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     Be Silly in the CB

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    Airen Sparrowhawk

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    PostSubject: Be Silly in the CB   Mon Feb 09, 2015 12:39 am

    So I was thinking we have a thread for those moments in the Chat Box that are too funny not to share. I'll kick it off with something that happened while I was alone on it one late night, where I proceeded to rhyme and rant:

    "Almost one in the morning, and I'm on a RP site.
    Don't really know why, in the middle of the night.
    For a reason or another
    Choose to be my other
    Side that is way more cool
    Than real life me, the goofy dancing fool.
    Why I'm rhyming in a Chat Box with no one on...
    No one will ever know once things I say are gone.
    Unless I make it widely known
    In the OOC part of this zone.
    For now though, let's keep on going
    'Til I leave or people start showing
    *Airen Sparrowhawk pauses for some water.

    So RP me is RL me but better
    More skills and a better arrangement of letter
    But he ain't no Gary-Stu
    He has his faults like me and you
    Most of 'em are within
    Dealing with male self-image and common sin.
    Just like me in the real life
    Add in apprehension to females and the like.
    "You ladies could do far better," he would say
    'Cause both him and me roll that way.

    Now that that part's covered, let me show y'all
    Our Mr. Sparrowhawk, past and all

    In the muggle world, born and raised
    Is where him and family spent their days.
    Parents casting spells behind closed doors
    And their son behaving and doing his chores.
    When upon age eleven, that letter showed,
    And your boy Air got a cat, not a toad.
    With his trunk on the trolley and wand in hand,
    He set off on an adventure that was sure to be grand.

    Learning and studying were the main goals,
    And he took to 'em, by the light of burning coal.
    Sorted into the House of the Brave,
    But he was shy when the time came to rave.
    Not really sure how to make good friends,
    He opted instead to sit on the ends.
    Way too shy for his own sake,
    Chilling out solo by the Black Lake.

    For a moment, let us digress.
    'Cause there's a point that I gotta stress.
    It's late at night and no one's here.
    No one to boo and no one to cheer.
    I'm just doing this to talk and rant,
    Getting Air's plot down until I can't.
    If I post this for people to see,
    Know that I'm just being silly old me.

    Now back to our tale, not that that is done.
    Time for Air to have some fun.
    Being raised in a world with no spells,
    Ol' Air learned the muggle chills oh so well.
    Took up a skateboard for a few years,
    And grew to be better than his magical peers.
    But that's for times in the muggle realm.
    How do you chill before studies of magic overwhelm?
    The answer for Air was a blade
    Swinging it 'round in the RoR shade.
    Them's his skills and some tricks.
    (With some dancing just for kicks.)

    Here we come to present times.
    Soon, I'll stop my silly rhymes.
    Air's at Merlin's, learning the trade
    Of being an Auror, giving folks aid.
    Here he hopes to break his shell
    Maybe find a girl, but only time will tell.
    All the while tryin' to learn
    To control the fires within and not get a burn.

    As for his maker, which is me,
    Here is what I want him to be:
    A character of mine able to feel
    Act and behave oh so very real
    If all goes to plan, then you'll find...
    Air lived a life made in my mind.
    A whole life of ups and downs,
    Lasting on this site for many rounds.
    That's my plan for him at this point in time.
    Now, I thankfully stop my silly rhymes.
    *Airen Sparrowhawk has left the CB."

    Now as y'all can tell...I got GOOFY! Feel free to share snippets of the funniest moments from your own chat box experiences.
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    Be Silly in the CB

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