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     abb lawson app

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    Abb Lawson

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    PostSubject: abb lawson app   Wed Apr 16, 2014 3:01 pm


           Full name: abb Anne Lawson
           Age: 11
           D.O.B: (Day and month) 15th may
           Birthplace: queens park
           Current location: Wiltshire
           Blood status: half-blood


           Hair style: Abb's hair is a dirty blond, almost brown, color.   It is fairly thin & fine, with many waves & curls near the ends.   Abb likes to keep her hair at about 2-3 inches past her shoulders.   She has no bangs, which she favors as they tend to just get in the way.   She prefers to wear her hair down most of the time, as it can be quite difficult to work with.   She will sometimes pull it back (especially when she has to concentrate on something) & have it half up, half down or put it in a ponytail or braid.   Abb likes to change up the styling of her hair every once & a while by wearing different clips, ribbons or headbands to add flair to her thin, limp hair.
          Body type: hourglass shape
           Dress sense: Abb tends not to think too much about what she wears.   She just tries to keep things simple & wear things that seem to go together.   She goes more for comfort than for looks, which is why she dislikes having to wear robes.   She finds them uncomfortable.   Abb wears "muggle clothing" when she is at home or when she has to impersonate a muggle.   She finds them to be, for the most part, more comfortable than cloaks & robes.   When Abb does wear wizarding attire, it is when she's going out & about in the wizarding world or when she's at Hogwarts.   Other than that Abby likes to wear fun, flowery dresses or skirts with a t-shirt or blouse to match.  


           Likes: Abby adores animals, from hippogriffs to phoenixes to gnomes to dragons, to even the muggle world creatures that so many other witches & wizards her age aren't that familiar with.   Since she isn’t that comfortable around people, Abb will often seek out 4-legged creatures instead & take comfort from them. Particularly when she is at home, Abb can often be found with the Lawson family’s cats, Sophie & Moses.
           Dislikes: Abb can't stand when others around her are yelling or arguing, especially when it has something to do with her.   She finds any kind of dispute upsetting as it means people aren't happy with each other & she likes when everyone is happy & getting along.   She likes being in a calm & peaceful environment.
           Quirks:  Abb loves to read.   Her grandmother & mother grew up in the muggle world, hearing muggle stories & fairy tales.   Abb grew up hearing them too.   Her mother used to read to her every night before she fell asleep, telling her stories about different characters & their adventures, from Cinderella to Black Beauty.   Abb reads quite a bit, mostly fiction but she does love genres & now that she's old enough to read to herself, she has expanded her selection to wizarding books as well.   She'll always have a soft spot for her muggle books though.
           Flaws: Abb gets very uncomfortable when she is or is likely to do something that may get her into trouble.   She likes getting praised & being seen highly by her parents, elders & teachers.
           Strengths: Abb is the type of person who likes to take her time & enjoy things.   She is patient when it comes to things, with activities she enjoys doing.   She'll stop & take the time to do something to the best of her ability.   This is partly why she is so hardworking.   Abb likes to do things the right way the first time & allow herself to be absorbed with whatever it is she is doing.   She prides herself with doing things properly & making things happen the way she wants them to.
           Weaknesses: Abby is a shy & reserved person.   It takes her a while to warm up to new people & places.   She needs to feel that she can trust someone before she begins to build a relationship with them. Because of this fear of meeting people, Abb is quite challenged.   She herself will not, under circumstance, go up to someone by herself & strike up a conversation with them.   She is also rather awkward when first being introduced to someone or when someone approaches her.   Abb is more content when she's by herself, reading or writing.

    More Information
    Emily & Ed moved to London after getting married, knowing it would be the place for Ed at least to find work.   They planned to raise their family in a muggle & wizarding environment, wanting to keep their heritages alive.   Ed found work quickly in the Ministry, after looking around for muggle or wizarding positions in local companies & businesses for a few weeks.   He was placed in the Department of Magical Transportation, working as an assistant to one of the higher up employees.   He was promoted to head of the Portkey Office, though this was after a few years of hard work & dedication.


           Father: Edmund (Ed) Lawson, 34, former Gryffindor at Hogwarts
           Mother: Emily Lawson (nee Walters), 32, former Hufflepuff at Hogwarts
           Siblings: Oliver (Ollie) Lawson, 3.   Abb was pleased when she found out that she was going to be a big sister.   She had wanted a brother or sister for as long as she could remember.   Abb loves to spend time with her brother, helping her mother out whenever she can, if he is too little to really be able to play with her.
           Girlfriend/Boyfriend: n/a


           Favourite Subject(s): care of magical creatures, charms & transfiguration
           Least Favourite Subject(s): Potions, Flying, Defense Against the Dark Arts
           Subject(s) they are good at: dada
           Subject(s) they are bad at: ancient runes

    Preferred house: Hufflepuff- House of the loyal
           (We will take this into consideration, but Admins make the final decision)


    Other (Optional)

           Wand: Length: 10 and a 1/4 inches
        Wood: Willow
        Core: Unicorn
        Flexibility: Slightly Yielding
           Broomstick: firebolt
           Pets: Sammy: A 5 year old barn owl who is very sweet, lovable & reliable when it comes to delivering & retrieving post.   He looks like a barn owl, though he's a little on the small side.
        Moses and Sophie: Two cats who are complete opposites & the family pets.   Moses is an 8 year old grey tabby, & a goof.   He's lazy & likes attention.   Sophie (or Sophi) is 5 & is a calico kitty.   She is a bit of a devil.   She tends to climb & jump around on everything she can & likes doing her thing. She does like a pat every once & a while though too.


           OOC Alias: kayla
           Best Way To Contact:

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    Teagan Finn

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    PostSubject: Re: abb lawson app   Sat Apr 19, 2014 9:38 pm

    Accepted and Welcome!
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    abb lawson app

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