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     Student Rules

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    Teagan Finn
    Teagan Finn

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    PostSubject: Student Rules   Wed Apr 09, 2014 6:11 pm

    Being a student allows for wonderful interactions with other players, and lots of character development. During all of that, though, you must attend classes, as all students do. Below are a few rules and piece of information you need to know to be successful!

    1. Lesson Breakdown - Our school years include four rounds of lessons. Each lesson lasts three weeks in RL (real life). Between lessons two and three, there will be one week RL for Holiday break. Likewise, there will be three weeks RL between each school year for Summer break. So:

    Lesson 1 = 3 weeks RL
    Lesson 2 = 3 weeks RL
    Holiday break = 1 week RL
    Lesson 3 = 3 weeks RL
    Lesson 4 = 3 weeks RL
    Summer break = 3 weeks RL

    2. Year - For right now, you may begin as any year that you wish. We ask that you try to aide us in rounding the school out, student wise, but for now, you may decide for yourself.

    3. Attendence - Because of the three week RL per lesson setting, it is important that you are attentive to the beginning of lessons. We understand that RL is important, but the sooner students arrive in lessons, the sooner the professor can start the lesson. They may start the lesson at any time they choose, so being attentive is beneficial.

    4. Ranking - This is when your student progresses from one year in school to the next (e.g. fourth year to fifth year). This is not a given. We require you to actively participate in THREE classes per school year. This means that you may choose to do all three classes in one round of lessons, getting your required participation out of the way immediately. Or you may choose to do one class in three separate rounds lessons, spreading your work load evenly. IMPORTANT: to have a lesson count towards your required three, you must fully participate in the lesson, not simply show up. Plus, more participation will equal more points Smile

    5. Participation - Professors will give instructions for a lesson, and choose to either give specific details, or leave room for creativity. In either situation, it is in everyone's best interest for you to be an individual. Simply reiterating what has already been said is not fun for anyone. Be creative! Including character thoughts, or reactions to other students or the lesson will help you round out your posts, and avoid the basic: "Sally watched the professor demonstrate the spell. She then took up her position and cast the spell. It worked perfectly. She waited to hear what to do next." This isn't fun to write, and it's not fun to read.

    6. Points - Professors will be giving out points for attendance, answering questions, and participation. The more you do, the more you win for your house! Similarly, they are allowed to deduct points. This is at the discretion of the professor, and must be explainable to the Admins. If you feel you that an Admin is needed in a certain situation, feel free to reach out to us.

    7. Godmodding - As stated in our Rules and Guidelines, we discourage godmodding in any form. Take this into consideration when your student participates in the lesson. Not every student will do the spell successfully the first time. In fact, it is more fun for everyone when your student has room for improvement. No one is perfect, that's why we go to school!

    If there are any questions, or things you feel we have missed, feel free to let us know, as we always strive to be better!
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    Student Rules

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