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     Spell Damage: Patients Are Risks, Too (All Years)

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    Wendyll Carter

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    PostSubject: Spell Damage: Patients Are Risks, Too (All Years)   Tue Jan 06, 2015 11:20 pm

    Stupid...sodding Mediwitches, and their non-descript answers. All Wendyll wanted was a more concrete explaination for why St. Mungo's wouldn't let him back on their staff. They hadn't exactly said "never again", but they hadn't really given him a date-of-return either. Instead, he was given the run around by ever witch or wizard he talked to there. It would be one thing if they were strangers, but he'd worked with these people! He thought that would at least count for something.

    Sighing to himself in returning defeat, he walked into his classroom, a stack of papers under his arm. It seemed like no matter what job he did, papers were always a central part. If only they'd let him practice again, he could actually help people for a change.

    Teaching is helping, he tried to remind himself. If he was successful here, he could save countless lives inadvertantly, through his students. That should bring him some sort of satisfaction. Right? Instead, he felt a pang of envy, one that he buried deep. These kids were young, and still hopeful. He may have shocked them a bit last lesson, but they needed to learn a bit of reality while here at school. Or else their time in residency would take it's toll.

    As he went about arranging the room for class, the dummies from last lesson were still lined up at the back, covered by their sheets. In addition to these, were a few empty stretchers lining the wall under the windows. Hopefully, this lesson would provide more students with the chance to interact with 'patients'.

    Figuring he'd get the ball rolling quicker this time, since they'd had one lesson under their belts, he levitated the dummies to stand beside each desk. As they were, the sheets remained completely covering them, the bodies held in stasis. Until he could trust them all, or they could trust him, they would be working with these dolls for the time being. Wouldn't do well to give them live patients until they proved themselves at least somewhat capable.
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    Parker Emery
    Healer In-Training
    Healer In-Training

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    PostSubject: Re: Spell Damage: Patients Are Risks, Too (All Years)   Wed Jan 07, 2015 11:07 pm

    The first lesson was definitely an interesting one, and more hands on than he would have expected (though to be fair, he had no clue what to expect). The practice dummies really caught Parker's attention, and he found himself wondering what they were fully capable of doing... He hadn't been able to find that much information on them, so perhaps he should ask Professor Carter about them - however foolish or simple his curiosity might seem.

    He hadn't much participated last class, as he wasn't really one to voluntarily participate in front of a group. He did want to get better about that though (one of his New Year's resolutions), so Parker mentally steeled himself for whatever was to come as he made his way to class. This class wasn't as early in the day, so he wasn't in any rush - unintentionally, however, he ended up being the first student there, something that rarely ever happened to him.

    Upon entering the classroom, Parker walked to take a seat that wasn't too close to the front while looking around at all the sheet-covered dummies standing beside each desk. He felt awkward, but knew acting like it was awkward would only make it even more so. He placed his bag on the desk, quietly greeting the professor while still mentally trying to figure out what they would be working on that lesson.
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    David Wilson-House

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    PostSubject: Re: Spell Damage: Patients Are Risks, Too (All Years)   Sun Jan 18, 2015 6:48 pm

    David had slept in a bit. Just a few minutes though. He was now running to the classroom. David likes to be early but today it seemed like he'd only be on time. David sighed. His biological father Hugh is always "fashionably" late. He claims its because his father was always had to be on time to everything because he was a muggle military man and Hugh hated that. His adoptive father Evan always tries to be on time to places and attempts to get Hugh on time but is rarely successful.

    Upon entering the classroom David noticed he was the second student there. He smiled but it's barely noticeable. He was glad that he wasn't late. "How's your day been Sir?" David asked and sat towards the side of the classroom.
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    Wendyll Carter

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    PostSubject: Re: Spell Damage: Patients Are Risks, Too (All Years)   Thu Jan 22, 2015 11:54 pm

    (OOC: Sorry all, but I am going to have to end the lesson early. Wendyll will be returning to St. Mungo's starting Lesson 3. A new professor will be taking over Spell Damage. Best of luck!)

    If you end up reading this, even though it is in black writing, I'm just making up stuff to fill the word prompt. I shall just take this time to say how much I love you all, and appreciate you taking this journey into a different kind of HP experience with us. It really means a lot to Angie and I, and we love you all!
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    PostSubject: Re: Spell Damage: Patients Are Risks, Too (All Years)   

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    Spell Damage: Patients Are Risks, Too (All Years)

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