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     Traps and Escapes (Lesson One)

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    Grace Cavanaugh

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    PostSubject: Traps and Escapes (Lesson One)   Mon Jan 12, 2015 9:58 pm

    Grace looked around the room. Perfect. This was going to be fun. She could've chosen any of the other openings that Merlin had to offer, but she chose Traps and Escapes. She was originally going to school to be a curse breaker herself, but then she was happy and content with what she chose. Grace smiled at what she was doing. Not only would the class itself be a challenge, but walking in, and getting out would also be a challenge.

    Grace put a shield around the door entry, that allowed the students to come in, but not walk out. They would have to figure out how to get out of the classroom themselves, and she would offer extra credit to the student who figured it out. She smiled evilly. She could have so much fun with this!

    She then wrote on the board several different theories and the students had to come up with ways to get out of them:

    1) You are trapped in a room. The door knob is gone from the door, and the person who locked you in has the key on the other side. There are no windows. Right now, you're wand is on the other side of the room in a safe. There is no indication anywhere on the combination of the safe, but, there's a stethoscope on the ground next to you. What do you do, and how do you get out?

    2) You are in a room with a bomb. Your wand is ten feet in front of you, the only problem is, you are tied to a chair. You have bobby-pins in your hair, and on the floor next to you is a pair of scissors. The bomb has a timer of one minute and thirty seconds. How do you get out?

    3) You are placed in a room with a mean and vicious dog. In front of you there is a gun, a piece of raw steak, and a chew toy. You have to chose one of the items to keep the dog from killing you. And you are not allowed your wand. You are also in a locked room, and the key is on the other side of the dog. What do you do?

    Grace wrote a note on the bottom of the scenerios:

    *Once your done with them, submit them to the homework folder by the end of class. Once you have completed them, you are dismissed*

    She laughed at the end of her note. If they could get out, they could leave. She now awaited for the students to arrive.
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    PostSubject: Re: Traps and Escapes (Lesson One)   Fri Jan 16, 2015 12:25 pm

    OOC: If I am in the wrong place, I apologise! But I think this is my lesson!

    Daniel had decided he really wanted to be a Cursebreaker. Or, he at least knew that out of the options he'd been somewhat enthusiastic about studying, cursebreaking was the one he wanted to do more. So, for once, he'd managed to roll out of bed by himself.

    Five minutes after his lesson had started.

    So by the time Daniel had stumbled up to the university (okay, Daniel didn't stumble, but it was lacking his usual grace) it was at least half an hour later than he should of been. Slipping in to the classroom, the young man took in his surroundings, wondering what they were going to have to do before his eyes fell on the board.

    Wow that was a lot of writing for first thing in the morning...

    Blinking once more, Daniel tried to concentrate on the information before him. Nothing like a brain teaser when you'd only just woken up, now, was there?
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    Traps and Escapes (Lesson One)

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