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     Ice-kissed (Open)

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    PostSubject: Ice-kissed (Open)   Sun Jan 04, 2015 12:16 am


    Allendra strolled through Avalon Village's Annual Winter Wonderland Carnival one late afternoon. She decided to attend the carnival alone because she felt she could absorb the atmosphere more so than if she had company. Her cup of hot chocolate-to-go kept her warm while she strolled through the town square's activities. There was a huge Christmas tree that was beautifully decorated and underneath was endless amounts of presents. Nearby there was an ice rink and a pathway leading somewhere where it was more quiet.

    Hugging her hot chocolate with her hands, she walked along the icy paved stones and took in the scene before her. There were streetlamps igniting the path before her and snow softly falling outside the path. Looking up, she saw a particular plant in among the tree branches. Smiling to herself, she recognised it instantly: it was mistletoe. If one did not know any better, they would walk straight through and await a kiss. Allendra was smarter than that and knew the odds.

    Taking a few steps forward, she noticed a slight shift in temperature. It had gotten colder and then warmer. How odd, Allendra thought. Looking around, hardly anyone was around her. Walking halfway down the path, she stopped. There was a stray snowflake that found its way through the branches of the trees. It made a beeline and landed on the tip of her nose before melting away. Here Allendra stood in pink, drinking hot chocolate and being kissed by a snowflake. A small smile played on her pale pink lips. If someone looked close enough, right there, in the right hand corner of her lips... was a kiss.
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    Aaron Ward

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    PostSubject: Re: Ice-kissed (Open)   Sun Jan 04, 2015 2:03 am

    Aaron never considered himself a fan of nature. Nature was too unpredictable, too uncontrollable, and in all something he preferred to stay out of. However, there was something to be said about the cold. Making sure none of his well-trained staff would miss him while they opened the Spiny Servant in the late evening, he made his way out to check out Avalon Village. One of his cooks told him, while they prepared the usual dishes, that there the Carnival was back. Grinning to himself he remembered the last pleasant affairs and connections that were born from the last year's Carnival. Pulling on a peacoat jacket from the closet he made his way out with a scarf wrapped around his neck. He purchased two hot chocolates, one for himself, and one for whomever he came by (his excuse would be his sister had ditched him) he begun walking down the "Lover's Path".

    Nature tended to befuddle him and this did not change when he watched as an attractive young woman stopped just several feet ahead of him. He took a step forward and watched as she seem transfixed by something, a smile gracing pretty pale lips. How cute, he mused.

    "You have an enchanting smile," he commented, his tone honest, "I've no doubt a hot chocolate could only compliment such a grin. Would you like one?" Aaron offered the one in his left hand, he paused then.

    "There's no enchantment or potion in it before you ask," he smirked, "I've never before had need of a love potion."
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    PostSubject: Re: Ice-kissed (Open)   Tue Jan 13, 2015 3:50 am

    Allendra's head turned at the voice that interrupted her train of thought. This man commented on her smile, enchanting to be precise. A smirk rose on her lips when he continued on, saying that hot chocolate would only compliment it. Looking down at her own, she saw that she had finished it. Who was she to deny something that was free and came with a handsome man? Her thoughts changed when she realised that the drink could be poisoned but there wasn't anyone who was out to get her - or anyone that she could at least think of.

    The man offered the one in his left hand and she walked forward and took the one in his right hand. Her old Slytherin instincts kicked in knowing that someone would offer the drink with poison in it and keep the one to themselves. However, it could work either way around. Once in her grasp, she inspected it and didn't sense any charms and it didn't emit any smell or show discolour. She dragged her eyes away from the cup and inspected him from his shoes up to his face. Smiling sweetly at him, she mused,"Thank you."

    Allendra decided to not control the situation and let it work out on its own. She wasn't exactly dying to get in his pants but she enjoyed that someone came to her for a change. She couldn't help but think back to the ball when the man she wanted to dance with almost threw up on her. Shivering at the thought, she brought herself back to the present. "What might your name be?" She wondered, looking into the man's eyes. Indeed, they were just as nice as his appearance. Allendra would have fun tonight - she guaranteed it.
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    PostSubject: Re: Ice-kissed (Open)   

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    Ice-kissed (Open)

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