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     This Is Really Happening (Bro)

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    Brooke Astrid

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    PostSubject: This Is Really Happening (Bro)   Thu Jan 15, 2015 7:50 am

    Brooke Walters simply could not believe it. She was engaged. And, on top of that, she was engaged to Joe Astrid; sure, this was a given, considering what he was her first and only boyfriend and that they were practically made for each other, but she still couldn't believe it. It felt as if all the luck in the world had landed on her. For days after, she felt as though she was dreaming, and that she would wake up one day and find that none of it had happened.

    But days turned into weeks, and then the holidays came, and Joe and her were planning their wedding, so it had to be real. If it were a dream, she definitely did not want to wake up - not now, not ever. The ring on her fourth finger served as a reminder that this was really happening, and she soon enough developed a habit to consistently check that it was still there.

    There was one very important thing they had to do, before any of the wedding things could even begin to come together - they had to try caterers and cake. Already they decided that they did not want a Muggle-like wedding, instead opting for a more magical - both literally and figuratively - ceremony, with floating candles and decoration and whatnot. That, at least, helped somewhat, because it narrowed down the list from 'everyone-we've-heard-of-that-is-apparently-good' to just those who operated in the wizarding world. Unfortunately for the two, that was still a very, very, very long list, especially with the constant 'help' from well-meaning friends and family, who kept suggesting new places with each passing moment.

    Still, Brooke and Joe worked hard to get their ever-growing list under some form of control, and soon only had 13 restaurant names and 8 bakeries, making it a grand total of 21 places for them to visit.

    "Caterer number one," Brooke joked to her fiancée as they appareted to just outside a fancy looking place. They had decided that it was best to get it all done within a day if possible, and as such had made back-to-back appointments, which meant they were on an extremely tight schedule.

    Opening the door, they were led to a private room, and told to wait just a few moments while the food was brought out in tiny portions. Leaning back and sending Joe a smile, Brooke felt her heart give a lurch as it hit here what they were doing. "Merlin, Joe. We're actually getting married," she said softly, awe in her tone. "Can you believe it?"

    Auror in-training (3rd year) ~ 23 ~ Metamorphmagus
    This masterpiece has been made by the ever-talented Alley! <3
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    Joe Astrid
    Healer In-Training
    Healer In-Training

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    PostSubject: Re: This Is Really Happening (Bro)   Tue Jan 20, 2015 10:30 am

    The list of things that needed to get done was growing at an almost alarmingly fast rate. They had divided the planning in two; monetary, and not. For the latter list, there was the guest list, and their vows, and the whole hullabaloo about best men and bridesmaids. Then, the former came in to play, with music and venues and decoration and honestly? Joe was finding it all so overwhelming.

    But so unbelievably worth it.

    Though, really, and Joe was sure he would always be of this opinion, the thing on the monetary list that mattered the most was the food, and that meant cake. Joe was as fond of the stuff as the next person, but when he thought about having to trial twenty one of them in one day, he couldn't help but feel slightly worried for his blood sugar.

    They had arranged "appointments" with those they agreed to meet - and getting a shortlist had been a really quite arduous process (Joe loved his family and all, but did they really think referring them to fifteen different caterers would make it any easier?), and all that was left to do was turn up.

    At 10:30 sharp, Joe pressed the doorbell of the house, half awestruck by its architectural magnificence, and half awestruck by his beautiful fiancée. He caught Brooke's hand in his as it descended down to his side, and he gave her palm a gentle squeeze with his fingertips. It said all he needed to; that he loved her, for always, and that he was so glad they were doing this.

    "I really can't," he breathed, unable to keep the smile off his lips. "It's absolutely insane."
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    This Is Really Happening (Bro)

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