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     Daedalus Stark

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    Daedalus Stark

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    PostSubject: Daedalus Stark   Sat Apr 12, 2014 2:15 pm


    Full name:  Daedalus Henry Stark
    Age:  46
    D.O.B: (Day and month) November, 27th
    Birthplace:  Belfast, Ireland
    Current location:  London, England
    Blood status:  Pureblood
    Occupation:  Auror, Author


    Hair style: Neat, combed over
    Body type: Average build, sturdy
    Dress sense:  Neat and tidy. Yet when working hard on a case or project he becomes messy.


    Likes:  Reading, History, Mythology, Astronomy, Swordplay, Dark Arts. Prefers to listen to instrumental music.
    Dislikes:  Lack of common sense, False leaders, Uneducated sort. Highly dislikes cigarette smell and smoke. Hates overly loud people and noises.
    Quirks: May stare off into distance when listening to anyone. May appear to be ignoring them, but really is still listening, perhaps with more attention that most.
    Flaws: Overthinks
    Strengths: Intelligent, clever, Eidetic memory, his family name.
    Weaknesses: Crippling temper at moments.

    More Information

    The Stark family name is one of the longest lineages of wizarding history, and one of the richest, though you would not know it. They are a rather humble sort, and sometimes reserved to the happenings of others. Though being pure-blood they feel no hatred towards muggle-born and half-blood magic users. They have proven to be just as capable as all others.

    Daedalus's grandfather, Reginald, joined the Order of the Phoenix during the time when the ministry was targeting all those they deemed unworthy of magic. Using their home in Ireland they aided those enemies of the Ministry. Daedalus's father was in his fourth year at Hogwarts during the battle against the dark lord. They proved quite useful in aiding Potter, and funding many or the Order's affairs. After the war, and after his graduation from Hogwarts, Henry became an Auror. Reginald was reinstated a high position in the Wizengamot, and a trustful adviser to the Minister.

    Daedalus was born in the family’s Ireland home in Belfast, where he lived until he became of age to attend Hogwarts. Always fond of learning, and reading Daedalus excelled while in school, he aced his OWLS and NEWTS with flying colors. Daedalus had only one career in mind, ever since he was a young boy, he wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps and become an Auror.


    Father: Henry Reginald Stark (deceased)
    Mother:  Elizabeth Marie Stark (neé Hilleary) (deceased)
    Siblings:  Phrygian Stark (41)
    Spouse:  N/A
    Girlfriend/Boyfriend:  N/A
    Children:  N/A

    Other (Optional)

    Wand: 13 ¾ in. (Dragon Heartstring), Oak, Unyeilding
    Broomstick:  Firebolt X
    Pets: White Owl named Perseus
    School that they went to:  Hogwarts
    House they were in:  Gryffindor


    OOC Alias:  Gump (Brian)
    Best Way To Contact: PM, e-mail, skype

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    Teagan Finn

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    PostSubject: Re: Daedalus Stark   Sat Apr 19, 2014 9:37 pm

    Approved and Welcome!
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    Daedalus Stark

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