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     The Letter (One-Shot)

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    Cerise Devaux

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    PostSubject: The Letter (One-Shot)   Mon Dec 15, 2014 2:12 pm

    “…too different…”

    “…time apart…”

    “…I’m sorry…”

    Phrases from Simone’s letter burned in Cerise’s mind as she lay on her back looking up at the ceiling of her bedroom. The letter lay in pieces only a few feet away from her. Mari, her cat, batted at the torn pieces, enjoying the sound it made. Quickly growing bored, the cat jumped onto Cerise’s bed and climbed onto her chest.

    Bonjour ma biche.” Cerise murmured affectionately. She ran her hand along the cat’s spine a few times then rested her hand on her stomach. The cat leaned forward and sneezed. “Couldn’t be nice for longer than a minute, could you?” Cerise scolded. Mari began kneading into Cerise’s chest and she pushed the cat off her.

    Cerise rolled onto her side, facing the wall. Simone loved Mari. “Stupide chat.” Cerise said quietly. She didn’t mean it, she knew that she wasn’t angry at the cat. Cerise closed her eyes and saw Simone. Her short, dark hair. Her green eyes. Her smile. The freckles that dusted her face. A sick feeling grew in Cerise’s stomach. Simone would find someone else. Someone better. Simone was an attractive girl, it was no doubt that many people thought the same.

    Tears filled her eyes as she recalled the last lines of Simone’s letter.

    “I’m sorry, Cerise. Maybe one day you will forgive me. I hope one day we can be as close as we were; as friends.


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    The Letter (One-Shot)

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