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     Scott Dreyer

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    Scott Dreyer

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    PostSubject: Scott Dreyer   Scott Dreyer EmptySun Dec 21, 2014 12:41 pm


    Full name: Scott Dreyer
    Age: 20
    D.O.B: (Day and month) 5th, November
    Birthplace: Espoo, Finland
    Current location: Falkirk, Scotland (but is studying at Merlin's during the year, so Avalon most of the time)
    Blood status: Halfblood
    Occupation: Student
    Major: Auror
    Year in University: 1


    Scott Dreyer 9f1d08ba080f5bc79f0afbffb0526949

    Hair style: Shoulderlength, roughly. Fairly neat cut straight across, always pulled back behind his ears. Sometimes will pull it back in a neat ponytail.
    Body type: Muscular, but still thin enough to be fast on his feet.
    Dress sense: Often wears dress shirts with jeans, and occasionally wears khakis or slacks. Only wears tee-shirts when he is working out, which is quite often in the summer. In the winter often wears track pants and underarmor for when he runs. Often wears a leather jacket wherever he's going, with hiking boots or running shoes.


    Likes: Order, strength, people with a strong sense of morality, teas of all sorts, the sagas of great heroes, in particular the tale of Sigurd and Gudrun. Loves to read the mythology of all sorts of places, but is fascinated especially by Greek, Roman, and Japanese mythology in particular. Likes people who are blunt and straightforward, because he sees anything else as a waste of time. Honesty, no matter the situation, is something he respects. Art in all forms, but especially enjoys painting and drawing with charcoal. Classical music. A few 80's bands. Ancient history in addition to all the mythologies he enjoys.
    Dislikes: Dishonesty, people who take advantage of those weaker than them, any form of stealing or disrespect to what he views as the proper order of things. Respects the government, so people who are against the Ministry he doesn't often get along with. Drama queens and kings, views it as an unnecessary waste of time. Loud, modern music. Aside from a few 80's bands, cannot stand anything other than classical. People with no respect for art or culture, and no interest in the history of places.
    Quirks: Has a tendency to tuck his hair back behind his ears; and sometimes even does a pony tail to help keep it out of his face, but he picks at it if he does. Often beats out the rhythms to old concertos and tunes from Bach, Chopin, Mozart, and Tchaikovsky, in addition to a few others. Is often found with paint or charcoal staining his fingers from what he sketches and paints. Sometimes he'll wind up with paint smudges on his face from when he pulls back his hair, which he doesn't always notice. Because of his laurel wand's tendency to shock unwitting victims if they attempt to move it, he has a habit of fingering his wand in his back pocket to make sure it isn't misplaced.
    Flaws: A tendency to expect too much of people, because he expects too much of himself, as well. Can be over confident at times. Finds it very hard to forgive, both himself, or others, if they make a big mistake. But is loyal to the friends he has, sometimes too much. Views the world as black and white, when people try to explain the gray areas to him he views it as weak excuses. Has become a loner because of his high expectations, and tends to rely only on himself. In some ways it is helpful, but he does not know how to ask for help when he needs it which can be a big flaw in anyone's personality. Tends to charge head-on into dangerous situations without thinking if he sees someone in danger, because he wants to help.
    Strengths: Meticulous in all he does, Organized, Confident, Extremely loyal (if you can earn it), Respectful and has excellent Etiquette, Resourceful, Self-reliant, Driven/Hardworking, and has a knack for all forms of sports and athletics, picks it up easily. Because he holds himself to a high standard, his studies have progressed well. DADA, Charms, Transfiguration, and History of Magic were his highest scores. He was strong in CoMC as well, though he won't be working with creatures as often as he'd like because of his heavy auror schedule. When he makes mistakes, he always works at it until he figures it out. Doesn't know how to give up, either on a close friend, or a class, or a stranger who he feels he can help.
    Weaknesses: Because of his black and white perspective on things, he comes across as harsh and blunt to people sometimes. Has a strong personality, and only apologizes if he feels he made a mistake, which is rare. Has a hard time trusting people, if you become his friend he will hold you to a high standard of honesty and loyalty, and if you come up short, you won't remain a friend long. Struggled with Divination and a little with Potions. Can be too much of a leap first, think later personality, when he sees someone in danger he thinks needs help. Often gets himself into situations that are over his head, but he never retreats. Finally, and probably his biggest weakness, is that he views most people his own age as annoying because many are immature. Scott has always had a strong sense of honor and duty. Has no tolerance for unnecessary drama and talk, wants to get right down to work.

    More Information

    Scott has always been a courageous soul who wants to defend others, which is why he immediately enrolled in Auror courses at MAE upon receiving his letter of acceptance. When he started to manifest magic at the age of seven years old, it was often in defense of his best friend from childhood from the neighborhood bullies. He couldn't control it per-say, but that was when it was most likely to crop up. After Hogwarts, his best friend Jonathan parted ways with him and went to live a nice quiet life with his sweetheart from school. Scott tried to convince him to join up as an Auror like him, but Johnny didn't have quite the same passion and fire as his friend.

    One of the more unusual aspects Scott, is his laurel wand. Not one you often see, as it only bonds with someone of a very disciplined personality with a strong sense of morals. Once bonded though, as it has to him, it causes spontaneous shocks of controlled lightning to anyone who tries to steal it or touch without permission. When he received it, he was warned that if he starts to get lazy or dull, the wand would be more easily prone to switching loyalties if he lost a duel. More than once he's had to warn people from simply picking it up if he drops it, and he is a bit paranoid about always keeping it on his person so nobody gets hurt.

    Despite the fact he is very much of a warrior mindset, Scott is underneath it all a tender soul, though you would never guess it because of his disciplined, intense drive to excel in all he does. He is surprisingly, a rather skilled artist. For his twelfth birthday, he received water colors and charcoal, as well as some canvas to use for his pictures. The young boy started with landscapes of his beautiful home in Finland, as well as the places he's visited in Norway, Denmark, and Sweden. Most recently he is working on landscapes of Scotland, in particular Westminster Abbey and the country around Falkirk where he currently lives when not at Merlin's Academy.

    Scott is slow to trust, but if you manage to earn his loyalty and friendship you have earned a lifelong friend. He would rather die than betray a friend, or what he views as the right path. More than once he's gotten into duels when trying to defend someone, no matter whether he's met them before or not. Although he's had some nasty scrape, and not always been on the winning side, the scuffles have helped hone his dueling skills and taught him the most important lesson in battle: to always keep a cool head no matter how angry you are on the inside.

    Whether you become an enemy of Scott, or a friend, you can expect him to be a steady, consistent fellow in his own way. Almost always punctual to wherever he goes, but the few times he is not on time, it's a sure to bet that it was because he was working on his artwork. Those times are rare, but they do happen on occasion. If like him,, you are of a military mind, expect to get along famously.

    Father: Erik Dreyer
    Mother: Astrid Dreyer(neé Järvinen)
    Siblings: Amalia Dreyer, sister. (14 years old, Hufflepuff at Hogwarts)
    Spouse: N/A
    Girlfriend/Boyfriend: N/A
    Children: N/A

    Other (Optional)

    Wand: Laurel
    Broomstick: Firebolt
    Pets: A Red Siberian Husky named Sigurd

    Scott Dreyer A0399d206134a6e5c81c0034212c61bb

    School that they went to: Hogwarts
    House they were in: Gryffindor
    Why you chose your major: Scott was born with a healthy amount of courage and a heart to defend the weak and the peaceful. Ever since he learned about the fact there were dark wizards in the world, waiting to prey on the innocent, he knew that he wanted to combat them. When he learned about the job of auror, during his years at Hogwarts, he knew that was what he was destined to be. It would finally give him the opportunity to capture the wicked, and defend those who can't defend themselves.


    OOC Alias: Brian
    Best Way To Contact: PM

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    Teagan Finn
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    Scott Dreyer

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