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     Aaron Allerdyce

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    Aaron Allerdyce

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    PostSubject: Aaron Allerdyce   Mon Apr 14, 2014 11:20 pm


    Full name: Aaron Jacob Allerdyce
    Age: 16
    D.O.B: April 14th
    Birthplace: Ireland
    Current location: London~
    Blood status: Muggle-Born


    Hair style: Combed to perfection. At the very least Aaron cares about his appearance.
    Body type: Short and Stocky, just slightly toned; short being a very unassuming 5'5".
    Dress sense: Informal, yet put together. He prefers light, comfortable clothing but, at the same time, it never looks *bad.*


    Likes: Aaron's sweettooth is real. Give him *sweets* and it's likely that he'll do whatever you say for quite some time. He's a *dog person* through and through-- his mother having run a dog sitting service. Due to the lack of people around in his life, Aaron prefers to be by himself; left alone to his *solitude and quiet time*. In this quiet time, he likes to read *books*-- on no particular subject.
    Dislikes: Because of his mother's deplorable taste in men, Aaron has a mild fear of *confrontation* and *yelling*. *Crowds* also make him incredibly nervous. The *rain* bothers him more because of the lightning and thunder that accompanies it.
    Quirks: Due to his shyness and his problems with people and interaction, Aaron has a problem with nervous habits. Wringing his hands and hugging himself being the main problem children in terms of bodily actions, where his speech is almost permanently tainted with "uh's", "um's", and the like.
    Flaws: As sweet a a guy as he can be, Aaron is painfully shy. He'd much rather sit in the back and not ever have attention be on him, though it rarely seems to work out that way. Not only that, but when Aaron does have any amount of confrontation in his life, he seems to constantly think that he'll lose regardless of what action he takes, making him something of a defeatist.
    Strengths: Because of the amout of books that he reads, Aaron is actually rather intelligent; he simply has a problem conveying the knowledge. In addition, he has a surprising knack for the Dark Arts and its study, though using it in a real world situation is a bit harder for him. One of his small redeeming qualities is the small amount of courage he gains from defending people that he feels legitimately cares for him; the boy is nothing is not loyal to the few friends he has in this new strange world.
    Weaknesses: When confronted, Aaron is more likely to pick the option of flight and play the coward-- after all he'd rather not try and not fail. Not only that, but he's also incredibly aware of all of his faults; even more he puts a large amount of stock into them. A few choice words could easily crumble whatever small ground that he found himself standing on.

    More Information
    Born in a quiet town in Ireland, Aaron has never had much money. He never knew his father and his mother simply raised him by herself. She was something of a clingy woman, however, and the thought of going without some sort of relationship in her life left her almost paralyzed. It was unfortunate that Terra had a problem with men. Or, at least, her taste in them. She liked them big and brawny; not terribly smart and chock full of testosterone. She never understood why everyone she liked turned out to be abusive. But at least nothing ever came of it; she got hit a few times, sure, but nothing else, right?

    Not quite. From a very young age, as far as Aaron knew other people meant that he wasn't likely to be treated well by them. From what he saw, his mother was the only person to show him kindness, and everyone else just tended to hurt him. Especially men. It was from this that Aaron was raised almost exclusively in his home, leaving only for groceries and for the rare times that he went to school. It was odd, then, when his family got an invitation to a school; one named Hogwarts of all things. Due to his lack of money, it wasn't much of a thought for his mother to send him off; after all if it had the money to send invitations, it must be a good school.

    Hogwarts was suprisingly... bad. Well, not exactly. School was fine, but the people reminded him of the people his mother dated; arrogant, self-righteous, and very much narcissists. It was only by sticking to other people like himself, "mud-bloods" and "muggle-borns" he soon found out were the terms for them, that he managed to not become a complete and total hermit. He misses his mother, but not the life he led; finding magic to be one of the greatest things to happen to him. He only has a few more years until he can finally get out of thisplace and do something with his life-- hopefully in the wizarding world and not the muggle world.


    Father: Teegan Allerdyce, not the he'd know that.
    Mother:Terra Allerdyce
    Siblings: N/A
    Girlfriend/Boyfriend: N/A


    Favourite Subject(s): Care of Magical Creatures, Ancient Runes
    Least Favourite Subject(s): Study of the Dark Arts, Potions
    Subject(s) they are good at: Study of the Dark Arts, Potions
    Subject(s) they are bad at: Ancient Runes, Broom Riding

    Preferred house:

    Other (Optional)

    Wand: 10inches, Hornbeam, Dragon Heartstring, Unyielding
    Broomstick: N/A
    Pets: N/A


    OOC Alias: Nick Or Syus
    Best Way To Contact: PM/Email/Skype if you ask nicely for it. <3
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    Teagan Finn

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    PostSubject: Re: Aaron Allerdyce   Tue Apr 15, 2014 6:43 am

    Accepted and Welcome!
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    Aaron Allerdyce

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