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     Professor Rules

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    Teagan Finn
    Teagan Finn

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    PostSubject: Professor Rules   Wed Apr 09, 2014 6:42 pm

    Being a professor is a wonderful responsibility. It requires a bit of work, but it allows for wonderful interactions with your fellow professors, and with your students. Below are a few rules and piece of information you need to know to be successful!

    1. Lesson Breakdown - Our school years include four rounds of lessons. Each lesson lasts three weeks in RL (real life). Between lessons two and three, there will be one week RL for Holiday break. Likewise, there will be three weeks RL between each school year for Summer break. So:

    Lesson 1 = 3 weeks RL
    Lesson 2 = 3 weeks RL
    Holiday break = 1 week RL
    Lesson 3 = 3 weeks RL
    Lesson 4 = 3 weeks RL
    Summer break = 3 weeks RL

    2. Posting Lessons - The lessons depend on you! We understand that RL is very important, but understand that students cannot attend the lessons until you make your initial post, opening up the class. The lessons begin on Mondays, and end on Sundays. Other than opening lessons, the pace of your lessons is entirely up to you! As is the content.

    3. Awarding Points - For each lesson, you are allowed to award a maximum of 100 points per student. Use this to award attendance, answering questions, and participation. These are to be used at your discretion, but do your best to be fair with how you give them out. You may wish to set a standard for yourself, such as: 15 points for attendance, 10 for a good answer, 5 for a partial answer, and so forth. We will not force a system on you, but be aware that you need to be able to stand by your points if asked about them.

    4. Deducting Points - For each lesson, you are allotted 100 points to put towards deductions. This is per lesson, not per student, so be mindful of them. As with awarding points, you need to be able to stand by your decisions on point deduction. These are not required to be used, but gives you the ability to use them as you see fit.

    5. Turning in Points - At the end of each lesson, you must turn in your points to the Admins, to be tallied and added into the overall points for that school year. There will be a template provided to you for doing this.

    If there are any questions, or things you feel we have missed, feel free to let us know, as we always strive to be better!
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    Professor Rules

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