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     Healing Potions Lesson 2: General Education

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    Aqua Parker
    Aurors In-Training
    Aurors In-Training

    Posts : 84

    PostSubject: Re: Healing Potions Lesson 2: General Education    Sat Jan 17, 2015 2:12 am

    Aqua looked at Arthur. "Thanks," she said and then took a seat next to him. "It's nice to see you again too," she said back there with a small smile. He then looked at the professor when he began ti speak there. She did listen him carefully.

    She couldn't answer to the question what was asked by professr at the moment for sure. She knew she should know answer thefe but she couldn't remembef right now. She didn't wanna say omething stupid so she was quiet there now. She also did wonder what they will to do today.
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    Arthur Silverstone
    Aurors In-Training
    Aurors In-Training

    Posts : 146

    PostSubject: Re: Healing Potions Lesson 2: General Education    Sat Jan 17, 2015 2:54 am

    "No problem," he said with a smile on his face. It really was nice to see her again even though they didn't really have time to talk with each other. He soon stopped speaking. He didn't want to get in trouble and the professor had started the lesson.

    He thought over the professor's question. The other students had already some of the good answers. He did have an idea but it may seem weird. Well the professor had asked for creative.

    "Err, love potion is what comes to mind sir," he said. "Because Aurors would need to be able to identify it in case someone tried to slip them some or use it on the field if they thought it was the best way to get information or to get someone to do something for them." Hopefully his answer wasn't too bad and he hadn't embarrassed himself in front of everyone. Love potion, maybe he should have just stayed quiet.
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    Cassana Brennham
    Potioneers In-Training
    Potioneers In-Training

    Posts : 199

    PostSubject: Re: Healing Potions Lesson 2: General Education    Sat Jan 17, 2015 8:48 am

    As student filtered into the classroom, Cassie waved to the ever outgoing Brooke, and smiled back to Tess, content to be acknowledged. When James entered the classroom she grinned widely at him as well giving him a wave too. She settled into her seat and waited for the class to rightly begin.

    Cassana's back straightened and her breath caught in her throat at the Professor's question. She bit her lower lip, she wasn't a person of violence. It was part of the reason that she became a Potioneer, she thought just a tad bitterly. However, Cassie was a knowledgeable student and she never deterred in giving an intellectual reply due to dislike. She had to commend Professor Holmes however, internally that was, for posing a question likely to catch the interests of the student majoring in that particular subject. She sat for a moment, racked over all the possible answers, thought of the best one she could apply to the lesson and bit her lower lip before tentatively waiting her turn to speak. She agreed with the majority of the answers, her brain favoring the girl who spoke of the Truth Serum since that was what she first thought of as well. Normally Cassie was a mess with her words, but Potions was her one redeeming beauty in eloquence.

    "Well, there's the Invigoration Draught," Cassie said, "it gives energy to those who drink it and isn't hard to brew. Thus forth, an Auror wouldn't take too much time brewing it so it's quick to make and easy to use."
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    Ariel Wilde
    Potioneers In-Training
    Potioneers In-Training

    Posts : 87
    Location : Drumnadrochit/MAE

    PostSubject: Re: Healing Potions Lesson 2: General Education    Sun Jan 18, 2015 6:44 am

    Ariel simply smiled at Rhian and then turned her attention to the professor who then started speaking. She really liked this professor, he was seriously fascinating. He really know what he was talking about (of course he did, he was a professor here), but he knew how to keep it interesting. Which was good. Because potions could be a drawl if the professors were boring. Ariel knew that for a certain fact. When he shut the door as the bell rung, Ariel grinned. Good that. No interruptions.

    And then he asked a question. And she had so many answers. Where to begin? What everyone said was really true, and then came love potions. She blinked and frowned for a second, but then she figured that it could be useful. Just not very ... ordinary, perhaps. But it could be useful, and anything useful would be perfect. Rhian mentioned Veritaserum, which made Ariel think of the antidote, and many antidotes at that. She figured she might as well go with that. So she raised her hand.

    "Well, you've got all the different antidotes. For example antidotes to paralysis, uncommon and common poisons, veritaserum, if someone uses it against you, a love potion antidote, and many, many more of those antidotes. Oh, and also, you've got the polyjuice potion, if you're going undercover," she said.
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    Mycroft Holmes

    Posts : 38

    PostSubject: Re: Healing Potions Lesson 2: General Education    Tue Jan 20, 2015 8:15 pm

    If Mycroft could be able to show excitement he would have, but he wasn't the time to reward people so easily. Still, as each and every person began to talk about the varying ways to include potions into the Auror field, he knew that this lesson was going to go a lot better than it had the first time around. Leaning against his large desk he nodded as each and everyone spoke. It was all varying, calculative, some use the classic gaseous states others for interrogation. His eyes shined brightly when it went that direction.

    Before he could truly begin to say all he needed a note interrupted his lesson. Taking it he read it and let the doors open. It seemed that someone had gotten an 'excuse' from the Headmaster. The boy's demeanor somewhat ruined the enthusiasm that he held for his class.

    "Oh Mr Jameson? If you're going to try and make this look legitimate,  place the stamp in the right location. And update the year. Dorian has been placing it on the left, not the right." he said dismissively as she continued on with his class. He wasn't going to waste his time on someone who didn't respect his classroom.

    Clapping his hands, he smirked at his class and figured he could continue to quickly move on in the direction he wanted.

    "Very good class, I have to say that the ways potions can integrate itself into the Auror field vary in different ways. From gaseous use for offense, to using it in the interrogation aspect of the field. Which Miss Kael so wonderfully lead us to. Today we will be looked to a new version of the Veritaserum potion. Except, as always there is a new twist to it. Thanks to Professor Song, we will be using the newest herb brought in from abroad."

    Walking down the aisles, he tried to get everyone to pay attention and not doze off. Smiling he snapped his fingers and the image of the particles went together.

    "Scopolamine" he said slowly, "Or The Devil's Breath. Now, this is a drug and barely passed the drug administration within our Ministry. Scopolamine comes from the seeds of a family of plants that includes angel’s trumpets and corkwood. They grow in many areas and can be found in the Botanical Garden in Bogota. The drug has a few legitimate medical uses, such as treatment for motion sickness and for the tremors of Parkinson’s disease. But it’s best known for its darker properties." clearing his throat he made it clear. "Mixing veritaserum and Scopolamine creates a way for us to put them not just in a dream like state like veritaserum, but they puts people into a mindless-like state in which they lose both their memory and free will making it proper use for interrogation and infiltration only. You must all sign the waivers that you do not take it with you."

    Snapping his fingers, the scrolls appeared before them. He would be damn if anyone were to use this in any other form.

    "We will be making the chemical reaction within your cauldrons and include it to your Veritaserum potion. It will take 35 days to brew; longer because of the plant. Now let's take a look at the instructions. I must suggest that you work in a group of 2 or three. Be smart about your choices."


    1. Slip on gloves and put on face mask. You will not be able to remove your face mask, so make sure to put it firmly on your face. If you inhale any gases you will be sent to a hospital and will be given a Troll.

    2. Place the Angel's trumpet on the chopping board. With your scalpel, carefully slide it vertically from the petals to the stem. The petals will be placed in your mortar, and the liquid of the flower will be collected and put aside. The leaves will be thrown away.

    3. Open the cacao beans, slowly. Remove the seeds and put them in the syrup that the plant releases. They will be soaking on it for the remainder of the potion until further stated.

    4. The root. In the jar at the center of my desk is a jar with all the roots from the Angel's Trumpet tree. Take half of one, share it with a partner. You will shave off the skin and chop the root, place it in a separate bowl.

    5. Put the base (water plus one cup of vodka) into the cauldron. Put the low flame. Once it begins to bubble, put in the roots around the cauldron equally. Do NOT let them just be piled in the center.

    6. Once that is done, Put the petals of the angel's trumpet into the mortar and begin to create a paste. Add a dash of goat milk, two teaspoons recommended. (If done correctly should have a pale yellow look to it.) Once done,slowly add the soaked petals.

    7. Once done, get out Jobberknoll feathers. You will be putting in four feathers along the sides of the cauldron. (You will take them one once the color is removed from it).

    8. Once it begins to boil cover it. We do not want the fumes to be released into the air.

    9. Meanwhile, you will have to take the soaked cacao beans and begin to crush them. The liquid will remain within them with the mortar in them.

    10. Ten minutes after, remove lid from cauldron and put to low flame. With a colander, add the mixture of cocoa and syrup of the flower into the cauldron. Immediately after begin to mix in a counter clockwise direction. The faster you mix it the color will slowly dissipate.  Note: If it begins to smell of sweetness, add a cup of vodka to mute the smell.

    11. Cover and put to high flame. As for the soaked cacao beans, place them in the jar at the front and cover it. You will wait 35 days for it to end.

    "Now, again find a partner that is not seated next to you, be tactful with who you choose and once you are ready. Begin the potion. Now I understand that this is a dangerous so I will be walking around throughout it if you have any questions. If you don't feel confident about your work, then pick a partner smartly. I don't want anyone telling me they can't do it."

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    Aria Mallark

    Posts : 10

    PostSubject: Re: Healing Potions Lesson 2: General Education    Wed Jan 21, 2015 6:55 am

    Aria had just finished his meditation session when he realised he was late for his class, he normally was hardly ever late for classes but it was his Healing Potions class, something which the boy had no interest in, he preferred the healing methods of crystals, he always thought Healing Potions only clouded the mind.

    As he arrived at the classroom and tried to open the door, it seemed to be locked. He pounded a few times at the door "Professor.... Professor.... should I just come back next week?" Aria yelled through the door, then quickly pressing his ear up against the cold door to see if he could hear a response.

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    Mycroft Holmes

    Posts : 38

    PostSubject: Re: Healing Potions Lesson 2: General Education    Wed Jan 21, 2015 5:18 pm

    Right before he got students to begin the lesson, he realized that there was a knocking on the door. Not just any knocking, but the obnoxious kind. Rubbing his temples he walked towards the door and looked down at the student raising his brow at the young man, and biting his tongue.

    He was about to tell the student that he should leave, that is until the bell rang. It seemed that they would be getting out early. Sighing, he looked towards the class and shrugged.

    "It looks like you are lucky young man. The lesson will continue on next week." turning over to his students he sighed. "Please make sure to get a partner by our next meeting. I don't want anyone coming in without a partner or else I will assign you one!).


    Please pay attention to this link.
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    PostSubject: Re: Healing Potions Lesson 2: General Education    

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    Healing Potions Lesson 2: General Education

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