Can be rather impatient when forced to wait for something she holds dear
    -Becomes moody when she can’t produce good music

    -Her music and singing
    -Is gently persuasive
    -Good intuition
    -Willing to learn

    -Her family (she'd do anything for them)
    -Her pet
    -Studies (she needs to do well if not she will feel horrible)
    -Desserts especially dark chocolate and brownies

    More Information

    Samuel and Kasee knew each other since forever. Their families were very close and every weekend would find them at each other’s home having dinner and playing all sorts of games. They got married and had six children Braelynn being the fourth with one younger sister and one younger brother and three older brothers.

    She had a good childhood full of fun and activity, playing, teasing and pranking her brothers. They grew up in the country and so were used to a simple lifestyle and hard work. Ever since she could talk, she would go around the farmhouse singing all kinds of songs, sometimes even making up random lyrics as she did her chores. She’d sing to anyone who cared to hear be it for the cows, horses, birds, cats, dogs, butterflies or plants.

    Braelynn started officially writing songs around nine years of age when she needed an outlet to express her feelings. She wrote a song for each of her family member’s birthday every year. Around the age of ten, things started to happen that scared her. She would be doing chores or studying and things near her like pens, paper, hay or the cow’s feed would levitate and drop back. She didn’t say anything for fear of being ridiculed and labelled as insane.

    The explanation came a year later. When she turned eleven, a staff from Hogwarts came to their farmhouse, startling all of them. To celebrate her acceptance, her family brought together all the extra money they saved up and bought her a guitar which she learned to master very quickly.

    At Hogwarts, she was sorted into Ravenclaw and she relished learning about the wizarding world. The class she enjoyed most though was the music class and every chance she got, she would learn a new instrument. She graduated with O’s and E’s and just when she was wondering what to do next, she received the invitation to join Merlin’s Academy and jumped at the chance, deciding to take up Healing.


    Father: Samuel Reid
    Mother: Kasee Reid (neé Summers)
    Siblings: Four brothers and one sister
    Spouse: None
    Girlfriend/Boyfriend: None
    Children: None

    Other (Optional)

    Wand: Hornbeam, 11 and a half inches, Unicorn Hair
    Broomstick: None
    Pets: A parrot called Harmony
    School that they went to: Hogwarts
    House they were in: Ravenclaw
    Why you chose your major: Braelynn cannot stand to see people hurt and wants to help them in any way she can.


    OOC Alias: Kay
    Best Way To Contact: PM
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    Dorian Ashworth

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    PostSubject: Re: Braelynn Abigail Reid   Braelynn Abigail Reid EmptyMon Mar 30, 2015 5:40 pm

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    Braelynn Abigail Reid

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