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     Reindeers are Better than People (Aaron)

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    Alana Greene

    Posts : 8

    PostSubject: Reindeers are Better than People (Aaron)   Wed Jan 07, 2015 8:46 pm

    Alana was fecking tired. So fucking tired. She had been up all night, not studying, but writing in her observer journal. Yeah, she should've been studying, but that was what her family expected her to be doing. She had finished all of her homework, and thought that was good enough. She didn't want to put up her parents expectations that she actually cared about what she was doing like she had done all throughout Hogwarts.

    So, instead, she decided to go get a crap ton of books. Books books books. That was all Alana did now a-days because she had no life. Maybe she would have a life if she wasn't at fecking school all fecking day long. But, that was were life put her at that very moment.

    She went to the far end of the store and picked up a book about dragons. She had already read it in her Hogwarts years, and had two copies of it, but both copies were warn out and had stains and what not on them from being read to much. She put the book in her basket, and scanned the shelves for more interesting topics, that maybe didn't involve dragons. She had to admit that she was a tad obsessed with them. She loved dragons. She was sad when she found out she wasn't a dragon as an animagus. That pretty much crushed her. But a rabbit was cool she guessed.

    She looked around the shelves a couple more times, and decided that no other book wasn't worth reading. This was the only one. Her one true love. She was positive that if this book was a fecking prince, she would fecking marry it. She smiled and nodded, content with her decision. She made her way to the counter.
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    Aaron Ward

    Posts : 21

    PostSubject: Re: Reindeers are Better than People (Aaron)   Wed Jan 07, 2015 9:58 pm

    Aaron found that he was in desperate need of Christmas time decorations. Although he'd decorated his pub, the Spiny Serpent with pretty fairy lights, he found that it felt a little lame compared to the other Winter decorations in areas like Diagon Alley. So he went for a walk, something he'd been doing quite frequently to get a good scope of the Alley's decorations. He found that the festiveness was just a daily trait of the Alley and he sighed in knowledge that he'd probably have to look for more knowledge on interior decorating. So walking into Flourish & Blott's, he was relieved to find an interior deco book within moments amongst the chaos of books. The book, after her flipped through the images, was perfect even with it's weird title: Reindeers and Their Decorative Detail. He was about in line to purchase the book frowning at the length of the line. He didn't want to feel complacent so he turned to the woman standing behind him.

    "Hey," he greeted her, one hand on his book, the other extended to her, "Aaron Ward."
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    Alana Greene

    Posts : 8

    PostSubject: Re: Reindeers are Better than People (Aaron)   Mon Jan 12, 2015 8:53 pm

    Alana looked at the strange man who decided he could talk to her. Who did this peasant think he was? All she wanted to do was buy a book that she so desperately needed, and here he was talking to her. And was that book that he was carrying on reindeers? Lame! Dragons were obviously better. But, she realized she was being rude now. Alana was trying this whole "be a better person" thing. It wasn't working out, and sometimes she had to remind herself to be nice. And this was one of those times.

    She reached out her hand, and said, "Alana Greene. Is that a book on reindeers? May I ask why?"

    Alana was very upfront about things. She realized that was rude of her. She sighed and said, "Sorry. I'm kinda rude sometimes, so just ignore it if you can. Sometimes I can't even stand it. It annoys me, but I'm trying to be better, I swear!"

    Now she was rambling... Great... this wasn't off to a good start...
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    Aaron Ward

    Posts : 21

    PostSubject: Re: Reindeers are Better than People (Aaron)   Sat Jan 17, 2015 10:41 am

    Aaron chuckled, most of the young ladies he'd met so far held themselves like old-fashioned ladies with the exception of a select few, so to speak to someone such as this girl it was refreshing. If not a tad annoying, it was actually but he wouldn't let it get to him, he wouldn't so he pushed away the urge to snap at her. She sort of reminded him of what Amara would be like if she weren't being trained to be a little pureblood princess.

    "It's a decorative book, for the seasons and whatnot." He said waving a hand away from her questions. "Nothing wrong with being inquisitive, but it is rude that you haven't told me your name yet." It was habit to always want to know the other's name when he engaged in conversations. It appealed to the part of him that asked to be known.
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    PostSubject: Re: Reindeers are Better than People (Aaron)   

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    Reindeers are Better than People (Aaron)

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