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     Assignment 1: Camping - Group B : Waters, Scarlett & Bradley, James

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    Dorian Ashworth

    Posts : 97

    PostSubject: Assignment 1: Camping - Group B : Waters, Scarlett & Bradley, James    Mon Jan 12, 2015 12:19 am

    Welcome to your first assignment. As you spend this weekend in the forest remember that you will be tested on your determination, creativity, and leadership skills. By that I do not mean that you will be bossing each other around. But rather than you take advantage of your strengths. I've paired you based on what you've shown so far, and I hope you don't disappoint me.

    You will not have your wand with you to protect you. The reason I do this is because field work is hard, and you won't always have your wand to make it easier. Quite the opposite, often times it can be a hindrance. But despite not having your wand, you will have the items as followed:

    - One tent each: You will be expected to build the tent with the instructions given. (I've charmed the tents to be warm inside to spare you some inconvenience).
    -One sleeping bag each: To keep you warm during the winter nights.
    -One canteen of water : Be smart about using it. It will not refill, you will be asked to look for water on your own.
    - One map to share. The map locates places that have fresh water, as well as some places where I've hidden extra cans of food for your group. Most importantly it has the location where we will meet up on Sunday. It's a long trek so remember to not get lost. As I said there are limited cans for you to share, and I would suggest being smart about portioning them out if you don't take the option of looking for them.
    -Swiss Army Knife: used for multiple ways, such as opening cans, to sharpening objects.
    -One box of matches: Surprise! I took pity on each and everyone of of you and gave you a box of matches to use. Be smart about it and don't get them wet.

    Here are some suggestions. Pick a high ground before setting up a sleeping area. Remove the snow if you can, or cover the ground to prevent yourself from feeling too much chill. Travel by daylight, before the night falls make sure to have a fire going. And communicate with one another, communication is key.

    Lastly, I want you to remember that if at any part of this experience you feel uncomfortable, unsafe and wish to go back home, send a flare into the sky and I will come and get you.

    Good luck.

    -Dorian Ashworth

    OOC: You will be posting below about your experience during the weekend. It is expected that it will be two nights in the woods (Friday night and Saturday night), with Sunday afternoon/evening [depending on your group] to meet up and start lesson 3. You have till the end of the month IRL to finish this topic. If I see that more than one group needs and extension, this will continue on till lesson 3. PM me with any questions or if you see me in the cb, feel free to. Don't godmod, and try to be as realistic as possible. Thanks.
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    Scarlett Waters

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    PostSubject: Re: Assignment 1: Camping - Group B : Waters, Scarlett & Bradley, James    Mon Feb 02, 2015 4:07 am

    Once told who her partner was for the assignment, Scar approached him, after handing in her wand and collecting the things they were provided. She had some idea who he was, but was certain he wouldn't know her. He was a few years older, and she recognised him from Hogwarts, being pretty popular at school.

    She walked over to him, and held out her hand to shake, formally, "Hi, I'm Scarlett," she introduced herself, with a small, polite smile. "So, first I think we should clear the ground and set up the tents, what do you think?" she asked, getting straight to business.
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    Assignment 1: Camping - Group B : Waters, Scarlett & Bradley, James

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