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     Lesson 2 (All Years)

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    Roy Porter

    Posts : 4
    Location : Merlin's Academy

    PostSubject: Lesson 2 (All Years)   Fri Jan 09, 2015 8:00 am

    Pacing back and forth between the classroom boundaries, Roy held his trusted notebook tight in his hands and waited as the students filed in one by one. To say he was nervous would be a vast understatement. Sure, the professor had experience teaching, there was no doubt about that. But in England with wizards? He couldn't begin to imagine what kind of issues might occur in the foreign country's most prestigious Wizarding Academy.

    Coming from America, Roy Porter had encountered several setbacks. His papers were being reviewed at the time when he would have been teaching lesson one and because of this, the professor had been absent throughout the first teaching quarter. Truth be told, he didn't do much to help the situation by mentioning the wizarding world to a few muggles at customs...

    As the brunette came back from his retrospection, he realized that his feet had paused their ever-constant shuffling and landed him in front of the classroom door. Eyes widened in realization, he sputtered apologies to the line of students and made his way back to his desk at the front. He could only hope the rest of class would make up for his slight blunder.

    (OOC: I apologize for my tardy start to this lesson! The assignment will be posted once students arrive.)
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    Tess Holmes
    Healer In-Training
    Healer In-Training

    Posts : 304

    PostSubject: Re: Lesson 2 (All Years)   Mon Jan 12, 2015 12:44 am

    Tess was a bit nervous when she realized there was another professor that wasn't only Codey. It was so childish to think that way but she figured she could try and do the best of it. It was necessity to take this class for her career choice. So she walked towards the classroom with determination. She was wearing her Healer outfit after her last volunteer shift at the hospital wing, but she doubted that he would care.

    Pushing the door open, she saw the professor. He was younger than she expected, and had a kinder face too. She noticed that no one else had arrived and smiled softly hoping he wasn't too intimidating. Sitting down on the left side of the classroom, she took out her quill and scroll and waited for him to begin class.


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    Conner Bailey
    Dragon Trainers In-Training
    Dragon Trainers In-Training

    Posts : 42

    PostSubject: Re: Lesson 2 (All Years)   Mon Jan 12, 2015 12:51 am

    Dragon anatomy seemed like an interesting, and most importantly, a class that he desperately needed to take. He wasn't the best at learning from a book, and so he took advantage by going to lecture and catching up as best he could with everything. So as he rushed to class Conner realized that the class wasn't taught by Professor Ellingston, but rather....a Professor Porter. 'Huh' Not really paying much attention to names, he wondered exactly how he would be. Would he be demanding like Professor Ellingston? He hoped not, he struggled enough as it was.

    But as he pushed the door open of the classroom, the man had a different mood setting in his classroom. Now scary parchment with a pop quiz and he sighed in relief. Sitting on the right, he notice his neighbor across the room and nodded her way before waiting to class to start.
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    Alana Greene

    Posts : 8

    PostSubject: Re: Lesson 2 (All Years)   Mon Jan 12, 2015 8:34 pm

    Alana had promised herself that she wouldn't slack off anymore. She sighed when she realized that this maybe her hardest class ever, and new she couldn't slack off. Human anatomy and Dragon anatomy where completely different. Sure she knew the parts of the body, but the dragon body? She was literally sweating thinking about it. She hoped it wasn't as hard as it sounded. She walked in and stopped dead at the teacher. Maybe learning in this class would be difficult with what she had to pay attention too.

    She shook her head. She wasn't going to do this. She was going to learn, and she was going to learn well, AND the right way. She pulled her long brown hair up into a bun, and put on her pretend glasses to make her look smart or whatever. She looked down at her attire and nodded in approval. She realized that this was going to be an interesting class. But she was going to ace it and not do anymore partying.
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    Rhian Kael

    Posts : 58

    PostSubject: Re: Lesson 2 (All Years)   Tue Jan 13, 2015 10:22 pm

    A bright blush crept up Rhian's face, as she made her way through the castle halls. One of her worst nightmares almost came true: her completely forgetting about a class. Usually when she dreamed of such a thing, it would be in a way that she had a whole pile of lessons, and forgot one completely. In reality, she'd just almost missed the new class that had been added to her roster only this lesson. It wasn't a huge change, but enough to set the girl on edge. She'd been feeling more confident with school in general, and they had to go throw something else into the mix.

    With her messenger bag slung over her back, and her egg strapped to her front, she found the door to the new class. Just as she was about to open it, a soft thud was felt through the hard shell of the egg. "Oh!" she gasped. Placing her hand on the hard, grey shell, she didn't feel anything more. A bright smile lit her face, as she realized it would be hatching any day now.

    Nothing to do about it now, she told herself. Walking into the room, she stopped for a moment. On one side there was Tess. The other girl had told her about adding on a second major to her work load. While she was worried about Tess overdoing it a bit, she knew Tess always accomplished what she set her mind to. And now, Rhian had her best friend back in all her classes.

    But then there was Conner. The boy had recently started working at the pub with her, and had been in all her classes. He was nice, and Rhian found he was easy to be around, which was rare for her. But really, she didn't know him that well. Which was why this strange sense of indecision caught her off guard.

    Pushing it aside, she moved to take a seat with Tess, sending a small smile at the boy. She greeted the man in front, not really phased by another new teacher. "Morning, Professor." She set to work getting her book out and some paper for notes. While formal lectures weren't her favorite way to learn, she didn't mind them as much as some.
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    Violet Lynch
    Dragon Trainers In-Training
    Dragon Trainers In-Training

    Posts : 11

    PostSubject: Re: Lesson 2 (All Years)   Wed Jan 14, 2015 5:59 pm

    Violet had decided to take Dragon Anatomy class, seeing as it was quite an important aspect of becoming a Dragon trainer. Besides, it sparked her interest, so she knew she was going to enjoy it, as much as she could enjoy something.

    She walked through campus from her dorms to the classroom, in no particular rush. It was more of a casual stroll. Violet never rushed for anyone. She entered the classroom, and saw a few other people already there. She slipped in silently, and took a seat at the back of the classroom, and readied herself for the lesson.
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    PostSubject: Re: Lesson 2 (All Years)   Fri Jan 16, 2015 12:06 pm

    Dragon anatomy. Well, it could be fun, he imagined, though in honesty, fun seemed to be lacking in this place. He needed to speak to someone in regards to a fraternity. No, the night life wasn't poor, but a fraternity... now that would be fun. Daniel hadn't gone to any of the lessons in the first round of Dragon Training, simply because he couldn't pull himself out of bed.

    But he'd heard there hadn't been an Anatomy class anyway.

    Seemed he was in luck then, this professor, at least, couldn't have an opinion already made on him. That said, however, Daniel most certainly wasn't rushing to class in that moment at all.

    In fact, his watch told him he was already late when he slipped in to the room. Ah well, he was here and for once that was an achievement. Casting his eyes around the room, Daniel moved to sit next to a witch he didn't know, but she looked to be doing her hair, or something equally as menial. Shouldn't she have done that before class? Shaking that thought off, Daniel slid in to the seat beside her, one arm draped over the back of her chair - casual.

    He murmured a soft 'hi' to the witch before his eyes turned to the front, taking in the professor.
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    PostSubject: Re: Lesson 2 (All Years)   

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    Lesson 2 (All Years)

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