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     Ignition Part 1

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    Airen Sparrowhawk

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    PostSubject: Ignition Part 1   Wed Jan 07, 2015 12:18 am

    OOC: Hey all,

    This may make Airen seem Gary-Stu-ish, but this is only how he got the power I claimed for him. He won't be god-like in anyway once he masters this power, he'll just have a couple more abilities than most people. I admit the whole thing is a bit flashy, but what can I say. I wanted it to be epic. Razz

    Anyway, here it is.

    If one were to happen upon the Sparrowhawk ancestral home, they'd find a sizable manor set in a clearing in the middle of a thick forest. It had impressive, stone walls that held secrets in its bricks from time long forgotten. At three stories high and 75 meters across, it was a wonder that people haven't happened across it more often. Even if the building weren’t set in a clearing in said forest, it would still be hard to miss with the four, five-story towers standing proudly above the trees. So how had people managed to avoid discovering this timeless home? The answer was simple: magic.

    When the Sparrowhawk family had settled upon the area in the early ages of Magical Britain, the pureblood wizards had taken extensive care and numerous hours to set up a near impermeable wall of disguising and misdirection runes to ward off unwanted guests and enemies of the family. This network of runic shielding held one of Magical Britain’s less-known pureblood families. The Sparrowhawk family, though they readily accepted muggle culture and even took the time to take part in the muggle world, had remained a pureblood family through the men and women of the family and their general good hearts and kindness that drew in members from other pureblood families.

    Airen was no different from his ancestors. A kind soul since birth, Airen had grown up in the muggle world until he was old enough to enter Hogwarts. His parents had kept the family tradition of raising their children in the muggle world, but also keeping them aware of their magical heritage. The result was nearly constant: children who knew the beauties of both worlds and loved them both equally. Airen, during his early childhood, had developed a love for muggle music and its ability to take on many different styles and invoke different moods and dances from each. He had also discovered a muggle pastime known as skateboarding that he loved. On the wizarding side of things, he had fallen in live with the art and discipline of swordsmanship, and since an early age, had taken to learning many different forms of combat with the time-proven weapon. You’re probably reading this thinking that he had the perfect life. Well in some ways, you’d be right. But in other ways…

    Being raised among muggle children before he came to Hogwarts, Airen had always known he was different. This caused him to be very reserved when it came interacting with those his age, for fear of saying something involving the world he wasn’t currently in and getting picked on because of it. He became a strong young boy with a weak confidence. It didn’t get much better when he fully came into the wizarding world. In Hogwarts, he would interact with classmates, but his reserved attitude may have led some people to see him as cold instead of shy. He would end up on the outside of groups of friends. Airen would more often than not escort himself to formal events and stick to sipping punch or butterbeer as his classmates mingled. Airen faced more trouble with this when the natural hormones kicked in for everybody and their cousin. As couples would form, he would always feel like he was on the outside looking in. He knew the name of what they had, but felt as if he would never feel it for himself. He would become self-deprecating on the worst of days, which thankfully weren’t too often. On his better days, he could just shrug it off and look to an optimistic future with the chance of romance for him. He would even slink off to the Room of Requirement and plug in a muggle iPhone, which his genius mother had enchanted to work in the magical world, and play some romantic songs by a muggle artist he liked in order to brighten his mood.

    In total, Airen was a normal wizarding teen with normal problems, until that summer after his graduation…

    Having opted to spend the summer with his family in their ancestral home, Airen had been out in the clearing practicing his swordsmanship. He had been out there long enough to where he should have been getting tired, and his muscles should have been ready to collapse. Surprisingly, he didn’t feel the least bit tired, but he did feel hotter than he should have on the midsummer’s day. His vision had been tunneling, but he had yet to faint. Airen was only getting more and more lost in the movement of a form that he had practiced many times over. This one was one he had made that combined the different styles he had learned in all his life. His very own form. He had yet to notice it, but he had been doing the same moves for the past hour, each time get deeper and deeper into this new state, unaware of the rapidly darkening sky. Soon his whole world went black, and his consciousness went to another plane of existence entirely. His body did not.

    The now shell of flesh and bone began adding moves to the rhythmic motion on its own, each move growing more and more agile, strong, and fluid. Then the real transformation began. The back of the right hand began to darken into the shape of a tribal eagle tattoo that itself glowed a bright blue once fully manifested. The blue glow erupted into a mystical blue fire that engulfed the blade and transfigured it into two blades, one shorter than the other. Both tips angled themselves to align the obtuse angle of the longer blade to the acute angle of the shorter one. The fire spread once again to the body until the whole human form was engulfed in the blue energy. Magnificent wings materialized from the curling flames and spread from the shoulder blades to reach double and a half Airen’s arm length. With powerful down-strokes, the ethereal wings lifted the aflame figure off the ground, higher and higher as thunder boomed in the skies overhead.

    Airen’s father and mother rushed out the front door of the manor, over come with worry for their son’s fate. His grandfather, however, looked on in silent pride at what he was witnessing from his room in one of the corner towers. The whole family saw the figure as the blaze engulfing it erupted into a blinding blue light. When the light faded, their son’s body was floating slowly down to earth, dulled blue flames licked up from the otherwise normal looking form.

    Richard Sparrowhawk, Airen’s strong and kind father, caught the young man in his arms, the fire not affecting the older man’s body. Lowering the still figure to the ground cautiously, he gently shook his spawn’s unresponsive body. His wife, Airen’s mother, Julia, cried silently at the grim thought of losing her only child. But her tears soon turned into joyful, relieved tears a pained groan escaped the confines of her son’s throat.

    Neither parent heard the approach of the family’s patriarch.

    Airen’s eyes fluttered open. Pain coursed through his body as his consciousness reoccupied its rightful home. His vision pained him as the sun shone from a now cleared, blue sky. Sitting up from his father’s grasp, Airen looked down at where, in his right hand, he felt a weight heavier than the sword he remembered owning. A new, fierce-looking sword was grasped with white knuckles. The confusion that shot through him only doubled when he beheld the black, tribal eagle emblazoned upon the back of said hand. Looking back at his father with confusion touched with fear, he asked with a small voice, “Mom? Dad? What happened?”

    “It appears you’ve been ignited, Swordmage,” came the low, rumbling voice of his grandfather, Abraham Sparrowhawk, effectively cutting off the equally confused replies of Airen’s father or mother. All three looked at the family’s elder, curious and fearful of a possible curse upon the young man.

    “Come inside, Air. We need to talk,” Abraham said gently, gesturing to the open door of the manor. He led the family inside, where Airen’s life would be changed forever.

    OOC: Yeah, I'm pretty sure I may have a thing for theatrics. Razz Be on the lookout for part 2. Hope you enjoyed this little bit of backstory for Airen.
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    Ignition Part 1

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