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     Claudia Bronze

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    Claudia Bronze

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    PostSubject: Claudia Bronze   Claudia Bronze EmptySun Feb 22, 2015 6:42 am


    Full name: Claudia Bronze
    Age: 17
    D.O.B: (Day and month) 9th July 1997
    Birthplace: London
    Current location: Merlin's Academy
    Blood status: Muggleborn
    Occupation: Student
    Major: Dragon and Auror Training (Double-Major)
    Year in University: 1st Year


    Try imagining these two combined:

    Claudia Bronze 101yid11 Claudia Bronze 563810
    Claudia Bronze Img_20150223_111122_by_punkoffice-d8j5tjl

    Hair colour:Chocolate Brown.
    Skin colour: Olive.
    Hair style: Side-shaved braided long hair.
    Height: Around 5ft.
    Eye colour: Hazel, almost golden.
    Freckles: -
    Beauty spot: -
    Body type: Average, slightly masculine.
    Dress sense: Haphazard; Anything comfortable, usually wears a mechanic uniform, jumper, or suspenders coupled with pants that have an excess of pockets.

    Claudia Bronze LatPatHBTCA Claudia Bronze Ripzone-microlite-suspender-snowboard-pant Claudia Bronze Men_s_suspender_shirt_men_s_casualClaudia Bronze -font-b-Suspenders-b-font-font-b-Men-s-b-font-Vintage-cargo-jeans-worker


    - Tinkering with mechanics.
    - Inventing (eg: machines, devices, steampunk/clockwork objects).
    - Animals.
    - Being alone.

    - Closed-mindedness.
    - Crowds.
    - People who take things for granted (eg: family).

    - Introverted.
    - Hyperactive, causing her to fiddle with tools and gears.
    - Gets easily distracted.
    - Aromatic Bisexual; Does not matter what gender but doesn't want to be in a relationship.
    - Gets so focused on a task that she unknowingly shuts everything else out.
    - Mumbles when she thinks a lot.
    - Likes to be articulate.
    - Admires Nikola Tesla.
    - Gestures a lot in an effort to avoid misunderstandings.
    - Becomes sarcastic and snide in the face of her brother.
    - Has a British accent.

    - Inferiority complex, thinks she is lesser than others, that she is unworthy.
    - Curious to a fault.
    - When she gets an inventor’s block (similar to an artist’s block), she thinks too much and sometimes gets depressed.
    - Indifferent to others at times

    - Strong willed.
    - Is good with mechanics and engineering.
    - Open-minded.
    - Warm-hearted.
    - Wants to protect those around her.
    - Curious and willing to explore and create new ideas.

    - Complicated machinery. She admires the complexity of the mechanics so much she gets all jelly-like.
    - Being rejected by people close to her.
    - Does not know how to communicate well with others, causing her to be misunderstood most of the time.
    - Gets distracted at the wrong times.
    - Scared that her ideas might have consequences, so she doesn't share her thoughts with others.

    More Information

    Abandoned by her un-remembered biological parents, a shivering and starving Claudia Bronze was picked up from London streets at the age of 5 by Isaac Ichor, a genius inventor and now beloved brother, and was taken to ‘The Mechanic’s Workshop’. The workshop is a self-managing store in downtown London, founded by Isaac, and specializes in creating steampunk, mechanical and fantastical gadgetry and devices.

    Claudia has lived most of her life in Isaac’s workshop. It was a place colored in gold, brown, and amber with strange machinery settled on the many racks and shelves of the warm-lighted interior. Claudia considered the workshop to be a place of wonder, and was fascinated by the doohickeys and whatchamacallits made by Isaac. Her curiosity, coupled with her hyperactive tendency, provoked Claudia to start tinkering with Isaac’s leftover tools and mechanical parts. She developed an interest in inventing and became a sort of apprentice to Isaac.

    As for the brother himself, Isaac Ichor is a man shrouded in mystery, even to Claudia. She could pick up hints of underground dealings and secrets from the strange people who stopped by the workshop and the papers she once found strewn about Isaac's personal study. Those papers contained several agreements and confidentiality signatures, coupled with the most peculiar looking seal inscribed on the top of most of them. She was forbidden to enter after getting caught sneaking about.

    Sometimes, Claudia wonders why her parents abandoned her. Somewhere along the way, she established that she was un-wanted because she was useless, thus giving her an under appreciated and hopeless opinion of herself. She keeps herself working or doing something, anything, to avoid thinking more about it. Keeping her hands busy quickly became an involuntary reaction of self- defense.

    It was a fine, sunny afternoon when an ambassador from Hogwarts, an apparent magical school for wizards and wizardry, arrived at the workshop’s doorstep. As if being informed that flying broomsticks and bubbling cauldrons were real was enough of a laugh, finding out that Claudia was a descendant of a magical ancestry was a tad bit unbelievable. Claudia for one, found the idea of separating from Isaac absurd, and profusely declined the invitation. Isaac persuaded her otherwise, as he thought that Hogwarts might give her a chance to garner friends.

    Sorted into Hufflepuff, Claudia mostly kept to herself. She preferred to sit in a corner and tinker with her tools. This habit, stemmed by her low self-esteem, wormed its way in her until she could barely hold a conversation without keeping her hands preoccupied, otherwise she would start fidgeting and change the focus of her eyes in all manners of directions.

    Of course, magic piqued her curiosity by a hundred-fold, and led her to be deeply invested in the lessons taught in Hogwarts. Being a muggle-born and having no previous knowledge of magic and wizardry, not even her habits could distract her from the fact that magic indeed exists. Claudia was most excited at the thought of being able to combine magic with invention. She dreams of being able to become a brilliant inventor alongside her brother. These dreams are diminished as fast as they are sprung, because Claudia always thought herself to be unworthy to stand next to Isaac.

    After graduation, Claudia returned to the Mechanic’s Workshop and remained with Isaac until he brought up the subject of university. Claudia was skeptical of it at first, but her interest in magic, plus Isaac’s encouragement, made her enroll in Merlin’s Academy for Excellence.


    Father: -
    Mother: -
    Siblings: -
    Spouse: -
    Girlfriend/Boyfriend: -
    Children: -
    Guardian/Foster Brother: - Isaac Ichor

    Other (Optional)

    Wand: Pine
    Broomstick: -
    Pets: A ferret named Gizmo.
    School that they went to: Hogwarts.
    House they were in: Hufflepuff.
    Why you chose your major: Dragons have always been a curiosity to a most curious Claudia. The live, magical beasts serve as a way to keep her grounded with living beings, as she tends to stay in the world of mechanical engineering a tad bit too much. Prolong isolation is not good for one's mental state, even if they are accompanied by a squeaking ferret. Auror Training on the other hand, was decided based on thoughts of the future. Due to the legwork and muscle required for building any sort of heavy mechanical, Claudia would need to keep in shape. What better way to practice her body and mind than to engage in a range of fisticuffs and spells? Plus, improving one's capability to fight would be most recommended to people who live with an almost maniacal brother engaged with secrets and danger.


    OOC Alias: Eve
    Best Way To Contact: PM or Email

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    Dorian Ashworth

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    Claudia Bronze

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