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     Airen Sparrowhawk

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    Airen Sparrowhawk

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    PostSubject: Airen Sparrowhawk   Tue Apr 15, 2014 9:27 pm

    (OOC: Some of you may remember me from Flames of Hogwarts, nice to see y'all again. Very Happy )


    Full name: Airen Sparrowhawk
    Age: 17
    D.O.B: (Day and month) September 4th
    Birthplace: Unknown
    Current location: London, England
    Blood status: Half-blood


    Hair colour: Brown
    Hair style: Brushed to one side; parting line over left eyebrow
    Height: 6' 2"
    Eye colour: Sapphire blue
    Freckles: none
    Beauty spot: none
    Body type: Agile, lean
    Dress sense: Knows Pureblood fashion, but prefers muggle clothing. Can go formal easily


    Likes: Drawing, listening to music, swordsmanship and martial arts, reading, Defense against the Darks Arts, helping others, secretly skateboarding, walking aimlessly
    Dislikes: Bigotry, hypocrisy, self-destructive behaviors, being ignored, bullies
    Quirks: rapidly bounces his knee without thinking about it, rolls a coin in between his hand when he's bored, rubs the back of his neck when unsure, traces eyebrows when lost in thought
    Flaws: Extremely self-conscious even when obviously talented, a little too selfless (will hardly take anything for himself), a scar along his chest.
    Strengths:  Excellent fighter, artistic, very mature and wise for his age, noble, selfless, sharp-minded, quiet
    Weaknesses: A little too selfless, self-conscious, can be cynical, quiet

    More Information

    The Sparrowhawk family was a well-known pureblood family before mysteriously disappearing ten years ago. Airen's family fled Britain when the Knights came. During their self-imposed exile, Airen and his family were ambushed by some Knights who viewed them as blood-traitors. Airen was kidnapped and held until his family met their demands. He was tortured during his captivity. His parents rescued him and fled, but Airen would always have the long jagged scar across his chest. When Airen first enters the wizarding world, people think he is a pureblood, and he lets them think as such, his father having told him all about pureblood bigotry. He is actually a muggle-raised halfblood, which only he and his family know. He prefers the muggle world to the wizarding world, but has found ways to keep up appearances of being a true pureblood. He hopes to slowly change the views of muggles and half-bloods, but he is biding his time.

    Airen is a kind soul. Often helping others with small tasks, while anonymously helping those truly in need. He may end up butting heads with the more obvious purebloods, but he tries to keep a level head and will not instigate anything. He likes to walk aimlessly in secluded places, but doesn't pass up chances to interact with people. When people praise him for his work, he gets self-conscious and thinks they're just being polite. So he can be a little doubtful of good intentions.

    Airen has never been the best with girls. He's liked plenty, but always feel like they could do better than him. He'll more than likely end up the good friend who is always there for you, but you never see as more than a friend. If a relationship is to build, the girl would have to make the first move. He may get a little more confident over time, but it'll take time.

    From year one, Airen has always been an enigma to people. Having always gone with letting his actions speak for themselves, people hardly know what his voice sounds like. They knew that he was a Sparrowhawk, so muggleborns and halfbloods tended to avoid him for fear of being looked down upon. Soon they came to realize that he was different, kinder. Purebloods don't know much about him, but are constantly trying to find out, maybe getting a little too nosey in the process. Either way, when seventh year rolls around, Airen will turn quite a few heads.

    Airen also developed a rare gift: the ability to produce and manipulate blue fire from his sword. He gradually honed this gift to its current state, but there is still much room for improvement. As of now, he can only light his blade on fire and shoot small bursts of the mysterious energy. Its effect on people in affected by Airne's intentions.


    Father: William Sparrowhawk
    Mother: Elizabeth Sparrowhawk (nee Smith)
    Siblings: None
    Girlfriend/Boyfriend: None, yet...


    Favourite Subject(s): Dueling, Defense, Art
    Least Favourite Subject(s): Divination
    Subject(s) they are good at: Dueling, Defense, Art
    Subject(s) they are bad at: Divination

    Preferred house:
    (We will take this into consideration, but Admins make the final decision)

    Slytherin- House of cunning
    Gryffindor: House of the brave

    Other (Optional)

    Wand: 14" Redwood with Phoenix feather
    Broomstick: Stryker Mark 3
    Pets: Barn Owl named Taylen
    Other: Sword with two blades going the same direction, with one being shorter than the other and both slant at the same angle. A blue sapphire in the hilt.


    OOC Alias: Air
    Best Way To Contact: PM

    (OOC: Again, it's good to be back.)
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    Dorian Ashworth

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    PostSubject: Re: Airen Sparrowhawk   Wed Apr 16, 2014 6:44 am

    Accepted, and Welcome!

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    Airen Sparrowhawk

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