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     Spiteful Employment (oneshot)

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    Tess Holmes
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    Healer In-Training

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    PostSubject: Spiteful Employment (oneshot)    Thu Mar 26, 2015 11:14 pm

    The music flowed in it’s usual pace, slow, soothing and overall the perfect atmosphere for romance. With a straight posture, arms to the side, hands up as if there was a partner, and a lowered gaze, Tess spun around in the ballroom of her home. She could feel the steel gaze that her mother gave her as she turned. The criticism came left and right.

    ”Would you please keep your head lowered!”

    ”Thank god your awful haircut can’t be seen anymore, honestly you ruined your charm."

    ”Be graceful! I did not raise you to have two left feet young lady”

    ”You are like an oaf you stupid girl”

    But despite all the criticism, Tess danced on, letting her mother vent what she needed to. In a soft yellow dress, with ruffles spinning around with every turn, she was asked to practice her dancing. Her hair was down, a simple tulip in her hair that the maid’s daughter had handed her this morning, she kept her head up.  Her heels clicked on the glossy floor, and she was growing tired. The music could never calm her down no matter how much she tried.

    Dancing had always been a pleasure for her, enjoying every turn, every spin, yet here she was having her mother taking it out on her. Her father must had gone away on business, she could tell from her tense shoulders. She was not to judge about faithfulness in her family nor in her parents, but she knew her mother was more paranoid than anything. She feared her looks would soon be fading and her father would find someone else. She doubted it based on the fact her mother was more than a pretty face, but a sharp mind hidden behind her beauty. She had worth, she knew it , but her mother wouldn’t ever even fathom it.

    ”Stop, I’m tired of seeing you act like a horse”

    Tess sighed and dropped her arms that were already sore from keeping in the proper stance. Rolling her shoulders she let her mother lead her to tea. She didn’t complain, it only made the whole ordeal all the more annoying. As she saw across her mother she picked up the tall glass of lemonade and waited for her mother to talk. Sure enough, as the tea cup was put down, and her mother’s fingers fixed her hair (as if there was a strand out of place), she looked at her daughter sternly.

    “Tell me Tess Marie, when do you plan to get married? What is this fairytale in your head that you have? IF you could have it your way how would it be?”

    Tess was surprised at the question not expecting it, and nearly dropped her drink in surprise. Of all the things she would be asked, her mother asked that. Briefly she wondered if it meant that she was being given a choice. Honesty being the best policy, she began to speak.

    “Mother, in my mind, I wish to have a career, wish to be more than just a pretty face” she stopped lowering her gaze. “I would have a choice in my husband, it would be reciprocated, and we’d have children once we’ve lived, explored the world, really have fulfilled ourselves as individuals, before bringing a life into this world”

    Her mother’s nails clicked on the table and then she kept her questioning:

    ”Describe him, how would he be?"

    Tess furrowed her brow, confused at the question. Just what was her mother scheming. Her mother was never one to allow her opinion to be shared, it was rare and only when younger. But now, now it seemed like a trap.

    “He…he would be kind, intelligent, accomplished. A man worthy to stand beside me without the fear of me overshadowing him. A man who doesn’t fear my need for intellect, one who would encourage it and support me. And I him.” she felt herself blushing, “handsome I should hope, but it wouldn’t matter to me, so long as he had a good hea-sharp mind! Yes a sharp mind for business and wouldn’t be made to look a fool if ever in a conference room. A man who could lead it if need be” she got ahead of herself, “without fears of stepping on toes, because he owned the room.”

    Her mother made a noise of agreement. That was good, maybe she was winning her mother over? Maybe being the second born meant she had more freedom? She felt herself smile softly at the thought.

    ”Let me tell you a story my love,” she already knew it was a trap as soon as the endearment came her way. ”There was once a  young lady, who had beauty, brains, and a good heart. She had met a man she loved. He was smart, quick witted even, and had the charisma that any other woman would love to have. But he only had eyes for the young lady”Her mother placed her hand over Tess’s and squeezed. ”And you know what happened?”Tess shook her head. ”The young lady could not reciprocate because she was already betrothed  to a smart and Successful young man. And she left the possible love of her life for this man. And it was the best decision of her life. You know why?”

    “N-no mother why?”

    ”Because I got you and your brothers.” she explained.

    This possibly crushed the possibility of her having any sort of romance. She thought her parents were different, she thought they met, got married and were happy from the beginning. That was certainly not the case, and she couldn’t help but think that her mother had a direction she was going in.

    ”Now let me tell you another tale…you see there was a pretty girl, with big hopes and dreams. It was so obvious in her big brown eyes of hers, so vulnerable. She had a dream of having a career, love, everything that could possibly bring happiness. But she was also very selfish, a dreamer for thinking that she deserved it. She owed her family, she had a job to do, so you know what she did? her nails dug hard into Tess’ hand ”She married a man with a strong last name, full of power and it made her parents very happy. Because that was her job, her one true job. And she did what she was born to do: have children.

    “Was she happy?” Tess whispered, ignoring how her eyes were watering.

    ”Don’t be stupid, who cares?!” her mother huffed, If She was happy, I suppose because she did what was expected of her. Do you get the moral of the story my love?

    Tess attempted to pull her hand away, but her mother didn’t let her instead pulled it closer. She winced at the way the nails dug deep, but soon her face turned stony knowing that it would only make it worse to show her weakness.

    ”You know it’s only a matter of time your father cuts you off. I mean, you’re pushing it by pursuing a stupid piece of paper when you’re wasting your youth in school. What will you do then? When you’re nothing but a pretty face with not a penny to your name?”

    Tess slowly felt her temper rise. Was she warning her? Was she giving her an ultimatum. For the longest time she had been the most compliment person to her parents, never questioning but going by their rules. Today was the day she grew tired. She felt herself tug her hand forcefully and got up. Her movements were so quick that the chair fell over.

    “Now mother, I have been nothing but good to you and father about all your decisions. Father agreed for me to study, father agreed to give me this time for myself and not find a husband. Father is in charge of our finances. But if it bothers you so much that your daughter is fending off of what’s rightfully hers by birth, then do not worry. I will find employment and not be a bother.”

    She saw her mother’s eyes flare in a way that had once frightened her greatly. She ignored the stinging sensation on her cheek after she realized she was slapped. She didn’t lift her hand to rub her cheek, instead stared right at her mother.

    “A waitress job seems appropriate, since I always tend to serve people that don’t care for me.”

    ”How dare-

    “Goodbye mother, perhaps next time you see me I might be serving you dinner! Tell father to have a great weekend.”

    With that she apparated to her flat, and as soon as that happened she rubbed her cheek. She refused to cry, instead she changed in her most professional outfit and was off to find a job where she knew it would spite her parents. With her shoulders back and head high, she walked towards La Belle Nuite, determined to have a job by the end of the evening. There were only so many times she allowed someone to walk over her, and this was the last straw.


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    Spiteful Employment (oneshot)

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