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     Adriano Carlos Trapani

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    Adriano Trapani

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    PostSubject: Adriano Carlos Trapani   Adriano Carlos Trapani EmptySat Nov 29, 2014 6:22 am


    Full name: Adriano Carlos Trapani
    Age: 18
    D.O.B: (Day and month) February 17
    Birthplace: Sardinia, Italy.
    Current location: Merlin’s Academy of Excellence (Scotland during the holidays)
    Blood status: Half-blood.
    Occupation: Student.
    Major: Cursebreaking
    Year in University: 1st year.


    Adriano Trapani:
    Hair style:
    Body type: Fit and slim.
    Dress sense: Casual, sometimes sloppy; whatever is comfortable and within reach.


    Likes: Challenges, talking to people he knows, using magic, and most food.
    Dislikes: Maths, meeting new people, and vegetables.
    Quirks: When nervous, he ruffles his hair a lot. He also doesn’t care about what he wears, as long as it is clean and is comfortable; as such, sometimes his outfits don’t match very well.
    Flaws: Due to his lack of self-confidence, he never truly reaches his full potential. He also has problems with making new friends, as he doesn’t know how to approach new people.
    Strengths: Non-verbal magic, most spells, and connecting with people, although he doesn’t really know any of this.
    Weaknesses: Maths, being completely open, trusting new people, and lack of self-confidence.

    More Information

    Carlos and Susan met when, on a family vacation to Italy, Susan quite literally bumped into Carlos while touring the city. Some might say it was love at first sight, but the two insist it wasn’t – they don’t believe in things like that. As they were both in their late teens, Susan’s parents did not really mind when she ‘abandoned’ them for a few days to hang out with Carlos. Neither of them knew the other was magical, and spent those two days trying their best to hide it; it wasn’t till Carlos caught Susan reaching elbow deep into her purse to find a tissue packet that he realized the truth – she was a witch. After he revealed himself to her, they both shared a long laugh about it, and then exchanged addresses when it came time to say goodbye. They wrote back and forth for many years, eventually starting a relationship and getting married.

    Susan moved to Italy to be with her fresh-out-of-University-Auror-husband, and soon after, had Adriano. Susan herself was a Professor of Muggle Studies (having come from a Muggle background) at the local wizarding school, but took a sabbatical to raise her son. Carlos, too, took leave, not wanting his only child to grow up fatherless. Adriano, therefore, grew up in a very loving environment, having both parents around to give him all the support and attention he needed. Any further attempts for a child proved to be unsuccessful, which came as a disappointment for the whole family – Adriano had always maintained since a young age that he would have liked a younger brother or sister.

    When Adriano started school at the age of 11, both parents returned to work full time. He was sorted into the house ‘Saggio’, which is Italian for ‘wise’, and can be described as a sort of Ravenclaw, where those with a brilliant mind are placed. Lessons were mostly in his native language, although there were options of learning other languages, and he took English at his mother’s request. Growing up in a household where both English and Italian were used – his father knew more English than his mother knew Italian – he had no problem and was very quickly top of the class; as such, Adriano is fluent in both of those languages.

    Having many friends, he was considered the popular kid, and, despite this, still maintained fairly high results in all his tests. The other children would come to him for tuition, and it was here that he first discovered he had inherited his mother’s love of teaching, deciding that this was the line of work he would pursue after he graduated.

    Unfortunately, a few months after Adriano turned 15, there was a ‘mishap while on the line of duty’, as the Ministry of Magic so nicely put it. The details were vague, and it wasn’t till after a thorough investigation had taken place that he and his grieving mother were finally told the truth of what happened. Carlos had been responding, with his partner, to claims of a group of wizarding terrorists using some catacombs as a hideout, and they had gone to investigate. Entering the maze of tunnels and dead ends, they had just passed an apparently sealed section when Carlos’ partner brushed against the wall of the narrow space and apparently triggered a curse set up by ancient wizards. Pushing his friend and fellow Auror out of the way, Carlos was hit directly in the face by some kind of mist, which killed him within minutes, leaving his face covered in purple and green boils.

    “He died doing what he was trained to do – saving people,” a representative from the MoM had told him. “You should be proud of your dad.” And he was; Adriano was very proud of his dad, but that did not stop the hurt, and over the next few months, his grades dropped, and he began to stop spending time with his friends, instead locking himself in his room for hours at a time, doing nothing but staring at his ceiling.

    Noticing this, Susan was at a lost, not knowing how to comfort her son, when she herself could not be comforted. Deciding sometime during the 3rd month after the passing of her husband, she made the announcement to a very shocked Adriano – they were to leave Italy and move to her parent’s house in Scotland. This was exactly what they did, and, a few weeks later, they left Italy, helped by a few of Carlos’ co-workers.

    With a letter written by the head of the Auror department himself, Adriano was transferred immediately to Hogwarts, and sorted into Ravenclaw. His mother, stepping down from a full-time teaching position, instead offered her services at a Wizarding orphanage nearby, helping the young children with whatever they needed.

    Slowly but surely, with a new environment to help him get over the depression that had settled in, Adriano returned – although not fully – to the boy he had been before his dad had passed away. Much happier, but still bearing the scars that comes with losing anyone close, he realized that, while teaching was something that came naturally to him, it was not something that would fulfil him. He wanted to do something that made a visible difference; he wanted to do whatever he could to stop others from experiencing the unexpected death of a loved one.

    There were a few options he looked into, but none truly felt right, and Adriano always went with his gut. Then, one day, during his final year of school, a brochure found its way into his hands, and he was sold. Cursebreaking was something he never knew existed, and at once his thoughts went to his dad. Why didn’t the Ministry send a Cursebreaker with him? After all, catacombs were known to have these kinds of spells and curses. Doing a little research into the topic, he soon became more than informed about the history and origins of this job. Making up his mind, he set out to achieve the N.E.W.T.S required for the course.

    Passing with flying colours, he soon received an acceptance letter to Merlin’s Academy of Excellence. Hesitant to tell his mother, he finally did just before term started. Instead of being upset or unwilling to let him go, Susan surprised him by embracing his idea whole heartedly, wishing him the best of luck. A week before lessons were to start, Adriano moved into the dorms of the University, heart and mind set on the path he was going to take.


    Father: Carlos Trapani (deceased)
    Mother: Susan Trapani (neé Thomas)
    Siblings: None.
    Spouse: N/A
    Girlfriend/Boyfriend: N/A
    Children: N/A

    Other (Optional)

    Wand: 12 inches, lark, with a phoenix feather core.
    Broomstick: The latest Firebolt.
    Pets: Scrawny, a snowy owl.
    School that they went to: One in his hometown before he moved to Scotland, and then Hogwarts.
    House they were in: Saggio, and then Ravenclaw.
    Why you chose your major: Let me just put it out there: I do not like banking, or maths, or numbers. I don’t even particularly like danger. I would have been satisfied with being a Professor or something. I would have, if not for what happened with dad. You don’t want a sob story, I’m sure, so I’ll spare you the details. But his death is the reason I have decided to do this. He shouldn’t have died. There should have been someone with him, to keep him safe. But I guess he knew the risks when he signed up, and he wouldn’t have wanted to go any other way. I’m sure of that.

    I don’t know if this is even possible, if this is even an option if I graduate – when I graduate – but it should be. It has to be, because I have no other plans. I want to become a cursebreaker not so that I can retrieve gold and treasure for already-rich banks. When I graduate, I want to go to the Ministry of Magic and apply there, to be a freelancer. To work for the Ministry, alongside Aurors, so that what happened to my dad, to my family, never happens to anyone else. That is why I chose my major. Not for the glory, not for the thrill or the adventure, but to save lives.


    OOC Alias: Melanie
    Best Way To Contact: PM (any of my charries) or email, please. Smile

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    Adriano Carlos Trapani

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