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     Pyxis Wilson

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    Pyxis Wilson
    Pyxis Wilson
    Dragon Trainers In-Training
    Dragon Trainers In-Training

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    PostSubject: Pyxis Wilson   Pyxis Wilson EmptyWed Nov 26, 2014 5:15 am


    Full name: Pyxis Priscilla Wilson
    Age: 19
    D.O.B: (Day and month) 31/07
    Birthplace: Birmingham, England
    Current location: Merlin's Academy for Excellence
    Blood status: Halfblood
    Occupation: Student
    Major: Potioneering, seller at Tomes and Scrolls
    Year in University: Freshman (first year)


    Hair style: Short, cropped close to head, typically styled in a slightly wind-swept manner, often one section of hair from the front of head is braided and pulled back to be hidden in amongst the rest of it.
    Body type: She stands around 5'5" and is rather average in most aspects.  Average weight, average bust, average athleticism.  Dusting of freckles over her back between her shoulder blades and dripping down towards the end of her rib cage.  Scar from a dark curse wraps around her left side - from the mid of her rib cage to a few centimeters from her spine.  
    Dress sense: Warm, earthy colours, and prefers to wear jeans or mid-thigh length skirts with thick, woolen jumpers, or the completely opposite - light, airy t-shirts that flow elegantly around her frame, refusing to cling to her.


    Likes: Open spaces, the smell of rain, books and trees, potions, playing quidditch, reading, being alone, rainy days spent curled up by the fire, hot chocolate, cats, and muggle fantasy books.    
    Dislikes: Dark arts, pureblood supremacy, cooking (how do flavour?!), being dependent on anyone, being inside for too long (unless it's raining), cramped spaces, darkness.
    Quirks: Has a habit of talking too much, or saying too much, and can often be very loud when she is passionate about something.  Very cuddly, likes to constantly be touching people that she cares about or be close to them - sitting beside them, walking with arms touching, holding onto their wrist/forearm/shoulder/hand.  Hums when uncomfortable, or nervous.  
    Flaws: Very fiery-tempered, swift changes in mood, often goes against what someone else wants if it does not comply with what she wants.
    Strengths: Flying, potion-making, most things to do with potions, knowing the different types of trees and what climates are best for them to thrive in, swimming.  
    Weaknesses: Impatient, very ticklish, does not cope well when she feels she is being attacked (verbally, physically she is fine).

    More Information

    As per the typical pureblood household, Pyxis was raised to be everything that she is not - prim, proper, knowledgeable on most everything, and above all else, superior to those around her.  Including other purebloods, for her parents were not so interested in supremacy towards blood as they were towards everyone.  Due to such an upbringing, Pyxis developed a slight superiority complex that grew difficult to shake even when her years at Hogwarts were reached.  Though she loathed her father for reasons that were unknown to even her, and aspired to be nothing like him, she found that her temper, her personality, her passion for potions and for flying all stemmed from the very man she wished she didn't know.  Later in life, it became more obvious to her that her dislike of her father was her similarities towards him, and how fearful she was that she would become a rotten man as he was.

    In her youth, her father taught her few simple truths that she was to accept without question (though her rebellious personality meant that she neglected to do so) - the first, that she was superior to everyone, the second, that she was not superior to him.  Being mother's precious baby and gem meant that Pyxis did not care much for being told that she was not the shining star of his universe, and it created a steady dislike for him that only grew as his abuse did.  By the time she'd reached Hogwarts, Pyxis thought that she was the queen of the universe, and was rudely shocked when most students did not agree with her.  She learned the hard way that one does not make friends when one believes that potential friends are beneath them, and found her first year of school passing by with not a single person to call someone that she could care about, or who cared about her.  Of course, this had the blond questioning whether she was really all that her parents had made her believe that she was.

    Being foolish and young, and not one to learn from previous mistakes unless she'd repeated them for the umpteenth time, she returned home over the summer holidays and informed her father that his teachings were lousy, and that by telling her she was above everyone except for him, he'd isolated her from her peers.  He did not care much for her tone, and punished her by isolating her to her room for a week on end with naught but water and simple meals of bread, over-cooked meat, and vegetables.  Thus, her dislike of being held inside grew, and she found that after that, her time spent outside considerably grew.  In second year, her love of quidditch and acceptance into the team bought her a few friends, though it was difficult to keep her superiority complex under wraps.  Despite comments about how wonderful she was being kept to herself, she was not able to control the temper that she'd built up, born from always being able to do as she pleased around her mother, and most of the time, her father.

    Third year found her befriending a muggleborn, something her father did not approve of.  Even if he thought himself above everyone, that did not mean that no blood supremacy came to play, and he punished her severely for her friendship with this "lower" kind.  He repeated his week-long punishment of keeping her locked in her room, but extended it for two.  Her hate for him only grew with every passing moment, and when she was a fourth year she threw herself whole-heartedly into befriending every muggleborn that she could possibly manage, simply to spite her father.  With his eyes and ears all over the castle and her willingness to admit to such at hing, she was then hit with a dark curse that had her keeping to herself for a long while after that.  Fifth, sixth and seventh years were all devoted to her studies and keeping to herself, afraid of the ramifications if she stepped so much as a toe out of line.

    Fortunately, this constant focus on her studies gifted her with the ticket she required to finally allow herself freedom, and she readily accepted the invitation to attend Merlin's, choosing to follow her passions and study potions there.

    [Note: Pyxis is not aware of her status as half-blood.  Her maternal grandmother had a child with a muggle, though told everyone that he was a rogue pureblood who did not want to be tied down with the burden of parenthood.  Her mother is not even aware of her true status as halfblood]


    Father: Cepheus Wilson
    Mother:  Helen Wilson (neé Blishwick)

    Other (Optional)

    Wand: 10 3/4 inch, Unicorn tail, English oak & Reasonably supple
    Broomstick: Latest model
    Pets: A half-kneazle named Louise
    School that they went to: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
    House they were in: Slytherin
    Why you chose your major: She was, is, and always will be passionate about potions.  She also saw no future as an auror, a healer, or a dragon tamer (is not fond of dragons).


    OOC Alias: Molly
    Best Way To Contact: PM
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    Teagan Finn
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    Pyxis Wilson

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