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     First Impressions (Parker)

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    Roy Porter

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    First Impressions (Parker) Empty
    PostSubject: First Impressions (Parker)   First Impressions (Parker) EmptyWed Dec 24, 2014 6:10 pm

    Snowfall wasn't uncommon in New York, in fact Roy had become quite fond of the weather there. But even the softly falling snowflakes could not ease his late nights. Since his arrival, Roy could only lie awake at night lest he succumb to nightmares of old. It wasn't particularly easy to function without R.E.M. sleep and the first-time professor felt determined to end his predicament.

    Clad in one of his less hideous ensembles, Roy stepped on the wooden flooring with resolve to end his tragic sleep patterns. Cold days called for sweaters, cheaply made sweaters to be exact. Wearing one adorned with cherubs and Santa hats, the man strolled towards the closest shelf with a quick adjustment to his pants. Being so close to the academy, he wouldn't want to be mistakenly charged for indecent exposure. He probably needed to buy some new elastic-waisted pants.

    While hazel eyes flickered across every bag and box in sight he was sorely disappointed to miss the two words he sought. He knew for a fact there were U.S. teas made to heal sleeping patterns. "You'd think the advertising would be better here." Of course, not long after his casual insult Roy happened to catch sight of a worker on the other side of the store. What would he do if the boy planned to have him leave the premises? Ah, right. Lifting a hand the man began to stiffly wave at the employee and dearly hoped he hadn't made the wrong impression.
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    Parker Emery
    Parker Emery
    Healer In-Training
    Healer In-Training

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    PostSubject: Re: First Impressions (Parker)   First Impressions (Parker) EmptyWed Jan 07, 2015 11:40 pm

    As of late, Parker was... well, feeling more than a little stressed out. With his much more rigorous course load, piles of studying, and job - he had barely been able to manage his time during his last round of classes. Not that he was doing much better this time around, but at least he knew where he was going most of the time now.

    It wasn't that busy in the shop around this time, but Madame had put him on stocks and cashier in the products side of the shop anyways. Though Parker had been working there for a little over a month, he hadn't been able to catch on fast enough for her liking. Her kindness never really let that show, but Parker could tell the days when her patience wore thin.

    He had just finished stocking one of the main cupboards near the front window, a few people flowing in and out of the store as they looked around but didn't buy. Parker felt a chill go down his back as another customer entered, letting in some of the frosty air. The building itself had warming charms, to keep the tea plants growing properly, so thankfully the chill didn't last long.

    "You'd think the advertising would be better here."

    Parker stifled a smile as he overheard the man, mentally agreeing with him. More than half the questions he got from customers was about where something was, but for whatever reason, Madame refused to make the simple change. Maybe it was so that they could make suggestions and more personally help the customer choose the best product, but as quirky as she was, there could have been any number of reasons.

    Parker turned around to return to the back of the shop, seeing the (quite interestingly dressed) older man looking over to him as if in need of assistance. Parker made his way right over when he saw the older man try to get his attention.

    "What can I help you with?" Parker asked, barely waiting for a response before continuing, "Anything in particular that you're looking for?"
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    First Impressions (Parker)

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