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     Joshua Ethan Murray

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    PostSubject: Joshua Ethan Murray   Joshua Ethan Murray EmptySun Feb 22, 2015 2:42 am


    Full name: Joshua Ethan Murray
    Age: 19
    D.O.B: 25th November 1995
    Birthplace: Wales
    Current location: Avalon Apartments
    Blood status: Pureblood
    Occupation: Student
    Major: Potioneering
    Year in University: First.

    Joshua Ethan Murray Pictur11

    Hair style: Dirty blonde hair, straight but somewhat messy most of the time.
    Body type: Muscular, Josh was Beater for five years at Hogwarts, and it shows.
    Dress sense: Always a shirt and trousers with shined shoes. Unless, of course, he is working out.


    - Using people for his advantage.
    - Potion making.
    - Quidditch.
    - Watching other people suffer/in pain.
    - Getting his own way.

    - Idiocy.
    - People who think they would be able to out do him.
    - Affection.
    - His time being wasted
    - Mess.

    - Hates being called Joshua.
    - When people touch him (they have to have done quite well to get this close to him), Josh freezes up because he doesn't know how to deal with such things.

    - Selfish.
    - Demanding
    - Arrogant

    - Josh is very cool headed under pressure - often to the extent it get scary.
    - Confident
    - Josh's power of manipulation is unrivaled, and almost always, nobody knows that they're even being subjected to his manipulation techniques.
    - Cunning
    - Pain doesn't register to Josh, which makes him quite strong in the mind as well as body.
    - Ambitious.

    - Josh is hopeless with emotions, therefore reading other people's is insanely hard for him.
    - There is no notion of remorse from Josh, which has led to him pushing many people away.
    - Josh is incapable of allowing other people in, he works on his own almost all the time where possible, because he knows he can only rely on himself.

    More Information
    Josh grew up around parents who were too busy finalising their divorce to look after the little boy who had come about as a result of their short lived marriage. They thought the various servants and elves would keep their son occupied while they settled the long, drawn out business of dividing assets. They were right in a way, Josh was occupied but he also learned a lot about negotiating, cold treatments, manipulation and most importantly, how to get what you want. As a result, he grew up a selfish and demanding child who would throw tantrums when he didn't get his way.

    When Josh started school however, he realised that his usual MO wasn't going to cover it and after being sorted, decided to adopt his house virtues and make them his own. Today, Josh is extremely cunning, a natural leader and still hell bent on getting what he wants no matter what the price. But beneath all this, he was still a lonely child who has no one to look up to and give him affection. At twelve, he’d learned to pretend he doesn't need it from conventional sources but he’s open to exploring the unconventional ones.

    School life had been something of a formality to Josh, he was a bright young wizard for his age, and he excelled in all his classes with little to no effort. And that didn't change throughout the years. He'd been Quidditch Captain from his third year after leaving the old one in the hospital wing with more injuries than you could count, and the rest of the team had not seen any reason to object. In his fifth year, Josh unsurprisingly became a prefect, and then in his seventh year, Head Boy.

    For the teachers were completely fooled by his innocent persona.

    However, beneath the good grades and near perfect reputation, a very manipulative, obsessive personality lurked, homing in on the Herbology professor. It was through many years that the boy collected things with the witch's name on them, pictures, keepsakes, anything he could get his hands on. He sent her gifts of untold fortune, and tried to keep her safe.

    Anyone who got in his way would be removed, and it would be permanent. Josh knew how to get what he wanted, and so he did.

    It wasn't until his seventh year that Josh made his like for the witch known and he found that her reaction was completely the opposite of what he'd expected. She's freaked out at how much he knew about her, how perfectly he'd drawn her picture in a multitude of manners.

    It was on that night, as the witch ran from him, that Joshua realised that even as a Murray, even with all of his power, nothing could buy him the affections of a woman. He had allowed himself to fall in the clutches of stupidity, and from that day on, he'd decided no one would be that much of a distraction to him again.


    Father: Layton Murray (Independant Potioneer)
    Mother: Eleanor Murray (nee Murray, Mediwitch at St. Mungos, director of the Dylis Derwent Centre for Post Mortem Investigtions)
    Siblings: None.
    Spouse: None.
    Girlfriend/Boyfriend: None.
    Children: None.

    Other (Optional)

    Wand: 12.5" Yew, Dragon Heartstring
    Broomstick: The latest Firebolt.
    Pets: None
    School that they went to: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry
    House they were in: Slytherin
    Why you chose your major: Josh has always had an interest in Potioneering, much like his father he's capable of a steady hand and his meticulous nature makes the idea much more suited to him. Josh doesn't have to be at the University, his family possess power almost unrivaled, but he likes to keep away from the family home as often as he can, and university offered that opportunity to him.


    OOC Alias: Jake
    Best Way To Contact: PM
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    Dorian Ashworth

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    PostSubject: Re: Joshua Ethan Murray   Joshua Ethan Murray EmptySun Feb 22, 2015 12:36 pm

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    Joshua Ethan Murray

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